How Businesses Increased Conversions with Professional Video Editing

In the past few decades, video content has established its presence across several platforms. Be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, every platform has included an element of video content. But how can small, medium, and large businesses leverage this?

Professional videos created using the best video editing apps for businesses are a very powerful tool. Videos increase engagement with the audience, enable them to understand the product/service better and instill an element of trust in them, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

However, simply creating the video is not sufficient. Read on to learn the top platforms, types of video, and best video-creating practices that can further help businesses leverage professional videos to increase conversions.

How Can Businesses Leverage Professional Videos to Increase Conversion?

After businesses have created the perfect app, using on demand app development services, the next strategy they need is to market their app, product, or service. To effectively achieve their marketing goals and increase conversion rates, they should use the power of videos.

Top Platforms to Post Videos for Higher Conversion


The top ways or platforms where businesses should use videos are-

Digital Ads

Irrespective of the type of business, the use of digital ads is imperative. The best way to put across the features of the product, service, or app is by using interactive images and videos. Video ads are known to have the highest CTR (click-through rate) of all digital ad formats. By using short videos to demonstrate features and longer videos to explain use cases, businesses can keep the audience informed and engaged at the same time.

This combination of videos and digital advertisement can help businesses increase their conversion rates.

Landing Pages

After creating apps and software using on-demand app development services, businesses can attract the right target audience to their website. Then, upload and embed videos on the website talking about the USPs (unique selling points) of the business to convert those audiences into potential customers.

The graphic representation of product/service features makes it more attractive and appealing to people as they see the product in action. This compels them to try out the product/service being marketed and thus convert into a customer.

Product Pages

Product pages, particularly for eCommerce businesses, are another platform where video content can do wonders. The video demonstrating the use case and particular product features can help users better understand the product and, thus, increase the chances of them converting to a client or a customer. Additionally, for SaaS or software-based businesses, video content can help explain complex topics in a simpler, more user-friendly manner, making them convert leads into deals.

The Type of Video That Delivers Higher Conversion


Just uploading random videos is not as fruitful as uploading the video in the following type/format.

Tutorial or How-To Videos

This is a straightforward video format where businesses can include generic how-to topics as well as topics about particular products/services. This video format enables businesses to give clarity and step-by-step instructions to their audience. How-to or tutorial videos are also the most sought-after video content among the larger audience, thus increasing the chance of conversion for businesses.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are useful for businesses that belong to information-rich and complex industries like SaaS, AI, software development, etc. Businesses can aim to narrow down and simplify complex topics for probable clients and help them make informed decisions. When people have clarity on what product/service they will get, it increases the chances of them converting into clients.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are another impactful video format that not only helps with conversion but also builds credibility and trust for the business. Since people have a tendency to believe the opinions of other people, videos of real people speaking about their experience with the product/service offered by the business can significantly impact customer decisions.

Thus, uploading customer testimonials on the business website and social media platforms can increase client conversion and retention rates.

Company Culture Videos

While many businesses have an impeccable company culture, they fail to leverage it in their favor. When businesses showcase their employees and the work environment, it makes prospective clients and customers understand the company more deeply.

It builds a sense of connection with the target audience and thus increases the chances that they become a part of the company and do business with them. So, uploading a glimpse of the working culture of a company can help them give an edge over their competitors.

Best Practices for Producing Professional Videos for Higher Conversions


Here are a few practices that businesses should adopt, irrespective of the platform or the format of the video, to further increase the chances of conversion.

Focus on the Visual Appeal

Without a visual appeal, businesses would not benefit from uploading a high-quality, informative video. The video should be appealing enough to grab and hold the attention of the target viewers to encourage conversion. So, ensure that the lighting is good, high-quality images are used, and the video contains elements of eye-catching graphics to make the video impactful.

Optimize for Mobile

People are more likely to visit websites and use social media platforms from their phones. So, businesses must ensure that the videos they are uploading on the various platforms are optimized for mobile users as well. This approach can increase the chances of conversion by manifolds. Mobile optimizing can be done by keeping videos short, using large texts, and ensuring good-quality viewing on mobile phones.


By making videos using the best video editing apps, brands can increase their reach and connect better with their audience.

Understanding the right platform, the right type/format, and the best creation practices can help businesses increase the conversion rate significantly. This will help businesses make more profit and accelerate their sales, leading to tremendous growth.

Hence, businesses should not miss out on this ever-growing opportunity and leverage the power of video content.