What Will Happen to Your Money if Bitcoin Crashes?

In the last few years, we can often hear that the time of digital gold is yet to come. Of course, we are talking about cryptocurrencies that have become one of the most common ways to invest today. Although there are a large number of them (over a thousand different ones), one is especially popular. Of course, it’s about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created in 2008. It was created by a group of people behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. At the time she was released, she didn’t give much hope because she was almost worthless, $ 0.03. Although many did not believe that they would achieve the success and value they have today, it happened very quickly. Although the cryptocurrency market is volatile and subject to frequent changes in currency values, Bitcoin is still successfully held on the throne of the most valuable and popular. In addition to the many ups and downs it has had, the value of this cryptocurrency today is $ 44,133.20.

We define the price as the ratio of supply and demand, so the price of each cryptocurrency depends on how much someone is willing to pay for a cryptocurrency, or for what price someone is willing to sell it. Places where it is possible to find supply and demand for cryptocurrencies are cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges have multiple users who place orders that are like orders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

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The difference between a cryptocurrency transaction and a credit/debit card transaction is that cryptocurrencies allow the holder to send exactly what he wants to the merchant or recipient without any additional information. The use of cryptocurrencies does not require names, but only a digital tag wallet, therefore there are no third parties involved in the transaction. All this is possible because digital currencies are decentralized, which means that there are no central authorities (Government, bank).

Bitcoin can be obtained through a process known as “mining”. Mining means solving complicated mathematical algorithms. The mining process is not simple, because, in addition to excellent knowledge of the technology and principles on which bitcoin is based, it also requires certain technical conditions, which are the possession of a graphics card and a computer of a certain strength. All this causes a large consumption of electricity, and many prefer to opt for another, faster option for earning, and that is trading.

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As with gold stocks, for example, the value of a cryptocurrency is determined by purchases and demand. We can buy bitcoins online on the Internet, through people who sell bitcoins, using bitcoin ATMs, through stock exchanges, mining, reviewing certain ads, through donations, selling various things online for bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency trading is done through platforms. Many of them also have their own mobile applications, which facilitates access. The operation of these applications is based on artificial intelligence, which allows the user to monitor market conditions and record even the slightest changes even when you are not using the application. Of course, one should always be careful, because where there is money – there are many scams. Carefully choose the platform to which you will give your trust and money. You can learn more if you visit https://bitcoin-loophole.live/.

One of the main questions that haunt current and future investors is how to know that money invested in this way will not fail? It is impossible to give a concrete answer to this question, but one thing is for sure – who does not take risks, does not profit. Investors who took risks and invested in bitcoin achieved great yields. The first big investors, who are grateful for the rapid and great rise in prices of millionaires created the name “bitcoin millionaires”. The advantage of cryptocurrencies over traditional currencies is the limited supply, which makes them more protected from inflation. In the case of cryptocurrencies, there is no monetary monopoly and power of the state as is the case in classic currencies. The state voluntarily determines the supply of the classic currency, creates the conditions for the emergence of inflation, and can take money from the owner and use it for their own needs.

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We are all used to keeping our money in our wallets. There should be nothing different when it comes to digital money. There are several types of digital wallets, and the main division is hot and cold. Hot wallets are desktop, mobile, and online wallets that allow easy access, but also hackers. Therefore, many opt for a hardware wallet that is more expensive but more secure because it does not require internet access. This should definitely be seen as a smart investment.

Yet little in the world is perfect, so neither are cryptocurrencies. They are not a generally accepted medium of exchange because they do not fulfill the basic functions of money. In addition, they are extremely volatile, which means that their value can change even a few times a day. Due to anonymity, they were widely used in drug trafficking, human trafficking, to pay for murders, and other crimes.

Final thoughts

What we can certainly conclude is that cryptocurrencies are gaining in importance every day and more and more business organizations are deciding to use cryptocurrencies in everyday business, ie. payment of certain business transactions. In the period ahead, there will be a significant expansion of the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday business, which will greatly accelerate the flow of money through global and global money flows.

Bitcoin has certainly made a revolution in the digital world, and despite what financial advisers say, it will not disappear so easily. Despite being a relative novelty, a large amount of money is circulated through bitcoin coins and we can only assume that it will only be used more and more. What is certain is that sometime in the future, cash payments will cease to exist. Whether they will be replaced by bitcoin or some other form of digital payment, we cannot know.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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