Word Invoice Template or Excel Invoice Template – 2024 Guide

If you have started your business and are committed to it to the maximum, then you should know one thing. No matter how successful you are in the business or for a long time already in it, you have to constantly improve.

Thanks to lifelong learning, you can enable yourself to constantly grow your business and thus gain self-confidence and, among other things, more money. For these purposes, in addition to knowledge, you should use other serious tools with which you will create good impressions that are of great professional importance. Technology today offers us a lot of options and applications that can help us.

The Invoice template is a real example of this, it is used equally in Word and Excel. Whatever business you do, you have to dominate one of the most important areas of work, and that is the economy. These templates, which are invoice sheets, are tailored to your business needs, so you get a kind of assistant personality in a quick and easy way.

However, we have already told you that it can be used in both of these programs – the question arises, which is better. In that case, in the following text, we present a comparison of the two, on the basis of which you can conclude which one suit you best.


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It offers you the ability to create documents. Of course, that means quite a large selection when it comes to templates, it’s free and you won’t have any major problems during the process. We mentioned this in the previous part of the text as an opportunity to improve your business with templates, but you can certainly use it for other purposes as well.

If you organize events such as parties, restaurant openings, and even events in the company and the like, you can also use this free option. In any case, you can achieve a perfect job in a very easy way.

Microsoft Word contains over 100 invoices that you can process for a variety of business needs. Also, thanks to Table Tools, you have a large selection of options with which you can complete the template. You can design the space by using some of the options to update the style and other elements.

According to The Bright Academy This is a great thing if you want to create an interesting logo for your company, and on the other hand certain templates have a pre-created space in which you can place the logo.

How to create it in Word?

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Here are a few steps you need to follow to successfully create a template. These are the following steps:

1. You need to open the file first, and then go to the next option – New. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to create an invoice, and you will do that by looking for templates online. When you find it, all you have to do is press Enter and various invoices will appear on your computer screen, from which you should choose one.

2. Now that you have selected one of the options, you need to create it to the end. You will do this by copying and pasting it into Word. All you have to do is click on Create.

3. The next step is to update the data, and you will do this by clicking on the appropriate field and thus entering the data that is required of you and provided for that field.

4. You can also edit the invoice, as we previously told you as an option you have many styles, colors and other effects that you can apply by hovering the mouse over the image and trying out the effect on your template.

5. Finally save this and add a name to the file. If you still have trouble with creating an invoice template, check this.


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The slight advantage of excel is perhaps in its many project management options so we will focus on them as well. With this template, you can discover all the disadvantages, advantages, opportunities, etc. in time. You simply have the space to devise a good strategy that can help you run your business more easily.

Why is it so? Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to objectively see in which direction your business is going, as well as all its elements as a whole, as well as their cooperative action. This is used by many companies to gain insight into external and internal factors.

Many other analyzes are also performed, which, among other things, include checking employees. In the same way, their quality is considered, which can be marked as satisfactory or vice versa. The template can also contain space for comments, for example, whether the company has achieved a certain goal or not, employees or some other important factor for business success.

A slightly more serious option is one that allows you to create a panel through which you can manage projects. This is used by many owners who want to update multiple projects at once. This allows you to have an overview of different information at once, such as tasks, budget, project schedule, etc. Great thing if you are dealing with high level projects.

How to create it in Excel?

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1. Use the Search option located in your window and enter the keyword – invoice. Once you have done that you have started the process of searching for templates. Remember that you must have an internet connection during this part.
2. The next step involves selecting the invoice. You’ll have different suggestions once you’ve typed a keyword into a search engine.
3. When you have chosen the design that is most similar to your company’s brand, the next item is next. It refers to creating a template.
4. You have now done most of the work and you need to edit the selected template based on how you envisioned your project. This includes the following items: logo, various personal data, dates, conditions, etc.
5. The penultimate thing is to save all the data you previously entered. It should be saved as a PDF version that you can forward to your customers.
6. Finally you can finally forward to your customers electronically. Add to all this a short note that will present some of the details that are important.


We hope we’ve helped you better understand all the features of the word invoice template and excel invoice template. No matter which one you choose, know that using them can make it much easier for you to run a business and save time.