Why Neon Signs are More Expensive than LED Signs

Today it is very important to take care of several things when it comes to business. Above all, it is important for the company to try to create its own recognizable brand that will be recognized by users and will be their favorite choice whenever they think of such a product or service. Then it is important for a company to be visible when it will be part of a market, i.e. to be perceived at the right time as an option for which the buyer or user can decide, and at the very end it is necessary to offer what the buyer is looking for, and it is a product that will satisfy his quality requirements and satisfy the wishes and needs of the buyer.

In order for the company to achieve all this, it is necessary to have a specific course of activities and a specific plan according to which it would be guided. First of all, she must be sure that she has what she has to offer and is ready to offer whatever is required in the market. With that, he will secure his place. Then it is important to work on your brand, which is also important to be strong, and how to build a strong brand? Through promotion and marketing, where literally everything comes in, even LED ads, and especially Neon Signs for which you can find more about, are important in reaching a high level of branding. Recently, a growing number of companies have decided to include Neon Signs in their brand presentation, but most of them have realized that it is something different from LED Signs, which is perhaps a more expensive option.

However, companies still invest in Neon Signs for one very strong reason, which is that Neon Signs are the ones that are recognizable and will remain noticeable to the users of the products and services. We can see them in a number of business facilities, a number of cafes, restaurants, and shops, all of which says that they may be the best choice for businesses to maintain their symbolism and strengthen branding. And in terms of whether they are more expensive or cheaper, we are talking today when we bring you much more information regarding the use of Neon Signs in business presentations over LED Signs. Are you ready to learn a lot more? In that case, we can begin.

Are Neon Signs really more expensive than LED Signs?

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There are certain sayings that there is a difference in whether you opt for Neon Signs or LED Signs, and that the difference is not the least the price. Perhaps there is a certain difference, and that difference can be found in how much electricity the Neon Signs consume, which are brighter and give a different image and a different representation, before the LED Signs, which are a more economical version. But the good thing is that LED Signs don’t last that long and it will be necessary to change them more often, and Neon Signs last a longer period, so for that reason, it is better to choose the first variant that is presented as more expensive, but in fact it is not is too expensive.

Despite the difference between them, the choice falls on the NEON variant

Although we have already pointed out that there is a certain difference, companies are opting for this variant. They opt for this version because to them it looks more striking, looks appealing to the eye, and perhaps would capture the brand best if a decision is made to put up a well-made sign or a well-made advertisement for the brand/company using Neon Signs. Therefore, if you also want to stand out from the competition and be really seen by users, we think that Neon Signs are the best option for you.

The diversity in the concept offers diversity in the presentation of the company and the brand with which it is presented

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These lights, as we said above, offer a variety that LED Signs do not. The LED variant can only offer you good lighting, i.e. a good placement of the light if you have a completely ready advertisement made of Plexiglas or some other material, but not to give a different concept that will better capture the brand to the buyers and users. The other variant, which is presented as more expensive, but is actually not so expensive, offers a difference in the concept that helps to better present the company and present it as unique and different from others, thus strengthening the image of the brand.

Visibility is much better than the aspect of Neon Signs

If you want the brand to be seen and perceived, then this version, which is presented as more expensive, but actually does not make a big difference, is better. Why is that? This is because Neon Signs offer visibility, that is, they offer potential users, but also those existing users of your brand, to remember you by this lighting when they see your sign. As we all know, these lights are very bright and can be made in various interesting variants, so with the help of that, you can achieve the effect of recognition that companies are fighting for.

A large number of businesses are remembered in the minds of buyers and consumers precisely because of the NEON ads they used.

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And yes, the most important thing is that these advertisements and lightings offered by this concept are responsible for the recognition and easy recall among buyers for certain brands. With the help of this concept, a large number of companies managed to reach users and consumers, embed themselves in their memory, and therefore be the best choice when choosing a service or product. Although they are presented as an expensive option, they are not, because apart from paying money for setup, you are also paying for the recognition you will get in the future.

In front of you is a detailed presentation of the LED and NEON lighting concept, so you can see that first of all the difference is not too big, the difference is in energy consumption (and according to some people this means a more expensive version), but you can also see that there are many advantages, so if you are already in doubt, we recommend you to choose NEON lighting, which will bring you a large number of advantages and benefits for what you will pay.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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