Can Weed Improve Orgasms and Sexual Functions?

Weed or marijuana has been used for recreational purposes and for reducing stress-like symptoms. There has been the use of medical marijuana across different states for the same issues. One of the main reasons behind using weed is to reduce the pain that one might feel due to a chronic illness like cancer. Apart from the reduction of pain, there is also the belief that smoking weed before sexual intercourse will positively impact the entire experience.

In this article, we will be finding out whether this claim holds any truth based on the scientific research and studies conducted that relate weed to increased sexual pleasure. But before we begin, we need to understand that there are multiple processes in the body that lead to sexual arousal, and it is more complicated than we think. So finding the direct result of marijuana on intercourse will require more research than we currently are banking on.

Limited Research


So far, a small study has found significant linkages to weed having a positive impact on the enhancement of sexual pleasure. This study concluded results for both men and women, which more or less concluded that marijuana was ‘aphrodisiac,’ meaning a substance meant to stimulate sexual arousal or desire.

However, there has been limited research on this subject, and with good reason. Having a control group becomes difficult due to multiple reasons. Weed is illegal in many areas, and finding regular users also becomes challenging. Additionally, one also needs to find people who are comfortable with partaking in a discussion about the pleasure experienced in sexual activity.

There is still a lot of uncertainty about what the consumption of weed would mean for different people. It might increase pleasure, but if it truly is an aphrodisiac, what would happen if you decide to let go of weed in the future? If you are wondering about the long-term effects of weed on sexual activity and performance, you should ask the experts. Going to MyMMJDoctor for more advice will be the best.

Conclusions of the Study


We will be discussing the conclusions of this study in two parts, corresponding to males and females. For women using marijuana before intercourse, there was not only reduced pain during sex but also led to stronger and more satisfying orgasms. These women were compared to those who used weed infrequently or had never used weed. The former group was twice as likely to report their experience as pleasurable and satisfactory compared to the latter group.

An older study with men was done with 84 grad students. Experiences were asked for and were recorded as the study. The people in the control group who already had an experience of intercourse with marijuana concluded that the pleasure was increased. But as compared to infrequent users, regular smokers of marijuana were of the opinion that this substance has such a strong link to intense orgasms that it should be considered a stimulant like other drugs meant for the same purpose.

The Drawbacks


There are many drawbacks to the studies currently circulating. This is so because there are numerous ways in which one cannot conduct the survey accurately. For one, sex is a private activity that cannot be observed from a scientific perspective. One cannot get the participants to agree to the voyeuristic observation of how sexual pleasure is impacted post smoking marijuana.

Apart from the lack of observation, there is also the difference of opinions which will vary subjectively. The term sexual satisfaction or pleasure has different connotations for different people. Finding a way for one word to mean the same for all the participants will be impossible. There are also significant variations in how a participant is viewed in the survey.

One also needs to understand that if a participant is readily agreeing to take a survey, they will more likely be biased due to their positive experience with cannabis or marijuana. Another significant drawback is that the results of weed on intercourse need to be analyzed on several different aspects that will range from psychological to biological factors.

And since sexual arousal is not dependent on just an aphrodisiac, the social conditions, economic conditions, biological and psychological responses also need to be considered. Only after all of these factors are appropriately taken care of and considered can one make the distinction between a significant improvement in the experience after consuming that particular substance.

What the Theory Suggests


Our biological processes are already equipped to enhance pleasure post sexual intercourse through different receptors in the brain. Our brain releases endocannabinoids and has receptors for these compounds to help improve and enhance sexual pleasure during intercourse. Since these compounds are already in play, adding marijuana to the scenario will proceed to present significant changes.

In the case when cannabinoids secreted from the brain are already working, weed will act as a compound that is received by the nerve receptors to reduce the pain and abate the feelings of anxiety or stress. Both the skin and nerves pathways are used to enhance the sense of security and mental calmness. This lack of paranoia and pain can directly impact a person’s response to sexual stimulation.

That being said, everything that can be concluded through the use of weed prior to sexual intercourse is still very rudimentary and inconclusive. All we know is the general response the body has after consuming marijuana. Since we understand how the brain reacts to sexual activity and how the brain reacts to marijuana, theorizing the combined effects lead researchers to believe that it will lead to a better experience with higher pleasure for the control group.

The Takeaway

To conclude, there has been some evidence that weed does improve sexual functions and the intensity of orgasms. However, one also needs to understand that the research conducted in this area has been very limited due to several factors. Only after further research has been done can we conclusively say that marijuana is great for sexual stimulation.

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