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X-Pro II Amor
zeyy_the_dinosaur Dear, people that make me Happy : @_anthonyx2 ~ You are just really weird as'f but your one of my Bestfriends always maybe will be & you're funny. We should definitely hang out or something thou like...atleast once lol. @sport__freak ~ Oh my Gawsh....you are so mean to me all the time! But you're still awesome thou & funny sometimes. And i trust with with some things ...hope u domt break that trust. @ii_xbatgirlx_ii ~TWINN!! I love you so much!! [ No/homo ] You always make me laugh & you're awesome & if u ever need a person to talk to I can help. :) @mr.lag_ ~ Aha...you're cool & awkward thouu. I like talking to you lol you are awesomeeee & funny. AND-- My other bestie Dj, idk his newest instagram but if he happens to read this: Dj you are funny awesome & you are like a brother to me & you know some of my secrets & u better keep hush about them too or i will kick ur assss. ANYWAY!! -- You all are amazing and I love you all. ( No homo & as best friends.) 2w

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