Car Disposal 101: What to Do Before Contacting Car Wreckers Hamilton

Do you have a vehicle at the end of its lifespan that’s been sitting on your property for quite a while? It could be a non-running car you couldn’t dispose of out of business, or you’re still trying to bring back some spark.

But when you know, it’s time to give up the vehicle, know you can call car wreckers Hamilton. Before you do, there are preparations that you can make before settling for one car wrecker business in New Zealand (NZ). Here are things you can do:

Consider Other Options


Car wreckers Hamilton takes away old cars that you don’t have any use for anymore. If you have other options, you can try listing an old junk car to see if other buyers will be interested.

You may have tried working on an old car by trying to revive it, but you don’t have enough ability to make it possible. Private buyers might want to purchase the model you have to flip and sell for a higher price. While you’ll be waiting for a buyer to contact you, it’s still worth a try. If at least one person does, you’ll handle the paperwork and may have to haggle for the price.

If you have saleable car parts, they’re also reasons for you to turn to private buyers. Owners of classic cars will be looking into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that work best for their vehicles. Your car might be the right brand and model with the features they want. But if you have yet to make the listing, consider calling a local car wrecker instead.

Research The Best Car Wrecker In the Area

Car wreckers Hamilton is very helpful and you can find their websites online. You can check their services, read reviews and find out how long they’ve been in business.

If it’s your first time working with car wreckers, you can gain more understanding of what they do with the cars they buy by researching how they process vehicles. Check for the value of your car depending on the condition and the current market for spare parts.

Plus, you can check for the services they provide to sell your vehicles to them. For example, will they take the vehicle themselves, or will you do it instead? Not all car wreckers offer free towing to their facility. Move on to the next company if you must hire a towing service to get the vehicle to their place of business. What you spend may be more than what you get for the car.

Cancel Car Insurance


Have you canceled your vehicle insurance policy yet? When your car is at the end of its life, call your provider to cancel it immediately to save on premiums. Sometimes, sellers only remember forgetting this step after receiving an extension document. Call your insurance company and explain the situation to them.

Inquire about the possibility of a refund if you’ve forwarded unused premium payments. That will depend on what was stated in your contract, but you can try. Some providers might issue a refund if it means that you’ll stay on as a customer.

Take Out The License Plates


It’s essential to cancel the car registration before scrapping your car. The process is necessary if you’re permanently taking your vehicle off the road or if it has been destroyed. It’d help if you headed to Hamilton’s NZ Transport Agency branch for guidance.

Fill out an application to cancel registration or the MR15 form and present your ID to the representative. Surrender the license plates to the staff to get any refund on unused fees. Inquire about unpaid licensing fees if you haven’t paid them as may be requested from you.

The agent will apply to the Transport Agency. The Motor Vehicle Register will be informed after the application processing to cancel the registration.

Get To Know The Components

You can get more insights on how much you can sell your car by learning about the essential car parts that your car still has. They’re some of the primary reasons why car wreckers Hamilton would want your vehicle. If they’re in good condition, they’ll fetch a considerable price.

Buyers are looking for good parts that match the brand manufacturer of their car since they work the best with the vehicle. Some of the car parts that they’ll be looking for are the following:

  • Battery – it makes the vehicle run;
  • Radiator – prevent engine overheating;
  • Clutch – allows the driver to switch gears; and
  • Catalytic Converter – reduces emissions.

The wreckers will also take seats, wheels, tires, and more if they are in good condition. The vehicle will be stripped of everything, even the plastic components, until the car is only left with the chassis.

Sweep Out Your Car

After canceling your policies and registration, you can call the car wreckers Hamilton. But it’ll help if you look in your old car to see if any personal belongings are left. You might find something that’s been missing for quite some time. It can be jewelry, small functional items, important documents, or IDs.

Do thoroughly sweep through your car and look in all the corners and under the seats. You’ll be selling the vehicle to wreckers, and you can only get the items back if you take this opportunity before calling them.

Taking these steps before calling for car wreckers in Hamilton is essential. You can sell the vehicle without problems and wait for them to arrive at your place.



Car wreckers will take old junk cars in any condition. But before you do work with them, you must consider other options, such as selling to private buyers who may want to repair or buy parts.

If you’re better off selling to car wreckers, research and compare different service providers. Then, cancel your car insurance and see if you can refund the last payments you’ve made. Remember to cancel your car registration and return the license plates to the NZ Transport Agency. It’s a must for vehicles that are taken off the road permanently.

Next, know the car components that wreckers may want and check if yours are in good condition. Lastly, remove your belongings from the car.

Stefan Djuric
Stefan Djuric

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