Areas Of The Body You Can Treat With Coolsculpting

When it comes to non-invasive fat reduction, Coolsculpting reigns supreme. This procedure has become a phenomenon among modern practitioners and patients. From East Coast to West, you will find cosmetic specialists performing all kinds of treatments with the Coolsculpting machinery. In NYC one such clinic is Skinly Aesthetics and its lead practitioner, Dr. Schwarzburg, was kind enough to share with us a bit of industry insight.

One of the biggest reasons why Coolsculpting has reached such levels of fame is because of how versatile it is. It can be used in a variety of areas of the body to produce a wide range of results. You may have heard of a few of these areas, but some are more niche and lesser-known than others.

Stomach Fat Reduction


The stomach is always a great place to start. Fat accumulation here naturally and it’s almost always a given that an individual is going to have layers of fat lining their abdominal area. This is why CoolSculpting for the stomach is so high in demand.

The CoolSculpting applicators will be placed on the designated spots around the stomach where they will produce cold temperatures capable of stimulating the fat cells into entering apoptosis, a process during which the fossils die out one by one. With each fat cell that disappears, the fat lining around the stomach will continue to subside until one day you are left with a lean abdominal area.

Coolsculpting Chin and Neck


Coolsculpting neck and chin treatments have skyrocketed in recent years as a result of more and more people looking for an easy way to get rid of the extra fat in that area of the body. While chin and neck fat may not cause a lot of physical discomfort outside of a little extra sweating, they can look very unattractive in photos and selfies. You can click here to get more information about how CoolSculpting shaves the extra fat off your neck.

Considering how photos and selfies are such a big part of our lives, it can really harm our sense of confidence and our self-image. So, Coolsculpting is used to reduce the fat under the chin and around the neck as safely as possible. The neck and chin are considerably more sensitive than say the stomach, so having a non-invasive treatment is a huge advantage when it comes to reducing fat. And once the fat subsides and you’re left with a smooth jawline, profile, and a single chiseled chin.

Arm Fat Reduction


Believe it or not but there are actually Coolsculpting arms treatments and they are quite useful for a lot of people. You may be perfectly fit and have a well-trained physique, but no matter how much you exercise your arms, the fat just won’t budge. Sure, the muscles are all there, but the fat won’t let you wear those shirts with tighter sleeves that accentuate your biceps and triceps.

It’s quite simple: arm sculpting gives you the opportunity to get the exact results that you’re looking for without having to go in for extra hours at the gym or specialized training programs. Simply ask about Coolsculpting upper arms treatments and watch as the fat gradually reduces revealing the muscles hiding underneath. To find out more about how CoolSculpting can help you slim your upper arms you can contact your local cosmetic surgeon office.

Shaping the Thighs


Ever put on an old pair of pants and feel like your legs are constricted? This is because you have likely gained fat in those areas since the last time you put on those pairs of bottoms. Unfortunately, leg day isn’t the most pleasant exercise routine at the gym. Not to mention how running isn’t something everyone is fond of.

So instead of putting yourself through rigorous exercise programs with few to no results, simply go through a few Coolsculpting sessions and see for yourself just how effective the treatment is. Within the span of 4 to 6 months, you will notice a huge difference in how much leaner your thighs are as you glide into your favorite bottoms and leggings without anything holding you back.

Waist and Hips Contouring


The waist and hips are among the most treated areas on the lower body after the thighs. While thicker thighs can still look somewhat attractive, fat spilling out from above the waistline is hardly ever a good look for anyone. So, this is why waist and hips treatments with Coolsculpting are sought after by many consumers.

Once the fat has subsided and you’re left with a lean waist and hips, you will be free to put on any bottoms you prefer without having to worry about squeezing into them. Fit more comfortably into your clothes and never have to worry about throwing away bottoms simply because you don’t fit into them any longer. The waist and hips contouring procedures will make sure of that.

Back and Bra Chiseling


Back fat removal is quite common as there can be quite a bit of buildup on that surface too. While most people tend to focus on the fat that is found on the front of the body, let’s not forget that the same fat can also find its way onto the back. A common occurrence with women is the back fat bra look, which occurs when the fat droops over the bra straps. This makes it look as if the bra is melting into your body or has fused with it and is not only unattractive to look at, but can also cause a great deal of discomfort.

So, Coolsculpting back fat can help to fix this by eliminating the fat buildup in these areas, allowing the bra to comfortably sit on top of your skin, without sinking into the layers of fat. You’ll be able to wear your bras comfortably, without having to worry about the straps causing those nasty creases and lesions in your skin. And all it takes is a procedure that doesn’t even penetrate the skin.