Bitcoin as a Part-Time Investment – 2024 Guide

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If there is one, single thing that all of us can get behind these days, it is a nice part-time work opportunity that can allow us some extra cash we can spend on the things we like and need. We live in a very fast-paced world where things keep changing constantly especially in terms of technology and things that depend on it, so not having to worry about having a slightly higher account balance in the bank is more than welcome. Of course, there are plenty of different ways you can pick up some extra money nowadays, but one of the most popular ones currently is through the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin. Chances are you have already heard a lot about the whole digital, virtual, or cryptocurrency craze and are now familiar with most things around it. Be that as it may, a little help on how best to do it cannot hurt. If making Bitcoin a part-time investment sounds like a good idea to you and you have a wish to make something happen, here are a few ways you can go about it.

Bitcoin Freelancing

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At this point, we are all familiar with freelancing and many of us have done at least one freelancing job. The freelancing market has been reaching new heights in recent years, especially in the last year and a half due to the pandemic and the fact that people cannot leave their homes as much. And this should not come as a surprise at all since it is very easy to see why things are like this. When you look at all of the opportunities the online space has to offer, you can immediately understand the sheer potential this type of work has. Thanks to the rise of online freelancing, everyone with a decent enough mobile device and a stable internet connection can become a freelancer. By picking up a few odd jobs here and there, you can make some extra cash from the comfort of your own home without investing too much time into looking for another full-time job that would allow you to have as much money as you need.

Of course, it did not take long for Bitcoin to jump on this trend and make things even more interesting. Bitcoin freelancing consists of freelancing gigs that pay in Bitcoin but they can be exactly the same as the ones you are probably familiar with. While Bitcoin freelancing gigs come in all sorts, the ones you might want to focus on are the easier jobs that do not take much physical or brain work to complete.

Things like website testing and filling out surveys are great examples of this. These gigs do not require any type of special skill, they are very quick to finish, and they can be pretty fun to do in certain cases.

You can take up these simple jobs whenever you feel like it or need it and work around certain times that fit your otherwise busy schedule.

Automated Trading

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A pretty recent trend on the Bitcoin scene that many users have been going crazy for is automated trading. While this activity might sound pretty complicated at first, it is anything but and actually quite the opposite. Automated trading software like TheNewsSpy is the perfect alternative to traditional Bitcoin trading for newbies which would require constant attention and frequent checking of news and updates. What makes these apps special are their top-notch features and custom tools you can use to make them work for you. The advanced AI algorithms they have in store are amazing. For example, the most popular one scans the markets based on your predetermined parameters and guidelines and automatically invests in opportunities that look promising. All you have to do is determine what you are interested in and wait for it to happen. The app does the rest.

While traditional Bitcoin trading usually requires tons of knowledge and experience, automated trading is suited for all users. Bitcoin beginners can start their trading journey using these apps and start making a nice passive income immediately. To top it off, the activity is insanely time-efficient and requires minimal time management and work on your end. Users only need to spend about 30 minutes a day to set everything up, so not only do you get excellent profit potential, but you are free to focus on other things while the software works its magic. Most traders do it while commuting or waiting for ques to finish their daily chores, or whenever they have some downtime during the day.

Bitcoin Games

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Like automated trading, Bitcoin games are pretty new to the scene but they already enjoy a mass following. Sure, it might seem silly to think that playing online games can help you earn Bitcoin without any investment whatsoever, but that is exactly what they do and there is no catch. Bitcoin games are free to play and you can access them in a few clicks straight through your internet browser. They are fun, action-packed, and best of all, they give the players Bitcoin for doing well during their gameplay sessions. If you are a gamer, this is a no-brainer decision really. You have absolutely no excuse. The amounts of Bitcoin you can receive are not too sizable compared to other forms of obtaining it, but they can be very worth it if you are already an avid player who likes to frequently shake things up and try new games.

If you have landed on playing Bitcoin games as your new go-to profit option, you might want to take note of a few things though. First, you should know that Bitcoin games are not at the same level of quality as upcoming PC and console titles. Most of them are inspired by older arcade games, so they are pretty nostalgic and have lower-quality visuals and gameplay elements. Another thing to keep in mind is that because these games are free to play, you could run into plenty of ads and other issues. If you get easily annoyed by pop-up ads online, you might want to steer clear and find a better alternative to earn BTC. Most of the studios use this tactic of paying people to play their games as a testing phase and you may be required to give them some amount of feedback. They will have the crucial info on how to improve their game and you will get cryptocurrency. Everyone wins!