How to Choose Safe Outdoor Activities – 5 Ideas

The pandemic has taken to the surface many social and health care issues that should have been solved previously, but it has also made people re-evaluate their priorities. Among things that turned out to be really vital priorities were person-to-person communication, having time out, and also healthy physical activity. During the lockdowns, many people felt the need to exercise, even if they have never been gym bunnies before.

Limited traveling and even limited walking around the neighborhood, let alone having parties and celebrating any events, made many people search for alternative ways of entertainment, spending time outdoors, and exercising, and combining all three would have been a perfect option. So, why not start an active hobby that would help you entertain yourself, breathe fresh air more often, and also have some healthy movement patterns?

Safety Rules

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Before starting a new active hobby that would take you outdoors and help you get plenty of fun and movement, check out whether such activities are allowed in your jurisdiction in general (for example, metal detecting can be legally prohibited, or allowed under strict rules only), and whether such activities are allowed by the pandemic antivirus rules (like, you are certainly not allowed to play games in big teams).

Moreover, before you start, evaluate the hobby and decide whether you can pursue it away from other people, whether you can do that alone or you need help, whether there is any risk for you to get infected, whether you can wear a mask if you are around other people exercising, etc.

Best Outdoor Activities

The best outdoor activities for the time of pandemic should provide lots of healthy controlled physical movement, should take the person out to the fresh air as often as possible, and people should be able to pursue these activities alone or in small groups, to avoid the risks. Moreover, it is better to choose activities that can be learned, and skills can be upgraded, by online education, or during a personal consultation. Avoiding big groups of people is definitely a good idea. can help you with more summer activities for the whole family.

Another important aspect that should be considered when choosing a new hobby is to make sure this hobby is interesting and engaging and is attractive for a particular person. For example, many people find camping boring, but never mind hiking. Only an interesting and engaging hobby makes sense because it allows the person to distract from everyday problems, and focus on something pleasant and fun.

1. Metal Detecting

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Metal detecting, also called treasure hunting, is one of the most entertaining and engaging hobbies imaginable, and it can also be very rewarding. The disadvantages of metal detecting is that the newbie detectorist will need high quality equipment, plenty of knowledge, and plenty of practice. This skill has to be developed with time and effort.

However, the advantages are worth it. Firstly, treasure hunters spend lots of time outdoors moving, but without that pressing gym-style exercise. Secondly, one can metal detect in their own garden, or go to a distant location; one can actually visit lots of new places. Thirdly, metal detecting can be done in small groups or even alone. Fourthly, this hobby requires lots of focus and devotion; you are likely to forget about everything else for several hours. And lastly, treasure hunters often spot some cool finds – ancient artifacts, coins, jewelry, even gold! So, if you want to learn more about metal detecting, check out the Detect History’s website with the best metal detector comparison review and buyers guide on the market.

2. Camping

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Camping is very engaging and has lots of advantages to offer. Campers usually choose new places for visiting, so some travelling is involved. But even if travelling is limited, one can camp in the nearest places where camping is allowed. Next, living in the camp means you’re constantly outdoors, which is good for health, and is definitely good for changing the scenery. Camping helps to relieve stress, and distract yourself from daily troubles, especially if you live in a big city. However, camping also requires some basic equipment, so please keep this in mind.

3. Cycling

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Cycling seems to be so obvious that many people overlook it when searching for a new outdoor hobby to start. But cycling is not only simple to learn and master. In fact, it can take you to new places quickly and independently from other transport (and people!), you can ride the bicycle alone or in the company, and even bigger groups are okay since everyone still moves separately. And eventually, cycling can be very practical, and become an alternative to public transport or car, especially if you don’t need to cover great distances.

4. Skateboarding

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Skateboarding is very similar to biking in terms of advantages. You can move around the city, alone or with friends, visit places, and exercise, and all you need is a skateboard and some protection pieces. Moreover, a quality skateboard is still less expensive than a quality bicycle, and what is even better – you can take it with you almost anywhere, even to the public transport or to the office if you wish. People are usually reluctant to use skateboards because they believe learning is hard, but it is not. Skate parks in California cater to skateboarders of all skill levels, offering a safe and exciting environment for both beginners and experienced riders. These parks are equipped with ramps, rails, and obstacles, providing endless opportunities for skaters to practice and showcase their skills.

Additionally, California’s skate park culture fosters a sense of community among enthusiasts, where individuals of all backgrounds come together to share their passion for skateboarding, making it a welcoming and inclusive experience for everyone.

5. Archery

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Archery is kinda exotic hobby, but simple bow and arrows for hobby archery are not expensive and are easy to find. Also, the skill itself is not very complicated either. Most people master it pretty quickly, and can enjoy the benefits of archery, which are plenty. This hobby can be pursued in the backyard, in your own garden, or generally anywhere, where other people, pets, or property can’t be harmed. Archery requires lots of focus, and can be practiced in complete solitude, at the same time keeping you outdoors and moving, for hours.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an outdoor hobby for some healthy exercise during the pandemic is not that hard. Just make sure you follow the safety rules, and that the hobby really makes you engaged and excited.