Get the Freaky Frightening Look with Blind White Contact Lenses – 2024 Guide

Everything in this world has its own thrill and charm. And the best thing is that the weirder it is, the more fun it is. Be it the new hair colour, piercing, or tattoo. But have you ever thought of the weird and fun-filled effect a unique eye color will have? It will literally take you to a new world full of so much adventure. Imagine yourself if you have white eyes, all-white! Not even a single dot of another color in your eyes! How will you see yourself? And what about the people around you. It sounds fun, right? Well, you can enjoy it all now by grabbing yourself a pair of blind white contact lenses and styling up in the way we tell you.

Why Wear Them?

Here is a good question! Why even wear them? A simple reason is that you all should try something out of the box, be it for fun, scaring someone, or just trying out something different to explore the versatile and art-loving hidden person inside you. You can wear them on Halloween nights, theme parties, or with your friends around and prank someone. Moreover, you can wear them to recreate some Hollywood or anime characters. The reasons are countless. You might have a reason for your own as well. But note that sometimes you don’t need a reason to try something new. Just do it, wear blind white contact lenses, and have the time of your life. Make new memories!

When to Wear Blind White Contact Lenses?

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If you are looking for an event or occasion to try out blind white contact lenses, then the best of all options is Halloween. You can pick your desired character with white eyes and recreate his look by wearing a similar costume or putting on makeup like him.

Another occasion to wear them on is a theme party. You or your friend can plan a devil or zombie theme party, on which you can utilize these contact lenses correctly.

If you aren’t too comfortable with going out in them, then you can sit at home, wear them and take loads of photos and selfies. Upload them everywhere- Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you want. Let people see this exciting and full loving side of you. This isn’t just an option to let out a whole new side of you, but you can also show people your art skills. Let’s forget not to mention they provide you a perfect chance to scare your friends by acting like ghosts. Send snaps in the middle of the night to your friends and scare the shit out of them!

Things to Take Care Of

Be a little careful while buying white contact lenses. It is so because the white colour has a lot of shades. And you need pure white ones! So, purchase from a place such as that can send you pure blind white contact lenses. No risks!

Keep dust and makeup away from your contacts. Even the smallest dust particle is visible on them, and you don’t want them. Moreover, dust and makeup particles can be troublesome for your eyes, so be careful!

Make sure you dress up accordingly. Wear blind white contact lenses with a theme inspired outfit on special occasions for a purpose. Wearing them on a casual day, to school or, a coffee shop might not be a good option. But, oh well… You can definitely wear them if you want to act like a blind man and gain some sympathy.

Don’t Give Someone a Heart Attack!

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Can contacts really give someone a heart attack? Well, of course not to you. But if you try to prank someone with them in the middle of the night, be aware of the results. Don’t try pranking an aged person or weak hearted person by jumping suddenly in front of them- that too in a ghost-like getup with white eyes. That’s the worst thing you can do. So, play and joke around someone who can handle the thrill and your devilish idea.

White Eye Contact Lenses to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Here is something that you didn’t know. Blind white contact lenses can make your eyes appear twice the size they actually are. It is because the white colour itself makes everything look more prominent and expands the place or picture. It does similar to your eyes. So, in case you think your eyes are too small to create a freaky effect, just get yourself a pair of white contacts and wear them. Brush off your look with bold and popping makeup and the desired costume. Your eyes will literally pop!

Also, if you think people with small eyes can’t wear contacts, you are wrong. There are different sizes available according to your eye size. Way to go, people!

Makeup Tips with Blind White Contact Lenses

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Makeup can literally make or break your look. Now when you have white eyes, the next step is to put on appropriate makeup to get the desired look. So, start with simple steps. Take out a picture of the character that you want to dress up like. Start your look with doing your eyes. Use a white pencil to do inner corners for your eyes, as they make the eyes look bigger and astonishing. After that, move towards eyeshades and try out all wild shades and colors. Black is the best option, though. When done with your eyes, move towards the foundation, contour, and highlight. Within a few minutes, you’ll be the freakiest and spookiest person alive on earth.

Looks to Create with Blind White Contact Lenses

There are several exciting and inspiring looks that you can create with white eyes. Be that of a dead man, blind man, zombie, or devil. A possessed witch or vampire are also some easy yet scary characters that you can create with less effort in minimal time.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab yourself blind white contact lenses and dress up as someone you’ve never before.

Vukadinovic Sinisa
Vukadinovic Sinisa

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