A Bit of Bitcoin Fun and Practice

According to many world analysts, Bitcoin represents the future of the modern financial system. Thanks to decentralized blockchain technology, control of private financial flows by the government have been eliminated and faster and cheaper transactions have been made possible. These and many other benefits that you will realize if you start researching in more detail are reason enough why the world has gone crazy for bitcoin. As the years go by, more and more people are intrigued by cryptocurrencies and want to try to mine or trade, especially bitcoin, which is currently considered the most reliable cryptocurrency despite its high volatility. Becoming a part of this world doesn’t necessarily have to be boring as it sounds. Bitcoin also has its fun side that helps all beginners understand how trading and mining work and develop skills. Great technological achievements and the great popularity of games have additionally contributed to the fun aspect of bitcoin.

The concept of bitcoin games aims to educate all future crypto users who will learn the basic rules of trading and mining in a fun way. Also, games provide the opportunity to acquire skills that can later help users make a good strategy. We will show you some of the most popular games that help you get to know the crypto world in a fun way.

Bitcoin Mining Simulator

Source: youtube.com

We will first start with a game that encourages the development of mining skills. Mining is a more expensive and complicated way of collecting coins but quite cost-effective. At the beginning of the game, you are entitled to a free virtual token. The role of the free token is to serve as a means for you to invest in equipment that is a must-have when it comes to mining. Just like in real life, you would have to buy a high-performance PC and other accessories that you can’t work without.

Simply install the app before you start and when you run it, the real adventure begins. The concept of the game will confront you with many problems that are possible in real life. By fighting them while playing, you gain skills that you will later apply in practice. The mining simulator requires speed and being first. There are many more interesting things, such as dealing with costs due to high electricity consumption and fighting not to be at a loss. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Bitcoin Hero

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Another game that puts this most popular cryptocurrency in the focus of the action is BTC Hero. This time, it is a game that teaches you what cryptocurrency trading is and what are the skills that can help you progress and make the desired profit. Through interesting and fun graphics, you will be able to learn all about the basics if you did not know by now.

In this case, you are playing against other opponents, and unlike the previous mining simulator, this trading simulator provides you with all the tools you need in the game, as well as the input capital, right at the beginning. Such platforms can be a perfect opportunity to practice and put into practice the knowledge gained later.

The key to good trade is making good decisions at the right time. This type of cryptocurrency earning requires good strategic skills that will bring you to the top. In practice, a good part of the work is done for you by a platform like bitcoinequaliser.org, which is intended for cryptocurrency trading, it is only up to you to understand the rules of the platform and to invest the desired amount. Such platforms contain all the necessary tools for continuous research and monitoring of the situation on the crypto market.


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Once again, we return to the world of mining, which is a zone of interest for many. When we talk about games that can help you with additional education and improvement when it comes to mining, we can also look at RollerCoin. The rules, in this case, allow you to choose your own competition – read: a great reason to have fun with friends. You are separated from the goal by many difficult tasks and it is up to you to find the best way to the solution. This will give you the best insight into your readiness for the crypto world.

Although it sounds like someone will take you back to school for a moment and make you do complicated arithmetic tasks, it is actually far from that. Lots of interesting things await you. Your success over the competition will depend on your ability to maintain your empire.

According to the rules, active players receive rewards every few minutes that further strengthen them on the way to the goal.

Spells of genesis

Source: youtube.com

We come to a slightly different game, with a different form compared to all the previous ones. In this case, the educational aspect is present but the fun aspect is much more pronounced. Spells of Genesis is the work of a Swiss company and has gained great popularity among crypto enthusiasts.

The rules include cards in the hands of the player. Your task is to fight to victory and as a reward, you get the currency BitCristals or gold. Crystals lead you to victory by strengthening your creatures, while with gold you can make a deck, and when you have a large number of cards, it makes it easier for you to think of further moves.

Spells of genesis are full of interesting missions that will make you spend hours at the computer.

Merge Cats

Source: youtube.com

You may have already had the opportunity to hear about this game, considering that it is one of the favorites of crypto enthusiasts. We could put it in the easiest category that doesn’t require too much effort, but you can play it when you want to rest. Merge Cats sounds very simple, which it is because all that is required of you is just that – to connect cats.

You are probably wondering now what this has to do with BTC. During the game, you will face tasks that you have to complete if you want to get your reward in BTC. This is a great way to relax, have fun and solve challenges at the same time to earn your BTC.

Do you agree with us now when we say that bitcoin also has its fun side? There is no better way to learn a lot about the crypto world than through these interesting games.