Should You Buy or Make Your Own THC Vape Pen Juice – 2024 Guide

The States have always served as an example to the rest of the world when it comes to what are the perks of living in an open-minded society. One of the examples that prove this is the progressive legalization of marihuana and its derivates in most of the states.

The legalization of marijuana in the United States today serves as an example to the rest of the world of what to do with this medicinal plant, which according to more and more research confirms this very word. In the past decade, it has shown to be extremely curative for the whole spectrum of diseases. Even in cases of some mental health issues, it has proven to be more beneficial and less harmful than the medications given to combat states like anxiety.

However, the federal government still does not have a completely positive stance on legalization and considers marijuana illegal for use and cultivation in most of the states. Marijuana has been legalized in the U.S. for recreational use in 10 states and Washington D.C., and 21 states have legalized medical marijuana. So, awareness is rising and will continue to do so.

One way of consuming it started becoming more and more popular, globally. It’s called vaping. It all started with the arrival of e-cigarettes and vaping, as a result of smoking prohibitions around the world. It is said to reduce the habit of smoking and the desire for nicotine, although this is not entirely proven yet. As its popularity grew, it started being sold storefront, as well as online, on websites such as allowing the users to taste the home-grown stuff, in a variety of forms, not just vaping. However, all the equipment needed for vaping, including pens and different juices, can be found there.

Why do people choose to vape?

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THC vaping juice, as opposed to traditional marijuana smoking, is said to be more beneficial, mostly because of the balanced effect. See, by vaping you don’t get too affected in terms of hallucinations, your behavior remains unchanged, so does the perception of the world around you. The effect is completely opposite, resulting in a relaxed mood making you feel free from the troubles that would usually bug you.

As it was mentioned earlier, the list of beneficial effects to the health issues is extending more and more, as research is being conducted and the experience of consumers is accumulated. Aside from being useful in states of anxiety, it has proven to be very beneficial in coping with depression, insomnia, stress. Not to mention pain relief.

Another practical reason people choose this way of consuming is that it’s simply more convenient. You have your gear with you all the time (pen and juice), and whenever you feel like it, you can vape. It doesn’t look suspicious, so it won’t drag the attention of others and doesn’t smell like the pot would. The smell comes from the liquid one uses, therefore it can be very pleasant.

The juice can be either purchased or self-made. It is totally up to you. Let’s discuss which option is more convenient.

Making your own juice

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Let’s face it, it takes time and skills, however, instructions are easily found on the internet. Those who also vape nicotine and know how to make juice for their e-cigarettes will find the process quite easy. The juice is the same liquid used for e-cigarettes, a mixture of water, alcohol, flavoring, and glycerin. This would be your basis, but for this kind of vaping, you’ll be adding THC, of course.

Besides skills, you’ll need time. There are three methods you can use to make your own juice, and depending on which one you prefer, the time can take from 2 hours to 3 months.

The longest method, taking approximately three months requires you to make your own THC oil, which you’ll be using for the juice. You’ll need cannabis buds mixed with glycerin (vegetable or propylene) as the carrier liquid. Combined, they are the basis for extracting the oil yourself. Buds need to be ground before mixing with other compounds. When the mixture is prepared, you leave it to sit for three months, occasionally stirring it. It’s a simple process, but requires time and can be very disappointing if you don’t get it right the first time, therefore is not the most popular.

The second and third method is to make the juice using already made oil. And this can take 2 to 3 hours, depending on whether you’re doing the fast oil extraction method or the so-called “Rosin extraction” (which puts you in control of the strength of the juice).

The biggest advantage of making the juice yourself is obviously the control you have over the strength of the juice and the ingredients you’re using (flavor and other stuff). If you have time, you might just enjoy the process.

Buying the juice

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For those who are not skilled at cooking or baking, or who simply cannot find the time to learn the process, the obvious choice is to buy the juice. At the beginning of this guide, we’ve mentioned a website where the juice is available for purchase, therefore, you don’t even have to leave the house.

Another good thing about buying juice is the quality warranty. Each of the producers certified for selling had to undergo a control process, so this way you’ll be safe knowing you’re using high-quality stuff.

The variety of flavors also cannot compare to what you can produce at home. In the beginning, you’ll be able to test more, finding your perfect one.

What we can conclude from this fresh, 2024 guide is that buying could be a much practical option. Making the juice yourself can require additional ingredients that might be challenging to find now. Unless you have a stash of your own. We’re in a situation where measures limiting our movement are constantly introduced, so buying from online shops comes as a blessing.