Follow Me Button

You can easily put Instagram's "Follow Me Button" on your Blog or Website.


Copy and Paste to your Website.

* This code is in HTML, so it cannot be used on the Facebook wall or as Instagram comments.

If your blog does not allow the pasting of the iframe code (e.g. wordpress.com),
or if the code above does not work, please try the code below.

Check video instructions!

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Instagram Gallery for your Blog / Website

You can easily put a simple gallery on your blog or website!
Input specific username or hashtag, copy and paste!

* You cannot display a private user's feed.
* Wordpress.com users cannot use this widget because of security reasons.

Choose from the list.

This is the size of each photo display. (20 to 250 pixels)

Horizontal × Vertical(Now we can display max 150 pics only.)

Do you want your widget to be responsive?

Do you want a border?

Adds sharing buttons to each photo in the widget for easy sharing

You can specify the background color. Leave this blank if you want it transparent.

Input a number please. This represents the space between each photo display.

Copy and paste to your Blog / Website

Sample : @websta_me's feed

Check video instructions!

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1. Why are my gallery photos displaying white images?

Photos that are set to private on the Instagram application will not appear in the gallery.

If you are displaying photos from your account, make sure to turn off “Photos Are Private” on the Instagram application.

User page > Settings (top right corner) > Photos Are Private > Select OFF

2. Why don’t the photos on the gallery direct to the photo pages when I click on them?

If a user ticks "Page is Private" on Websta's Settings page, non-logged-in users cannot see the user's profile page, including the photo pages. To direct users to the photo pages on Websta, please untick "Page is Private" on Settings.

3. The iframe coding is not working on my Wordpress blog.

While Blogger/Blogspot and Tumblr accept the iframe coding, Wordpress does not. It will only work if you have installed Wordpress on your server.

If you’re using the Follow Me button, please use the second code as seen on the Tools page: http://websta.me/tools

4. My Instagram Gallery is not working on my Wordpress blog.

Wordpress does not allow the installation of the Instagram Gallery onto their blogs because of security reasons.

5. Why is my hashtag gallery not displaying the same number of photos stated on websta's hashtag page?i

If a user's photos are set to private, they will not show on the hashtag page.

Your gallery therefore will not generate these photos, explaining the difference in number of photos.