How To Get The Best Price For Your Used Car – 2024 Guide

There comes a time for any car owner that embarks through the journey of selling used cars. Have you pondered on the thought of how to get the best deal when it comes to Sell any car in UAE? Worried on where to resort to when it comes to sell used car?

With over thousands of platforms available, and endless opportunities to sell cars, finding the right medium and the right agent has always been a tedious and hectic task. This guide will help you in answering all your questions and is the perfect solution to all your car selling concerns.

Let’s help you get the best deal for selling any car with the following tips.

1. How much exactly is your vehicle worth in the current market?

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It’s always beneficial to know beforehand how much exactly your vehicle is worth before you step into the market. All you need to do is go to any Search Engine, type in “ Sell Used Car” or even “Sell Any Car” and there you go, you get a wide range of websites that provide you free online car evaluators that can provide you an instant quote for your car.

All you need for this is:

  • Model Number of your Car
  • Year of Purchase
  • Vehicle Edition
  • Odometer Reading

Once you input in these details, you can get the price for your car. By doing so, you can automatically gain an advantage in browsing through various agents and companies in the car selling market and be aware of the current market rate.

One prime point that needs to be noted is that Cars are a commodity whose value gets depreciated year after year. So when time comes to sell any car, you need to be aware of when to sell your car and at what time can you get the best value back.

2. What is the best way to List your Car to Buyers?

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With the boom of digitalization, gone are the days when people resorted to listing their cars as advertisements on local newspapers, relying on agents or colleagues to spread the word of your car. With over various platforms available online, in just a matter of seconds, your cars can be listed online.

This typically is usually the first method that people resort to, and which in fact has gained an upper hand in the vehicle selling world. Nowadays another medium that people tend to is companies that have the motto of “ we buy any car” to lure in customers, which in fact is genuine, where they tend to buy your vehicle and provide you instant cash.

So the best ways to list your vehicle would be taking the time and advertising your car in online platforms or if you would want an easier way is to then rely on third-party agents that can do all the work for you.

3. Does the color of your car impact on the sale of the car?

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Always try to put yourselves in the shoes of a buyer, the one thing that you would want most, is a good condition vehicle, a good model, a decent year of make and last but not least the color of the car.

Studies show that cars that are white in color tend to get sold fast as compared to others. The next in line are the colors silver, grey and black. When the time comes to buy a new car, you many want to think about the future, will a situation arise, that you may need to sell your used car, then try to invest in a color that can be easily sold.

The prime objective is to always have an investment and to get a return back on the investment at a later stage.

4. Get your vehicle Fixed

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The first basic step to sell a vehicle is to ensure that you have a properly conditioned car. You need to make your car as a prized possession that can be showcased in such a way to lure in people to buy your car. In order to do that, you need to get your car maintained, fixed and in working condition. Cause by the end of the day, the prime reason that people tend to buy your car is to use them in the end.

Nowadays, there are certain agencies and companies that take even cars that are not well maintained or even working to be used as scrap. So if you need to sell your used car, try to fix the car to make it as attractive and well maintained as possible for a quick sale.

5. Odometer Reading

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Again, lets imagine you need to buy a car, what do you look for in a car other than its model and condition, the odometer reading. This provides you a way to find out how long the car has been on the road, how well equipped the car has been able to handle the wear and tear of the road and so forth.

People tend to buy cars that have a lesser odometer reading. When you have a decision of selling your car in the near future, try to make sure and keep in track of the odometer reading. As this is one of those areas that people seldom look upon and is of prime importance.

So we think that this guide covered the gist of the experience when it comes to get a good deal in selling your car. If for any instance, you face an issue and need a lending hand to help you in your vehicle selling needs, you should contact someone as anytime.