How Often Should You Schedule Commercial Dryer Cleaning For Your Business

Cleaning and maintenance are important no matter what kind of business you are running or even the type of real estate you own. There are so many things that get dirty and need proper handling overtime for an average owner or manager to think about. From time to time, they tend to forget about the last time things were cleaned and looked at by professionals.

In most offices there is a schedule of cleaning everyday things, from furniture and carpeting to facilities like washrooms and common areas like kitchens and cantinas. It is an important aspect of running a business because the health, well-being, and happiness of the employees should never be overlooked and taken for granted. One of the most important things that need regular maintenance are commercial dryer vents.

Commercial dryer vent cleaning is something that should be performed regularly in order to keep your dryers running efficiently as well as to provide proper air flow to and from the offices. Working in a stuffy environment with improper ventilation is counterproductive and not at all a pleasant experience. Apart from these issues, regular cleaning of this sort also helps to prevent dryer fires, which are devastating to any home or business and which sadly happen more often that you think.

If you have your own business to look out for and protect, we advise you to start a practice of regular vent cleaning. If you are looking for a reputable dryer vent cleaning company for your business, it would be a great idea to click here to see more information about professional dryer vent cleaning. What is more, make sure to continue reading this article for more facts about dryer cleaning for business owners and how often it should be done.

How often do you need commercial dryer vent cleaning?


Different buildings have different dryers installed. It matters what the rooms or sections of a building are made for so not all of them have or need the same type of dryers. As commercial dryers are larger than most residential dryers, they do not need to be cleaned as often. Residential dryer vents should be cleaned at least once every 1 or 2 years, depending on the traffic and activities in the rooms.

Due to their larger capacity, commercial dryer vents should be cleaned by a team of professionals once every 3 to 5 years. This average might differ from one business to another as it greatly matters what an average day at the office looks like. For example, laundromat owners should have their dryer vents cleaned more often due to their level of usage, while professional kitchens should do it even quicker.

How is commercial dryer vent cleaning performed?


When it comes to commercial dryers, it is best to have them cleaned by a professional cleaning team that knows the ins and outs of all the different types of vents. As with other tasks that require special tools, skills, and experience, this too has to be done by experts. Such an approach will ensure that they are properly cleaned to prevent the risk of fire, as well as that they will run efficiently and effectively for years to come.

Firstly, the cleaning team will inspect your dryer ductwork to see if there are any potential repairs needed. As soon as the vent system is deemed safe and following the possible repairs, they will begin the cleaning process. Next, using commercial grade equipment that takes time and practice to get the hang of, they will remove any lint and debris buildup that is trapped in the ductwork, and best believe there is a lot of it especially if you do not have it cleaned regularly. Afterwards, they will perform a deep cleaning of the entire dryer vent system to keep it running as it should. Finally, they will provide business owners with a detailed report of the cleaning process for their records and recommend additional things and practices to owners to prolong the newly cleaned state of their vents.

How do you know it is time to have your dryer vents cleaned?


Like with other things surrounding the cleaning and maintenance of hardware and installations, there are more than a few telltale signs that will indicate that it is time to have your commercial dryer ductwork professionally cleaned.

One of the best ways to tell that your vents need to be cleaned is that the dryers will be extremely hot to the touch. While dryers are always hot when in use, they should not be excessively hot to the point of burning sensations to the naked touch. As well, if the items in the dryer are extremely hot when removed, it is time to have your vents cleaned. This happens due to the buildup so the air cannot move freely. It gets stuck and the system struggles to keep the flow going.

A noticeable increase in the amount of time it takes for clothes to dry is another indicator. If you notice that it is taking longer than usual for items to dry completely, you should schedule a dryer vent cleaning as soon as possible. If you use the vents for this purpose, it should not take you long to realize something is off.

In addition, if you notice a burning smell or any other type of weird and unusual odors in the air, you should have your vent system cleaned as soon as possible. An excessive buildup of lint can be a potential fire hazard. If you notice a burning smell, immediately stop the dryer from working any further to prevent the risk of fire and do not have anyone use it until the repair/cleaning crew comes in.

Finally, a sudden dramatic increase in your utility costs can indicate that it is time for commercial dryer vent cleaning. Not only will vent cleaning help reduce these costs, but it will prevent excessive wear and tear on your dryers. Remember, systems that are not working optimally waste power while heating up and working more than they should. Solve this by having them cleaned and your utility costs will drop.

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