Why You Still Need a Home Phone

A home phone is a centerpiece without which no household is complete. It offers a unique value of its own – one that almost verges on nostalgia. Though high-tech smartphones have come to rule the modern-day world, people still cling to their landlines because of their numerous benefits, like unbeatable call quality and instant response in emergencies. Home phones are reliable, affordable, and incredibly easy to use.

So, if you’re planning on chucking out your landline in favor of wireless mechanisms like touchscreen mobiles, then think again! The following reasons will convince you to keep your home phone intact and ideally placed in your living room.

Goes Easy on the Pocket

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As thrifty consumers, we always want more for less. That’s exactly what home phones deliver. When you subscribe to a home phone plan with a cable, DSL, or fiber-optic company, you only have to pay around $30 on average per month. Whereas, signing up for cellular plans with mobile carriers requires a payment of around $60 or so per month. That’s double the rate!

So, people who get home phones land a much better deal. Some landline providers even dial down the cost of home phone services in bundles, while offering incredible perks at the same time. Click for more info in that regard and find the perfect bundle for your home. Thus, we can say that home phones go easy on the pocket, which comes as a relief for people suffering in the economically turbulent times of today.

Brings Tons of Calling Features

Most of the home phone plans include tons of calling features, which spell convenience for the users. Can’t talk because you’re running an errand? Let Voicemail record messages for you from incoming callers. Want to identify who’s ringing you up so late in the night? Activate Caller ID to get the caller’s name and number.

Tired of picking up calls from telemarketers and annoying strangers? Set up the Call Block feature to automatically reject unwanted calls with an automated message. Got a juicy story up your sleeve that you absolutely have to share with your two best friends? Make a group call with the 3-Way Calling feature. So on and so forth. Thus, calling features help you manage your landline calls efficiently and are a logical reason why you should hold on to your home phone.

Offers Unlimited Dialing

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Talking to your friends and family becomes a breeze with a home phone. Typically, an average landline plan enables you to make unlimited local and long-distance calls in the U.S. and surrounding territories with no caps on the number of times you connect a call. This means that you can dial your social circles across America, Canada, Mexico, Guam, Puerto Rico, Colombia, the Virgin Islands, and other regions, and chat for hours without having to worry about per-minute costs.

Home phone providers also give you affordable international calling rates, thus, allowing you to stay in touch regardless of space-time restrictions.

Delivers Fuzz-Free Audio

Unlike cell phones that transmit calling data over the air in the form of radio waves, a home phone utilizes copper or fiber optic cabling to send audio data back and forth between the callers. This wired connectivity gives home phones a natural advantage over mobiles since data retains its shape, speed, and consistency much better through wires in contract to wireless transmissions.
What does this entail? That you can enjoy a holistic and stable call quality with crystal-clear audio when you dial from a landline. Plus, you don’t have to worry about losing reception either, even if your calls are going international. This fuzz-free audio quality and spotless reception are the primary attributes of home phones, which you won’t find elsewhere.

Alerts Authorities Instantly

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Emergencies can happen at any time and to anyone. When they do, there’s not a single second to spare. For instance, someone in your home may have a seizure all of a sudden, or you may catch a burglar breaking in through the second-story window, or there may be a power outage in your area due to an incoming storm. What should you do in such cases? Dial 911 from your phone immediately and alert the authorities, so help can reach you faster than ever.

Calling from a cell phone with a GPS will only give a generic location to emergency responders. Plus, cell phones carry a battery-runout risk. Whereas, if you contact 911 from a home phone with an affiliated address of your residence, the authorities will be able to track your exact position and arrive before the circumstances take a turn for the worst. Landlines also have backup batteries just in case, which makes them ideal communication tools in crises.

Protects From Hackers

Millions of smartphones and cellular devices are hacked each year, leading to a breach of data and loss of valuable information. Hackers break into a web-connected smartphone through any window of opportunity that they can find, and once they’re in, they track all sorts of communication which is done through the host device.

Fortunately, home phones reduce the risk of interception from possible hackers and keep your communication private and confidential. Unless a hacker actually invades your home and plants a tracking chip on your landline, you can expel this worry from your mind and call without fearing for the safety of your data.

Provides Universal Usability

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Landlines are great devices for teaching your kids some phone manners. They are easy to operate and allow kids to communicate effectively through them. Not only that, but the older adults also find landlines familiar and simple to use.

If you hand your grandparents a smartphone, they might not be able to figure out its complex interface and features. Whereas, they would easily be able to make calls and stay connected with family through home phones. This universal usability is one of the reasons why you should still own a home phone in an age of smart technology.

The Bottom Line

Looking from an aerial viewpoint, home phones may seem outdated. Yet, despite everything, they offer a unique value to every modern home. Not only are landlines affordable, replete with features, excellent in emergencies, and user-friendly, but they also deliver a superior call quality and unlimited calling facility, which is hard to beat.

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