How to Use Bingo Sites Reviews? – 2024 Guide

Maybe you didn’t know but Bingo has quite the history. It originated back in the 16th century on the Apennine Peninsula under the name “Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia”. Its path led it to France where it was called “Le Lotto”. You can see that this is a pretty old game that managed to stand the test of time. The country that really made it popular was the United Kingdom. We can see that this was the turning point for the game’s future.

When it comes to the US, Bingo was introduced in the late 1920s. Now, bingo is one of the most popular games in the whole wide world. This is a fact that can be supported by the numbers of players we can see in every corner of the planet Earth. Almost all of the countries have some sort of this game. It is impressive how this game managed to survive for so long.

It’s pretty simple, you need to guess a couple of numbers that are drawn periodically. I guess the right amount of numbers, you will win some amount of money. Due to its simplicity, it gathered a massive following in a pretty short amount of time. In the beginning, the numbers were drawn on the live TV broadcast, which is one of the reasons it became so popular.

With the introduction of the internet, a plethora of different bingo websites offer the possibility to play this game. It can be said that the UK is the country that the largest number of players in the world. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this country has the largest number of bingo websites of them all. If you want to check out some of the best ones, be sure to check out

At the same time, there is the question of reviews you can find on all of the most popular ones. It is interesting how you can use them to your benefit. When we say this, we mean that you can actually compare the offer between multiple ones in order to find which ones are the best. So, we’ve made the decision to provide you with some knowledge in this field. Without wasting too much of your precious time, let us begin.

The Legality

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As you probably know, the question of legality is the most important thing you need to seek an answer to when it comes to online casinos. It makes sense that you need to take the same approach when looking for the best bingo site to play at. It may sound shocking but two-thirds of online bingo players within the EU and the UK play on unregistered websites. These are registered in countries and regions like The Isle of Man, Malta, San Marino, Luxembourg, Cyprus, etc.

We can see that a lot of countries in the EU are trying to come up with a set of regulations that will provide some order to this field. At the same time, we can see that the percentage of players who play on these sites will not decline so much since it doesn’t make so much difference to the players themselves. However, we would urge you to consider playing exclusively on credible websites in order to avoid all the unnecessary things. This is something you can see when you compare bingo sites reviews.

Game Selection

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Since bingo is a massively popular game, you should know that there is not only one version of it. In fact, there are a couple of them. But, the two main ones are 90-ball and 75-ball bingo. There is one more version worth talking about, 80-ball bingo. Also, it is not uncommon to see 50-ball and 30-ball ones. Before the time of the internet, this was purely influenced by the country where a particular one is played.

Nowadays, sites usually have all of these in order to target players from a plethora of countries. Naturally, you can use bingo site reviews in order to find the best website for you. It all depends on the version of the game you would like to participate in. Thankfully, the majority of websites cover all of the versions, so we are pretty sure that you will not have any problem find the website for you.

Promotions and Bonus Offers

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We can presume that bonuses and promotions have a massive influence on the decision on which site you will choose when it comes to bingo websites. Without a doubt, this is one of the main criteria for a vast majority of players. A high percentage of websites will provide you with a significant bonus after you sign up for their website. This is a pretty common thing, far more common than you may think.
When you think about it, this is a pretty effective way to attract new players who are going to be more than happy to sign up for a website like this. When it comes to bonuses, some websites are providing those after you deposit your fist money on the website. In some cases, you can even expect a 100% bonus, which is not bad at all. Be sure to check all of the reviews for the best websites before you actually sing up for one.


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Last but not least, there is the question of security. Thankfully, this is something closely tied to the legality of a bingo website. At the same time, you will have no problem seeing all of these credits on the website itself. Perhaps, you can take a look at some bingo sites reviews, where you can check some of the experience of other players. That way you will be able to learn all about a particular one.

Otherwise, you will have a hard task to protect your personal data and billing info. Thankfully, all of this information is displayed on the website, and the countless websites you can find reviews where you can have an insight into all the particularities about a website in question. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important questions that you need to find an answer to before you actually sign up and start playing.