8 Benefits of Social Media Marketing in 2024

Many marketers are unsure about how they should be using social media marketing. It’s not unusual for someone to have a Facebook account, but never use it. There are many other people who don’t know where to start when it comes to setting up their social networking sites. Every site is different and requires specific functions in order to get the most traffic for your business. You should do some research to determine which sites are best for you.

Social Media Marketing is about letting your current customers know when you have new products, specials, sales or promotions available.

It means knowing what makes people tick and when they are most likely to buy. It’s about understanding how human beings behave when they are online.

It’s about engaging your customers and making them feel like they are part of a community or group. It’s less about marketing.

1. Boosts Your Web Traffic

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The first thing any business owner should be concerned with is the number of people viewing their website, as it shows how popular your products are at that specific moment. This may not be true for you if your website’s sole purpose is to generate leads, which should still have a good amount of exposure regardless. According to famous marketer Grambulk.com, social media can help you boost web traffic by allowing readers to share your webpage and blog posts directly onto their social media accounts – this ensures even more exposure and more exposure means more visitors! To make things better (or worse) depending on which side you’re on, social media users prefer one click sharing or short URLs since they don’t want to go through all that hassle just to share something; this tactic is so popular that it even has its own name, “one click sharing.”

2. Interaction with Customers

Social media is the best way for you to communicate with your target audience or clientele. What better way for you to know what they want than by simply asking them? Take note that this doesn’t mean bombarding them with complaints, questions and requests; use social media sparingly instead of using e-mail or phone calls to avoid coming off as desperate. Utilize surveys on Facebook, Twitter and other SM sites to find out what your customers want from you. There are multiple survey tools available online but make sure to take advantage of free ones first before shelling out some cash since there are plenty of really good free options available.

3. Customers can give you suggestions

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Aside from getting to know what your customers want, social media is also the perfect tool for gathering feedback on how you can improve your business, products or services. This only means one thing – more satisfied customers! By incorporating their suggestions into new products and services, it’s like having multiple people working for you free of charge since they’re giving tips (which are actually better than some employees) without even realizing that this makes them feel part of your company; they’ll end up thinking that you created that product just because of them. Of course, if the new product or service ends up failing miserably, always remember that you can’t please everyone all the time.

4. It Gives Visitors an Inside Look on Your Brand

We’ve mentioned before that social media is the ideal way to communicate with your target audience or clientele, but did you know that it can also be used for another purpose? Social media allows you to show people what’s happening behind the scenes in your company, whether this is photos of your employees doing an activity together inside the office or videos of interesting events. This idea works best if your company runs a blog where regular posts are made about how things are going in your company; these posts will get more exposure thanks to social media. Always remember though, there’s a thin line between entertaining and distracting so make sure not to go overboard otherwise visitors may feel like they’re being something even when they’re just scrolling through their news feed.

5. It Can Help Generate More Leads

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When it comes to lead generation, nothing can beat social media! Why? This is because social media allows you to post ads directly on your target audience’s news feeds; this means that people who will see them are truly interested in your product or service since they already follow you on social media. If the ad is well-designed and contains information on how they can purchase your product or service, they’ll likely visit your website and buy said product or service.

6. It Can Help Promote Your Brand Name

You’ve probably seen those posts that say “I’m not just an ordinary mom, I’m a super mom” on your news feed; these posts are popular but there’s more to it than just being cute. These posts work by making you think about what they want you to think so when people see their Facebook photos later in the day, they’ll have an impression of them being someone who can also manage their career.

7. It Can Help Make Your Site More Visible

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Another great reason for using social media is the fact that it can help you make your website more visible to search engines. If you update your business’s Facebook or Twitter page regularly, chances are that people will visit said pages and click on links to your site if they’re interested in what you’re posting about, all thanks to social media.

8. It Can Be Used as a Customer Service Platform

Another great benefit of social media is that it can also be used as a customer service platform. Since you’re already posting on your target audience’s news feed, why not use this opportunity to let them know about problems your company may be having and ask for their thoughts? This works especially well if you choose to post updates on Facebook because most people are on this site. Just remember that you can’t please everyone all the time!

There are tons of other reasons why social media is great for your business, but these are just 10 of them. Whatever purpose you want to use it for though, always remember that if done correctly, you’ll have a more satisfied customer base and they’ll wind up spending more for your product or service.


If you’re still not convinced that social media is the way to go when it comes to marketing your business or company, then think of this: you’re essentially giving away free advertising for your business with every post, update or link you share on social media. Who doesn’t like free stuff, right?

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