Can Bitcoin Be Stolen From Your Wallet – 2024 Guide

Bitcoin, the most widely used cryptocurrency, has reached a trading value of more than fifteen thousand USD. The volatility in the prices of these coins attracts both genuine people and crooks. Ever since it came into being, there have been several hacking and heists that have been carried out on these coins. Experts estimate that cryptocurrency-related crimes cost $5 billion worldwide in 2024.

In order to protect bitcoin from being stolen, there are a lot of things you can do. You must know that these coins are controlled by cryptography. Also, the protocols that make up bitcoin have been proven to be safe.

As a result, Bitcoin’s use of distributed ledger technology (DLT), also known as the blockchain, gives its owners a record of all their transactions that can’t be changed. On DLT everyone can see all transactions that happen on the network, but the people who are involved stay hidden. Here, the risk of a data leak isn’t as high as it is in traditional banking systems.

In crypto-exchanges and crypto-wallets, and other places where people can make payments and trade cryptocurrencies for other digital or traditional currencies, hackers have found flaws.

Ways To Keep Your Bitcoin Wallets Safe

The number of cyber-attacks has been going up, but cryptocurrency wallets are becoming more safe and are still one of the safest ways to store bitcoin. Each of the different wallets has their own set of security rules.

Hot And Cold Wallets


Users must treat their bitcoin wallets as if they were real money, and they must treat them that way. Having both a “hot” and a “cold” bitcoin wallet is better than having only one of each. For daily use, keep a small amount of bitcoin in an online (hot) wallet. The rest should be kept in a separate offline (cold) wallet. If you are also looking forward to trading bitcoins, check out

In this case, malware that wants to steal a user’s password or malware that wants to search the device’s RAM for unencrypted wallet data won’t be able to get their money.

Wallets That Can Be Used When You’re Not At Home.

In order to keep your bitcoin safe, you need to keep your cold wallet offline and even in a typical bank vault. This is because if your wallet is lost or stolen, you will lose all of your bitcoin.

Hackers would just need any PINs or passwords to steal bitcoin from cold wallets. Make sure not to forget the passwords or disclose them to others. Some experts say that this type of wallet should not be encrypted because if the owner dies, his or her descendants would not be able to get their inheritance.

Wallets That Are Made Out Of Metal

These wallets are easier to use than cold wallets, and they keep your money safe. They are physical devices that act like a flash drive and hold the private keys of a person. The private keys aren’t exposed even if they’re linked to another device, because the transaction is signed on the device where the private keys are stored.

Additional Things To Do


People can store their money offline or in a cold place, but the financial services industry doesn’t control them. People who want to stay anonymous may have a hard time finding a service that doesn’t require them to give some kind of proof of identity. Take a look at the company’s location and storage technology as well as its reputation, fees, and how money can be accessed before you choose a cold storage provider. People are quite afraid of viruses that try to steal their money and cyberattacks on exchanges, because the value of bitcoin has gone up.

Follow the following ways to keep your bitcoin merchant account safe:

  • It should be used on all PCs or phones that have wallet software. For mobile devices, you should use your finger or PIN to open them. It’s important to have antimalware software on all of your devices if you want to avoid scams, fake websites, and malware.
  • Using hardware wallets instead of software wallets is safer because people need to touch things to confirm transactions and they never tend to give away their keys, which makes them less likely to lose their money.
  • Every time you use a bitcoin wallet, you should back it up so that it doesn’t get lost or stolen. This protects against computer failure, theft, and human error. It doesn’t matter if the backups aren’t encrypted. They should not be put on the internet.
  • In order to keep your wallet software up to date, make sure that you use a safe, complicated password for every wallet or exchange that you use. People who want your keys will try to get you to give them away if you don’t keep up with the latest bitcoin and cryptocurrency scams.
  • To make sure you don’t get scammed or lose your money, do a lot of research on any bitcoin service or software you want to use before you use it.

How Do You Look Up A Person’s Wallet Address In The Bitcoin Ledger?


If you know how much money they spent, when, and how long they spent it, you can look them up. This way, they can keep track of how much they spend. If you look at someone’s internet use, you can get a lot more information about them.

It takes some planning and work to keep bitcoin safe, but it doesn’t take as long or be as hard as it used to. Every single person who owns some Bitcoin will find it worth their time to use it.

Final Word

Bitcoin isn’t just a craze on the internet. It’s a real thing now and more people are getting interested in it. However, with growing popularity the chances of theft are also increasing. Thus, you must employ some safety measures to ensure the safety of these coins. You can consider storing in hardware wallets as they are both safe and easy to use.

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