All There Is to Know About Marijuana Wax

Gone are the days when one could only hope for marijuana to be smoked as a dried flower. Cannabis enthusiasts have a wide array of products to choose from now. With cannabis legalization taking over the world by storm, how many technological advancements have been taken into the field as well. Not just that, there are many ways to infuse cannabis and its by-products like in tea or coffee even. What people are now interested in is marijuana concentrates, like budder, shatter, wax, and more.

Talking about marijuana wax, what is it exactly? Is it different from usual cannabis or is it just the same? How is it produced and what encapsulates the process? The answers are all here. The subtype concentrate is a highly concentrated form of cannabis that is used for dabbing and vaporization. People who have been using marijuana for a long time are always on the lookout for strong, high, and great flavors. These two criteria are met when they use marijuana wax. It has the ability and the potential to give a euphoric high for a long long time.

All of this should not be frightening to those who are new to cannabis concentrates.

It is a way to use the cannabinoids we have and this is just one of the many ways to consume THC. Now, let us dive into the realm of concentrates, specifically wax.

What Is Marijuana Wax?


Wax has high concentrations of many cannabinoids, especially THC ranging from 60%-80%. If you are new to the industry, just know that even the strongest strains do not have more than 30% THC concentration. So, now you have a good sense of how incredibly potent the concentrate is. This means that no matter who you are, you will end up using very little quantities of marijuana concentrates to get a tolerable high. It isn’t just long-term marijuana users who use wax, people with serious medical conditions, in need of strong medical cannabis, use the same too. Patients like these get their recommendation for a medical card from to avail the benefits of medical cannabis.

Cannabis wax closely resembles another concentrate called shatter, and these two can have THC concentrations up to 80%. Where the shatter is translucent and brittle as it shatters like glass, while the other is opaque, cloudy, and can be molded like kneaded dough.

What Does Weed Wax Look Like?

Marijuana concentrates come in all forms, shapes, and appearances; but mostly all of them are amber-golden. Various types of concentrates involve –

  • Hash or honey oil (a gooey substance),
  • Shatter (a hard, solid substance)
  • Wax or butter (soft, lip balm-like substance)

The consistency of wax alone can change a lot, ranging from thick-pasty to hard and crumbly. This depends on the quality of the concentrate one gets, remember good quality wax will be soft and dark golden.

How Is Marijuana Wax Made?


With how it looks and the process involved to make it, people often try to make wax in their homes as a DIY project. We would ask you to refrain from doing the same as there can be severe repercussions if things even go slightly wrong in the process.

Let us see what the actual process involves –

  • Commercial extractors use sophisticated closed-loop equipment.
  • Cannabis buds and trimmings are pushed through tubes and are saturated with butane.
  • Butane separates the trichomes and resin from the bud.
  • After several bouts of heating, condensing, and vacuuming till the sticky resin clumps together and slowly hardens into a pasty substance.

Ways to use marijuana wax?

1. Dabbing with a dab rig

As compared to a regular bud, marijuana concentrate requires more heat to burn evenly and be used effectively to its most potential. Dab rigs are used whose base is heated with a small blowtorch to a specific temperature. To make things easier, there are electronic dab rigs as well that do all the hard work for you.

2. Vaping With a Vape Pen

To those who are curious about what a dab pen high is like, it isn’t all that different rather is more convenient. Wax sure is a powerful vape option, buy vape pens offer a lot of customization to make the session one to remember.

Drop a small dollop of the concentrate into the vaporizer’s heating chamber or onto the heating coils to vape. Turn on the vaporizer, heat to the desired temperature, and inhale the vapor produced within the device.

3. Sprinkling It on a Joint

Wax is versatile as it can be molded and used in many different ways. Just add a smidge in your joint or blunt and enjoy a slow-burning, long-lasting high that packs a punch.



The one glaring advantage we can see of using this particular cannabis concentrate is the high cannabinoid concentration it has. The process that involves making the concentrate has butane in it, and the better the wax the less the taste of butane in the concentrate. All that it will have is a large amount of THC or the specific cannabinoid.

A major benefit of using the concentrate when you smoke it in a dab is that it gets turned to vapor, which is much better for the lungs than regular smoke is. The high you get from a dab is almost immediate, it rises till its peak, plateaus, and then falls. This means that they can be highly effective in dealing with chronic pain relief, including other applications.

If you’re concerned about the potential hallucinogenic effects or other negative side effects of marijuana wax, you can try the CBD variant of the same. Cannabidiol extract, a non-intoxicating cannabis compound, is used to create this substance. It is very clearly going to be effective in tackling ailments like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and a host of other ailments.

Shatter vs Wax

As discussed, the two concentrates have hardly a hair that separates them. The hair being their consistency, shatter is harder and brittle, while the wax is softer and pasty. With that being said, is there any difference in how the two feel? No, dabbing one over the other does not change the high you get or the effects that follow. Some distinguishable features between the two are –

  • Shatter is a little bit harder to make because the molecules have to bond more tightly.
  • Shatter will last longer thanks to its chemical structure.
  • Shatter is harder to handle since it’s so brittle.
  • Wax has more surface area which allows it to degrade faster.
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