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selnurdurdu96_67 Umrumda Değil, İyi Ki Bitti 
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Video Serhat Emre Gündüz
serhatemregndz Kasım Ayında Digital Platform ve Tüm Müzik Marketlerde Olacak Olan ' Şampiyon ' İsimli Albümden Ercüment Karanfil ft. Serhat Emre Gündüz ' Zilli ' Söz & Müzik - Serhat Emre Gündüz @ercumentkaranfil 13min

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Normal Itzel
Normal Sergei Chekalov
The @GF_Daily themes for week commencing 20th - 26th October are as follows:

Wednesday - Wanderlust ("a strong desire to rove or travel") | travel photography

Thursday - Bench
# gfd_bench

Friday - Stairs
# gfd_stairs2

Saturday - Candid Pic
# gfd_candid

Sunday - Things that make you smile (Kids, pets, sports, hobbies)
# gfd_makeyousmile

Please take note of the required additional tags.

...for your photo to qualify for selection of the @gf_daily Photo of the Day.

Recommended Daily Posting Times
10:00-11:00PM SG / PHI
3:00-4:00PM London
10:00-11:00AM EDT / NY

Post new photos only
Reposting of photos is acceptable
No tagging of old posts
Early and late posts are acceptable
No spamming, No nudity
Not more than 3 posts
Your original photos only

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ptvshay I can't drown my demons they know how to swim 7min

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emmaruiz12 Chaque chien a son sens de solidarité mais particulièrement son attachement a l'homme qui deviens indispensable pour l'homme.. C'est mon tout , elle sais quand je me sens mal sa peut paraître impossible a croire mais c'est la vérité c'est ma meilleure amie comme quoi le chien est le meilleur amie de l'homme.
#Dogs #Love #You

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