Beyond the Gift: The Impact of Branded Gift Bags on Brand Perception

When we offer a gift, the package it comes in is nearly as extraordinary as the present it conceals. Not just a simple “thank you” for a purchase, these bags presently stand for a powerful physical reminder of the brand, fuelling customer brand perception far beyond the buying moment.

Unpacking the customer experience


What makes branded gift bags impactful? Arguably, it is the multi-sensorial experience they provide. Customers do not solely ‘see’ the brand they can feel it, too. The texture of the bag, the crisp sound it makes when being opened, even the unique smell of the paper – they all contribute to creating memorable moments. Branded bags offer a tactile encounter, which is proven to enhance memory and foster deeper emotional connections. Simply put, gift bags can transform the straightforward act of buying into a superior shopping experience that sticks in the customers’ minds.

Sophisticated brands have realized the influence of details, leading to a rising trend of branded gift bags.

A representative canvas

Gift bags can be skillfully used to voice the brand’s identity. Exceptional design, novel shapes, colours, or phrases, can stimulate curiosity and differentiate a brand from its competitors. A charmingly designed gift bag immediately captures attention and frequently ends up shared on social platforms. Each share is organic brand promotion, straight from satisfied customers to their peers.

Going beyond physical boundaries

In an era where online shopping dominates, branded gift bags go far beyond physical stores. Integrated into the brand’s online ordering process, they can humanise digital shopping experiences and remind the customer that behind the screen remains a brand with a remarkable experience to offer.

Representing sustainability

For environmentally conscious consumers, the choice of branded gift bags can profoundly influence brand perception. Shifting from traditional plastic bags to eco-friendly alternatives exhibits a brand’s commitment to sustainability. This bolsters the customer trust in the brand when they see that their values line up with the brands.

The power of surprise

Imagine this: a customer makes a purchase and is gifted a beautifully designed gift bag. Beyond the captivating design and high-quality materials, they discover a surprise – a thoughtful token from the brand. This is the power of surprise that gift bags hold – the potential for fantastic experiences that foster customer loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion, all within a simple branded bag.


The influence of branded gift bags on brand perception goes far beyond their initial purpose. They enhance customer experience, showcase brand individuality, humanise digital shopping, articulate environmental commitment, and hold the power of surprise. Branded gift bags are no longer seen as just bags but a trusty sidekick that significantly enriches the story of a brand.

Mary Booker
Mary Booker

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