Bitcoin in Cryptocurrency World – What Makes It So Special?

Cryptocurrencies are the Holy Grail of the digital era. They have been around for enough time to have everyone’s attention, but not long enough to be understandable to everyone. This is why they’re the talk on every corner. The world of investments can no longer be imagined without various digital currencies. The one that stands above all else is f course Bitcoin. It is no wonder that the situation is like this because BTC was the first one to hit the market back in 2009.

The alleged man behind this currency, Satoshi Nakamoto, did just enough to launch this blockchain wonder, and to have it work similar to a fiat currency but without some obvious drawbacks. Yes, there are flaws to the system, but it doesn’t take anything from the cryptocurrency which at the moment rules them all. BTC is The Ring, The King of The Mountian, King Kong in this domain. It’s been like that for a while now, and there are no signs that it’s going to change anytime soon. Nonetheless, people still wonder about Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency world – what makes it so special? We are here to try and provide an answer to that question. There are things that do make it special and we’re going to discuss them. Let’s start with digitalization and decentralization.

It’s First of Its Kind


This should be enough to make anyone special, don’t you agree? As we already mentioned, BTC is the first cryptocurrency introduced to the financial market. It all started in 2009 and since then it has come a long way. You can mine it, buy it, sell it, or trade it. Whatever you do, it’ll be fun, with a great chance of a financial payout, if you know what you’re doing. In hindsight, it could be ideal to put a few dollars behind this crypto in early 2011. By now, you’d be rich. But, who knew what was about to happen with the digital currency markets? Not us that’s for sure. But, it is still not late to ride the hype train and you can start your ride at

It’s Decentralized

This is one of the best traits of all cryptocurrencies, and it all started with BTC. This crypto is not tied to any government, central bank, or any sort of financial institution. Its only master is the blockchain and the flow of data all over the web. This makes it hard to control by outside factors in the manner gold, oil, shares, stocks, and bonds are. BTC and its sister cryptocurrencies take pride in their freedom in this department, although there are attempts to regulate it, no concrete moves have been pulled so far.

The Limited Supply

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This is yet another amazing trait of this currency. We can’t tell who came up with the idea, but it’s been known since the early days of cryptocurrencies. There is only 21 million Bitcoin out there. No more, no less. Up until this moment, more than 19 million coins have already been mined. What this means for investors is that they shouldn’t be afraid of inflation, because there’s no way of a major influx of his currency in the future. For example, the American government can easily manipulate the value of the dollar through various means. No such deal can be done with BTC.

It Bodes Well With Other Currencies

Most people only use fiat currencies and are not in touch with the latest trends for cryptocurrencies. For all the wrong reasons, if you ask us. Many individuals believe that once they buy or mine BTC they’re stuck with it. This notion is plain wrong. BTC bodes ideally with every imaginable currency, both crypto, and fiat. You can do whatever you like with this crypto. By any means, you can sell it, buy some more, trade it, exchange it for fiat currencies, another crypto, gold, or any other valuable item. Of course, we’re not even going to talk about all the businesses that now accept BTC payments. BTC is a standard currency in its pure essence, just better.

Great Investment Tool


Fear might be the only thing that slows down the acceptance of BTC in every home on the planet. What people fear is its volatility. Yes, we can’t argue, just like most of the others cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is highly volatile. This is one of its main traits. But, it is a trait you can use to your benefit. In recent years, this crypto has been all over the place, before it took a steady route that lead to the top. Those riding its wave earned themselves a hefty sum of money. Investors love BTC, and they have good reasons. No other trading tool couldn’t bring such a large return in so little time. Digital currencies are the present and the future of investment. If we look at the last few years they’ve also its past. If you are eager to start investing or are expanding your portfolio as we speak, be sure to include any crypto, but above all else BTC to it. It will be worth it! You can find more useful information on

It’s Secure

Yes, yes, we know – hackers attack BTC owners. While this is true, why is it different than being robbed on the street or carjacked? It’s not! Cybercriminals can attack your credit and debit cards too, and you don’t spend too much time worrying about those. Bitcoin is a highly secure asset. If you take good care of your security data, you have nothing to worry about. Your wallet needs to be stored under a secure password, and nothing can happen. The best part about dealing with BTC is that there’s no way for anyone to know that you’re even involved with it. At the moment, it is one of the most secure assets you could own.

Final Thoughts

As you can see Bitcoin is special. You might not share this sentiment, but we believe that we have laid down a pretty good case for why matters are like that. It is not easy to be unique in today’s financial market but this crypto is doing a hell of a good job.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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