What New Crypto Coins Are Coming Out In 2024?

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and every potential investor knows that. But an investor also knows that the investment portfolio should be diverse in order to sustain well and protect your wealth. Apart from Bitcoin and etherium there are many other cryptocurrencies in the market that are backed by reliant communities. In 2024, a number of cryptocurrencies are coming out that should be chosen as a good investment. This article we will be talking about the new cryptocurrencies in the market that can be invested in to gain big in the future.

Lucky Block

Lucky block was introduced in January 2024 as a cryptocurrency. This is clearly a cryptocurrency which is attracting investor interest with each passing second. It is also the first alt coin in the list to reach a market cap of 1 billion US dollars. The community is strong with more than 40000 investors currently active on the transaction platforms. This is a fairly new coin and the platform is still being developed for better transparency.


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This particular crypto coin operates on the ethereum blockchain and is slowly gaining popularity. Users can gain the crypto coins through the matters with factors in as a unique selling point. LAND and MANA are the two tokens in Decentraland. It is backed by a strong community of businesses and industrialists as well as content creators. There are numerous ways to know more about new additions to the crypto market. One of them includes checking out okx.com.


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Avalanche is taking the market by storm and is present in many active wallets. In the coming time, this particular cryptocurrency can give a strong competition to the ethereum blockchain. This is a custom blockchain which is going through significant upgrades to maximize the transaction output.

The developers have designed an architecture which allows the platform to handle about 6500 transactions per second without a hitch. The X Chain, P Chain and C Chain are the three blockchains which operate on this platform.


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SafeMoon Protocol is a decentralized finance token which offers multiple functions for the convenience of the users. These functions include LP acquisition, reflection and burn. It has an auto-liquidity generating protocol which is rare to see in new cryptocurrencies. It is currently under development to upgrade it to include NFT exchange. It can have applications as educational apps and for charity projects.

King Cardano

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ADA is the token of this new cryptocurrency which promises extremely high yields ranging up to 9%. KADA tokens can be held by investors in order to boost their profit. Anyone wanting to invest for the long hall can choose King Cardano can hold it in their crypto wallets. The unique factor with this cryptocurrency is that some of it is burnt with every transaction. 3% of every transaction is burnt after getting reintroduced in the crypto market.


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The Bitgert chain is creating a healthy blockchain ecosystem with multiple investors currently interested in the coin. It is a secure blockchain with fast transactions and low fees. Lo charge factor is extremely important because transaction fees take away a chunk of crypto during each transaction.

With Bitgert, there are no transaction fees deducted from the investors and it can support a high speed of 100,000 transactions per second. It can be easily said to be the fastest growing blockchain ecosystem. Some projects with which it is associated include NFTs and decentralized finance.


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This platform is specifically for investors who are seeking a source of passive income through cryptocurrency. Each member of this community is called a Binamer. This is a platform which functions on the metaurse with digital games. The gaming function improves participation by multiple investors.


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X2Y2 was launched in February of 2024. This is a decentralized NFT marketplace which is slowly becoming popular among investors across the world. Connectivity with multiple wallets is easy without any hassle. Not all cryptocurrencies offer connection to multiple wallets at once. The cryptocurrency market is still volatile but there is some stability going to the oldest trading platform called OpenSea.

SeeSaw Protocol

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The key factor of this new addition is enhancing security of transactions to keep the digital assets of all the investors safe. Hacking and security breaches are pretty common with cryptocurrencies and there is always a risk factor associated with transactions. However, this particular protocol is created to offer the community a safe platform to interact on. The blocks and technology is a graded in such a way that it creates a platform which cannot be tampered with by any third party.


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This is the last cryptocurrency of 2024 which is worth looking into. The unique selling point of Kasta is that all the transactions can be made instantly and without any extra surcharge. Additionally, this cryptocurrency relies on QR code to make transactions more easy. The token is KASTA.

What to Look Forward To?

The crypto market, in general, is very volatile which is why any new edition is taken with a sense of skepticism. Each of the poems mentioned in this article have their own communities. The advantages and features of each coin are different which works well for any investor wanting to diversify their portfolio. Looking into market trends and possible yields is highly recommended before making any investment. All of these crypto coins are on a strong footing and can offer games to investors willing to hold their wallets for a while.

The Takeaway

All the cryptocurrency coins apart from Bitcoin are called altcoins. We have mentioned 10 old coins in this article all of which have dedicated investor communities already. Many of them are under continuous upgrades from developers to function better and offer multiple applications. Digital assets are no longer just made for the internet and can translate to wealth in the real world. Even with the use of metaverse crypto coins like LAND and MANA, one can easily build a strong position.

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