What Is the Best Vegetarian Meal in 2024?

There is a common mistake that people around the world make. They often forget that the most valuable thing they have in life is health. It is great if you are an ambitious person that wants to achieve some big goals. We are sure that you are working hard to reach those goals. However, you mustn’t sacrifice your health because of that.

Physical activity is the first thing that you should improve. You don’t have to do go to the gym if that activity is time-consuming for you. There are alternatives like exercising at home or going for a walk each day that we can all afford to do. Despite that, it is crucial which food you consume every day. That is the moment when things become more complex.

Lack of time is usually the main reason why people don’t cook more often. Because of that, you can often see them buying fast food. We understand that is the easiest way to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, there is a good reason why people name that type of food “junky”.

Being a vegetarian is a matter of choice. Yet, there are many health benefits you can get from different vegetarian meals. You won’t need more than an hour to prepare them and we believe that is something we can all afford.

People are usually not familiar with the vegetarian world. Because of that, we would want to analyze what is the best vegetarian meal. There a couple of them that people in different parts of the world gladly consume.

1. Bolon de Verde

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There are no many vegetarians in entire South America. People in that part of the world are big supporters of meat-based food. However, that doesn’t mean that vegetarian dishes do not exist.
Bolon de Verde is a meal that vegetarians in Ecuador often consume. It is a big ball of fried plantain filled with fresh cheese. You can eat it in every part of the day, but people in Ecuador usually eat it for breakfast. They say it is enough for every person to remain full until lunch.

2. Tartiflette au Reblochon

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We are moving from South America to Europe to talk about one famous French vegetarian meal. As you know, people in France invest a lot of effort to look nice. The fashion and beauty industry are the two most popular in that part of the world. Because of that, it doesn’t need to surprise us why they have a wide range of vegetarian dishes. In almost every restaurant across the world, you will manage to find a vegetarian menu.

However, there are certain meals you can prepare alone without any additional effort. Tartiflette au Reblochon is a dish that contains onions, potatoes, reblochon cheese, and spices. Still, there is one more that thing characteristical for France. Believe it or not, vegetarians add white wine to improve the taste of the meal. Anyway, even if that seems tough as well, be sure you will find it in the restaurants.
There is one thing that we would like to add here. Some people like to add bacon or ham to the meal.

That is something you should know before making an order in a restaurant. We believe it is not something you would like to eat.

3. Gado Gado

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It is the right moment to move to the third continent and check which vegetarian meals people eat there. People in Indonesia often consume Gado Gado because of the different health benefits. It doesn’t truly matter how spicy you will make it. The meal will surely taste great. If you sometimes visit that country, be sure you will manage to find it in almost every corner.

Still, you can taste this dish at your home with the ingredients that are available to all of us. It is a mix of long tong cubes, tofu, green beans, hard-boiled egg, potatoes, and carrots. When you combine all these ingredients, the last thing you should do is adding a peanut sauce.

We would like to give you two more instructions to enjoy the meal to the fullest. You might want to eat krupuk together with the meal. It is a fried crispy cracker that tastes amazing together with Gado Gado. Despite that, we believe that you haven’t heard about long tong cubes so far. Well, it is nothing more than a compressed rice cake. In this case, it is in the form of a cylinder wrapped inside a banana.

4. Masala Dosa

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It is not the right moment to move to another continent now. India is a huge country perfect for all vegetarians around the world. The country truly offers a wide range of vegetarian meals. If you plan to go there soon, be sure that you will find vegetarian restaurants on almost every corner. Despite that, kind people that will welcome you as a tourist will surely offer you different vegetarian dishes.

Anyway, one of those that we would like to talk about is Masala Dosa. It is more characteristical for the south of the country. We could compare it with crepe, but it is made of fermented rice batter and black lentils. Inside the dosa, you will need to add potatoes and curried peas. Additionally, you should serve it together with different types of dips. For instance, sambar and chutneys are completely matchable with a meal like this. If you are not familiar with these two things, you will easily find explanations online.

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