10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Digital Printing Company

Selecting the appropriate printing firm for your corporation is an important promotional decision. You can only get a few crucial moments or email correspondence to determine if a printing company is the right fit for you. Start making the most out of your limited time by asking the right questions so you aren’t caught off guard afterward.

Whether you’re seeking impact on the economy or a new publication for your graphic novel, identifying critical and relevant questions of the firm you’re considering will provide you with a huge amount of time and effort.

Hiring a printing provider isn’t something you should do on the spur of the moment. This platform should, in theory, be the go-to for all your visual communication requirements for a long period.

If you choose the incorrect provider for one assignment, you’ll have to begin the decision-making procedure with your next printer setup. Here are a few relevant questions for a potential partner so you can choose the ideal one straight away:

1. What Sorts Of Facilities Do You Provide?

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You’re not about to sign a contract with a printing firm unless you know precisely what they’ll do for your business, but it is still crucial to learn about their whole array of options.

Do they provide all of the services you’d expect from a printing company? B&B Pressing, for instance, offers lithographic, digital, and big scale publishing, among other operations. However, they also provide shipping, archiving, and print dissemination systems to support their clients’ evolving demands are addressed.

2. Have You Had Any Significant Experience With My Company And Its Products?

The next question that comes to mind for a prospective printing supplier is this—Recognizing your descriptions for all duties, including rigorous snipping error bars, color correction among printable frames, and how to securely package and ship your visuals such that your provider deals with all these requirements and is less likely to make mistakes that cost you time and resources.

You also want a supplier who claims to know your business and the coverages and breakaways of your visual design requirements. NGS frequently gives recommendations and guidance to assist them in achieving their objectives, but the ability to properly assist begins with knowledge of the industry. The more items they can produce, the more prepared they will be to deal with your future needs.

3. What Kinds Of Printing Services Do They Provide?

Printing can be divided into two categories. While committing to a purchase with a printer provider, you should know what type of publishing the provider utilizes. The most prevalent publishing technologies are offset publishing and digital printing. Ask them for a little additional information about each of them. Because you’re interested in digital printing, they should make it a priority.

4. What Amount Are You Looking For?

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Several printers have such a preset quantity that they understand fits inside their capabilities. Minimal works could be their expertise by employing ancient or slow digital production gear. Anything besides a few pages has become too labor-consuming but not price viable for business.

It’s a pain to find a different printer who can manage such a workload. Dealing with a printer that exclusively makes an impression or inkjet printers, on the other hand, will be required to secure large-scale print projects, as essential positions are expensive and complicated. As a result, it’s critical to locate a printer with the flexibility to fulfill your evolving requirements by printing small runs or huge production orders in a reasonable timeframe.

5. What About Suggestions For Creativity?

Inquire about customized demands if you choose a printing firm to work with your business and be a significant element in your advertising toolbox. Also, many digital printing services are more crucial than some other sorts, so you should look for a supplier who can supply the appropriate length of time, which you can find here.

Out-of-the-ordinary or one-of-a-kind inquiries are referred to as bespoke demands. Many printing companies have strong layout departments that can assist you at every stage of your artistic thinking, while others choose not to take on custom assignments. Before choosing a provider, it’s critical to ask this question.

6. Do You Engage In Cutting-Edge Technology?

Printing organizations that invest and develop are the best general partnerships. They’re better inclined to welcome market changes that will benefit their goods and services in the long run. Dealing with a printing firm that is stagnant and set in its ways can result in output that is obsolete when contrasted to printers who upgrade to newer technologies.

7. Is It Possible To See Some Samples?

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Any respectable supplier must be ready to show you past projects examples. It is the most accurate method to assess their service performance. Due to some companies’ reluctance to engage in modern, more mechanical contraptions, their offering degrades. Request samples of your possible partner’s latest projects or inquire as to where any one of their visuals is displayed so you can see how they resemble in person.

8. What Are The Typical Response Times?

Because printing establishment and implementation have strict schedules, contents and graphics must be completed well ahead of time. The manufacturers are then in charge of turning your designs into a final piece.

Such that your work doesn’t get postponed, you have to engage with a dependable printing firm that can fulfill your requirements and give short turnaround periods. They are not the appropriate fit for you if they consistently keep their consumers hanging and dissatisfied.

9. What Sets Them Apart?

You must inquire about what distinguishes them unique if you’re seeking an innovative and competent printing firm to deal with. What makes them the best printing firm to collaborate with? Although you’ll generally get the same insights concerning the level of customer service, it’s a strong indicator of a firm’s working culture spirit.

10. Are They Eco-Friendly?

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You must cooperate with a printing company that has made considerable efforts to lessen its environmental impact. Devotion to being sustainable demonstrates that they are forward-thinking, environmentally conscious, and thoughtful.


Picking a printing service might be difficult. You must ensure that the initiatives you have in consideration are compatible with the company’s range and skills. Experienced printing experts will help you develop your printing goals, whether a unique artistic project or a lift to your promotional campaign.

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