Why Antique Orthodox Icons Are Worth Collecting – 2024 Guide

Collecting antique Orthodox icons is now pretty much popular. Some people do it because they want to own truly unique works of art that no one else has. Some collect sacred art for a religious purpose. Some buy icons to embrace a hobby that is important to them. There are actually many reasons that motivate people to collect and preserve antique Orthodox icons. Let’s take a closer look at some of them to better understand how amazing this particular kind of art is.

Why do people collect antique Orthodox icons?

1. To join a community

It is not a secret that the community of collectors is diverse. All the members are closely united by a great love for art, passionate beliefs, valuable experience, and firm friendship. They discuss different topics, such as a variety of icon painting styles, the latest discoveries, the history of art, the greatest artists and their works, etc. There is a strong bond between both fellow enthusiasts and trained art experts who are always ready to share their experience.

2. To expand the horizon and build knowledge

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According to the online gallery Russian Icon Collection, religious art helps people see and understand the usual things in unusual ways. In other words, Orthodox icons not only create a special spiritual atmosphere in one’s home and add visual interest but also advance the knowledge of the world and broaden the mind. There is nothing more powerful than knowledge, and you can develop this power through art. However, before starting a collection of antique icons, it is important to learn the meaning and history behind them. Take your time to carry out detailed research, and you will be impressed by so many interesting facts about icon painters and sacred art overall.

3. To preserve the history of religion

Buying antique Orthodox icons means getting closer to the history of religion. Some collectors try to collect artworks with similar backgrounds or those telling similar stories. Some hunt for unique and especially rare pieces. However, the only thing that will make you really proud of your collection is the ability to tell other people an interesting story behind each icon in your possession. Do not be afraid to share your passion with others and tell them about your collection, icon symbolism, and how you managed to get these beautiful pieces.

4. To indulge in a hobby

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The common mistake is to think of antique icons as a profitable investment only. The chances are high that you will be able to sell your pieces for some good money one day, but you still should not treat collecting religious art as work. Instead, indulge in your hobby and buy only works that you really love and admire. Besides, remember that collecting is similar to playing dice. You can do nothing but guess which number you will get. An artwork bought for a few bucks at a flea market may significantly grow in value over time. Start your collection as soon as possible to enjoy seeing it growing both in value and in size.

5. To express emotions

Many artists and icon painters have a close mental connection with the results of their work. The same is with collectors and items they buy. They find direct associations with the art pieces and certain memories, events, and people they want to remember. Thus, as a collector, you can reflect your personality, share your strong beliefs, and express your deepest emotions with your art choices.

6. To adorn your home

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Another reason why people collect antique Orthodox icons and art overall is to adorn their homes. Seeing sacred art every time you return home may evoke deep personal feelings. You can even feel yourself like in a museum or a church due to a highly charged atmosphere. If you are eager to let religious art become an indispensable part of your living space, to start a personal collection is a good choice. Do not be afraid of embracing your passion for art, and let it seep into the soul of your home.

7. To pass a legacy

Most people pass on property and jewelry to their family members. You can make it a step further and pass your amazing collection to your children or grandchildren. Your family will probably appreciate such gifts, as collecting requires a lot of time and energy, not to mention the spiritual and monetary value of your collection.

8. To reveal your personality

One of the most powerful ways to reflect your personality is collecting artworks. Whether you collect abstract paintings by contemporary artists or Orthodox icons painted centuries ago, you express different sides of your personality this way.

9. To preserve antique icons

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No one understands how valuable religious art is better than dedicated collectors. To maintain such a collection in good condition is not always easy, but it is what you should do to preserve these masterpieces of the past for the next generations. This will also help you establish certain relationships and networks in the art world, which will be invaluable in the future.

10. To experience the thrill of the search

The feeling of finding a new piece for your personal collection of antiques cannot be compared with anything else. After hours, days, months, or even years of searching, you finally come across that special work, and this is indeed a unique experience. You will never know until you try, so do not hesitate to start as early as possible.

11. To enjoy the adventure

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Depending on your personality and style, the process of collecting can be either calm and methodical or risky and exciting. There are no strict rules, so follow your instincts. If you have an emotional connection with art, collecting will get your energy pulsing, not to mention that you will make a positive profit margin. Do not be afraid to fall in love with the adventure of acquiring antique religious pieces!

Hopefully, now you will look at collecting antique Orthodox icons with curiosity and an open mind. There is a myriad of opportunities awaiting you!