How to Build a Sales Funnel that Converts in 2024

Improving your conversion rate is not as easy as it might seem. Indeed, you have a wide range of options that can potentially help you achieve your goal. However, keep in mind that those opportunities are available to every entrepreneur or company in the world. Because of that, you should choose the practice that will be different from the one that others are using.

A certain dose of creativity is necessary if you want to become better than your competitors. Because of that, building up a sales funnel that converts must be your main priority.

Key Components of Sales Funnel

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Before everything, it would be good for you to know some basics of a sales funnel. More precisely, you must understand how all of them work together. In short terms, sales funnel is nothing more than a series of steps that you should design to lead your customers to the buying decision.

The benefits of good sales funnel are different. You can potentially manage to build up awareness for a brand or service/product. Despite that, you can also educate your potential customers that will boost the desire they have to purchase your product. A good funnel always leads to the highest number of conversions. However, you need to understand it surely won’t be 100%. Even the strongest brands in the world can’t achieve that.

There are three key components of the sales funnel. The first one is “Top of the Funnel” where all website visitors get more information about you. The purpose of that part is to boost brand awareness. Trying to promote a product there would be a huge mistake.

The second part of the funnel is “middle of the funnel”. After you boost brand awareness, the visitors need to become “leads”. In other words, people need to find out if you are offering something valuable for them. That is the crucial part because they are deciding whether to continue to explore your website or not.

Logically, the last part is “bottom of the funnel” where you try to promote a particular product or service. How you will do that depends on the strategy you can use. In most cases, the best possible choice would be to use a combination of soft and hard selling.

Okay, now when we explained everything, let’s find out together how to build a sales funnel that converts.

First of All – Create Engaging Landing Pages

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The first task you have is to develop a lead capturing landing page. As we said, the purpose of the top of the funnel is to boost web traffic. The homepage of your website can also be a landing page. However, you must add some lead-generating elements that will attract more people. A good example of that can be a call-to-action button, “how-to” posts, or social proof.

After That – Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

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Attractive design and structure of the landing page won’t mean anything to you if you don’t promote it promptly. More precisely, a landing page without traffic won’t expend your business in any way.
There are several different ways of how you can drive traffic to your landing page. The majority of entrepreneurs would decide on using social media. Networks like Facebook and Instagram are a powerful advertising tool. Despite that, the alternative to social media comes in the form of Pay Per Click ads. However, you need to be smart when using an opportunity like that. The best possible solution would probably be to create ads on Facebook or any other platform. Despite that, you can also focus on search engine PPC ads that can potentially be a good way to drive organic traffic, you can read more about that.

Still, there is one thing that we have to say about PPC advertising. You will probably need to invest a bit more money. Because of that, it is important to compare all the costs you have and ROI.

In the end, if you possess good writing skills, content marketing will be the best choice you have. That includes tools such as blog content, case studies, emails, etc. The combination of all three methods might bring the best possible solution.

Collect Emails with Content

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The content you share needs to somehow grab the attention of your visitors. Which type you will choose depends on the requirements that your target audience has. For instance, let’s imagine that your potential customers want to know more information about your product. In that case, you should send them e-books, review articles, and similar resources. That is the most effective way to provide them the necessary explanations.

The purpose of so-called “lead magnets” is not only to give something valuable to the customers. It also helps you to gain their email address and use them for future advertising.

There are two important things about lead magnets. First of all, you need to make them noticeable for the visitors. Despite that, you should not stick only to one lead magnet. For instance, you can offer an e-book for free or a free trial and collect their emails in that way.

In the End – Set Up an Email Marketing Campaign

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The purpose of an effective email marketing campaign is to build a strong relationship with your customers. Logically, reaching the level of mutual trust won’t happen over the night. Because of that, you need to be patient and smart. Over time, your potential customers will be actively engaged in the entire process.

In short terms, you should start your campaign with “Welcome email”. After that, you should offer them something for free like an ebook or a checklist. When you offer them that, you should send them an email with the testimonials of your previous customers. Social proof will always be one of the key factors that influence our decision to buy a product. Expend the testimonials with stories and real-life examples that will prove the quality of your product. In the end, offer the product directly. That is the entire process you should go through.

Final Thought

By measuring all the results, you will see if your sales funnel truly converts more. However, building an effective sales funnel truly is a tough challenge. Because of that, if the process seems confusing to you, you should strive to find some help. Our recommendation is to visit websites like There you can find out many valuable pieces of information that will improve your knowledge. The pieces of advice you get will surely help you when you get stuck.