What Kinds of Discounts Can You Get at ShopRite?

ShopRite is one of the largest and longest-running supermarket chains in the United States, with over 300 locations in six states. The now-gigantic retailer began as a small gathering of local grocers in New Jersey, who didn’t want to overpay for wholesale goods.

Nowadays, ShopRite is known for low prices and great discounts, providing a wide variety of products from basic groceries to the delicatessen, and even offering a pharmacy service. There are many opportunities for additional savings at ShopRite – you just need to know how to look for them.

Follow these tips to always make sure you get the best discounts at ShopRite:

Before you start saving: joining the Price Plus Club at ShopRite

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As is common with many supermarket chains, ShopRite features a loyalty program that offers members additional opportunities for saving money. From digital coupons to exclusive deals, Price Plus Club has a range of benefits no matter what you’re shopping for or how often. Joining the program is free and takes less than a minute using an online form available on ShopRite’s website.

After submitting the form, you’ll have to wait for your card to arrive by mail – but that doesn’t mean you can’t start reaping the benefits of joining the Price Plus Club immediately. You don’t actually need your card with you at the store to receive discounts, as all you need to do is enter your phone number at the checkout.

Keep an eye on the weekly ads and price tags at each store to keep up with all the discounts – or simply, for the latest ads and hottest deals available right from your device, go to https://us.promotons.com/retailers/shoprite.

Frequently check for new digital coupons

Now that you have your Price Plus Club membership, you can start really saving money on shopping at ShopRite. The company’s Digital Coupon Center features a range of coupons available only for members, so make sure to check it out before you plan your shopping list.

These coupons can be easily added to your Price Plus Club card, but you’ll have to activate them first for the appropriate amount to subtract from your total amount. You can do that at any time with your phone using the retailer’s app, available for most popular devices.

With the digital coupons, you can often find special discounts on pricey items that would normally be way outside your budget – don’t forget to check both the coupon centre and the weekly circulars often.

Look for prices ending with the number “7”

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This is a practice used by most retailers in the United States – the final number of the price often provides additional meaning, like a store-specific discount, which is done for convenience’s sake.

At ShopRite, the number “7” at the end means that this is an unadvertised deal, assigned by the specific store’s manager. Be on the lookout for these when shopping, and, if possible, try to check out a couple of different locations – you might just find an extraordinary deal that’s not listed anywhere else.

Make the most out of Double Coupons

In case you didn’t know, coupons that are under $1.00 are doubled at ShopRite – this usually means that if you have a coupon for $0.99, you’ll end up subtracting $1.98 from your bill.

However, this trick doesn’t work the same at each ShopRite location. ShopRite isn’t a single entity per se, but a collection of cooperative retailers that sell under a single brand. ShopRite actually consists of 51 individually owned members, some of which are not so generous when it comes to doubling your coupons.

Some stores (especially in New York) double the coupons only to a maximum of $1.00, which is still a good opportunity, but if you can – try to find a ShopRite location that fully doubles the coupon.

Combine store coupons with digital coupons

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Both store-specific coupons and manufacturer’s coupons found at the Digital Coupon Center are great options for saving money – but did you know you can combine some of them for an even better price?

That’s right, some ShopRite coupons can be stacked to lower your final price even more. The coupons you find at the coupon centre are manufacturer’s coupons, which can be stacked with Super Coupons, which in turn are sent individually by each ShopRite store. These will vary greatly from location to location, but if you can find some that stack together with the digital ones, you might end up saving a lot more than you thought you could!

Do your shopping online with all your coupons included

ShopRite recently started an online shopping and delivery program called Shop from Home. The program is still developing and not every location offers online shopping, but new stores are frequently added to the Shop from Home program so make sure you check from time to time.

Having your groceries delivered to you starts at just $3.99 in most locations, but the final price may vary depending on where you’re shopping from and your order details. The Shop from Home program features many exclusive promotions, so make sure you also check the online service often. Most promotions require you to have a minimum of $50’s worth of items in your cart, but they’re almost always worth it.

Watch ads for additional discounts

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ShopRite offers a Downtime Dollars program, which rewards you with small discounts each time you watch an advertisement. You’ll also have to answer a couple of questions about the ad you watched, but it shouldn’t take too long. These advertisements are all priced differently, usually granting you around $0.20 each.

After you reach at least $1, you can transfer the whole amount to your Price Plus Card to use whenever you want to reduce your total bill.

Taking all the discounts and deals into consideration, it’s easily possible to keep your weekly food spending for a family of 4 under $100 a week – remember these tips and be a smart shopper. You’ll see how much of a difference it makes when summing up your next home budget.

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