Abu Dhabi Wills

Specifically designed for Abu Dhabi residents and accessible to those in other Emirates and beyond the UAE, this legal tool offers a straightforward approach to efficient estate planning. When non-Muslim residents register their Will at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD), they can be confident that their assets are protected, and that the distribution aligns with their specific preferences. The Abu Dhabi Wills are a practical solution for non-Muslims looking for a clear way to protect their assets after they pass away.

How to Get an Abu Dhabi Will: A Simplified Step-by-Step Guide

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Understanding the process of securing your legacy remains paramount. Here’s a more detailed guide to getting an Abu Dhabi Will:

  1. Drafting the Will: Initiate the process by engaging with a knowledgeable lawyer specializing in UAE law. Their expertise becomes a guiding force, steering you through the intricacies of preparing and registering your Will, ensuring meticulous alignment with your wishes.
  1. Review and Confirmation: The importance of reviewing the initial draft cannot be overstated. Taking a thoughtful approach, you can carefully assess the document and, if necessary, request amendments that seamlessly integrate your preferences before finalization, providing an extra layer of assurance.
  1. Arabic Translation: In recognizing the linguistic diversity prevalent in Abu Dhabi, the crafting of Will involves meticulous consideration of both English and Arabic languages. This bilingual approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the document by all parties involved, promoting clarity and avoiding potential misinterpretations.
  1. Registration: The final step takes place at the ADJD, where the official registration of your Will occurs. Remarkably swift, this finalization typically concludes in approximately 30 minutes, underscoring the commitment to an efficient and hassle-free process for securing your legacy.

Why Choose Abu Dhabi Wills?

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The decision to register your Will in Abu Dhabi offers a myriad of benefits, simplifying the intricate landscape of estate planning:

– Ensures Beneficiary Control: By selecting who inherits your assets, you effectively bypass the application of Shariah Law to your estate, providing you with unparalleled control over your legacy.

– Guardianship Nomination: For those with children under the age of 21, the provision to nominate guardians ensures their well-being in your absence, adding an extra layer of security to your estate planning.

– Executor Nomination: The ability to handpick individuals you trust to execute your Will streamlines the post-mortem process, ensuring that your wishes are faithfully carried out.

– Efficient Probate: Entrusting the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department with overseeing the probate process ensures a smooth and efficient execution of your wishes, minimizing any potential delays.

Understanding the Cost: A Transparent Breakdown

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Here’s a deeper look into the breakdown of costs associated with securing your legacy:

  1. Type of Will: Opting for a single will registration comes for around AED 950, while the registration of mirror wills incurs a slightly higher fee of AED 1,900. This fee structure caters to individual needs, allowing flexibility in the estate planning process.
  1. Property Value: The registration fees, which vary from 0.2% to 4%, hinge on the assessed value of your real estate assets. This transparent approach ensures that the cost aligns with the tangible worth of your properties, fostering a fair and equitable fee structure.
  1. Lease Registration: The two distinct systems, Tawtheeq and Tamleeq, each come with varying registration fees based on lease duration. This nuanced approach caters to the diversity in lease agreements, offering tailored solutions for individuals with both short-term and long-term leases.
  1. Mortgages and Charges: The additional fees associated with registering mortgages and charges contribute to the overall cost. This step ensures that any encumbrances on your assets are duly recorded, providing a comprehensive view of your estate.
  1. Zoning and Planning Law Permits: In cases where your property requires special permits, additional fees may apply. This cost factor ensures that the legal requirements associated with specific properties are adequately addressed and recorded.
  1. Environmental Liability: Fees related to environmental considerations may come into play, emphasizing the importance of accounting for any potential environmental impact associated with your assets.
  1. Business Activity: The nature of your business can influence registration costs, adding a layer of complexity to the overall estimation. This recognition ensures that individuals with business interests can account for these nuances in their estate planning budget.

Understanding these factors facilitates an accurate estimation of the total cost, promoting transparency and straightforward planning for your legacy.


In conclusion, Abu Dhabi Wills provides a simple yet highly effective means to safeguard your properties, assets and your legacy. The process is designed to be accessible, with benefits tailored to your specific wishes.

Knowing the cost factors equips individuals with the necessary insights for effective planning, ensuring that your legacy is handled precisely the way you intend.

So, Embrace the simplicity, secure your legacy, and pave the way for a seamless transition of your assets, leaving behind a legacy that reflects your values and priorities.

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