What Dog Snacks Are High On Vitamins?

“Superfood” is a term you’ll hear a lot when talking about healthy diets. And while we all know that superfoods are great for humans, did you know that there are superfoods for dogs as well?

These foods are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that are great for your dog’s health and could be awesome snacks to feed them that are tasty and also promote good health. While there are tons of great healthy snacks for dogs, it can be hard to figure out which ones are actually beneficial, and which aren’t.

If you’re a paw parent looking for new snacks that are high in vitamins to add to your dog’s diet, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we take a close look at a couple of different “superfoods” for dogs that are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

On top of that, most dogs absolutely love these treats, and you might already have some of them in your kitchen! So, read on to learn more.

5 Great Vitamin-Filled Snacks for Your Dog

Here are five great natural snacks you can give your dog that is packed with vitamins and other nutrients that can support their health.

1. Pumpkin

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When we approach the latter end of the year, many of us are bombarded with pumpkin recipes left and right. There are pumpkin spice drinks, pumpkin pies, and a bunch of other foods that contain pumpkin-based ingredients. But did you know that if you have some spare pumpkin leftovers, you can feed them to your dog?

Pumpkin is one of the most popular natural treats out there for dogs. The vegetable has vitamins A, C, and E, all of which are great for your dog’s health. On top of that, cooked pumpkin or pumpkin puree is something many dogs love to munch on. Pumpkin also has tons of fiber which make it great for your dog’s digestive health as well!

While some dogs enjoy raw pumpkin, for the best results you can cook it and turn it into a puree, so it mixes easier with your dog’s food! For more information about feeding your dog pumpkin, you can check out this article about it here: whatthepup.spotandtango.com/can-dogs-eat-pumpkin/.

2. Kale

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Kale is a very popular vegetable in this day and age. It’s the star of many different human diets out there because of all its health benefits. But what most people don’t know is that these benefits can also extend all the way to your dog.

The primary vitamins in kale are A, C, and E. These are all essential to a dog’s health and can promote a healthy coat. Another advantage of kale is that it’s packed with different antioxidants that are great for your dog’s immune system and also promote liver health. However, if your dog has kidney stones or bladder issues, make sure to consult your vet before feeding them kale, as these foods may need to be avoided.

3. Carrots

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As children, we were usually taught to keep carrots as a part of our diet because it promotes good eyesight. And if you feed carrots to dogs, your pet might actually find it to be their favorite snack. Carrots have a natural sweetness to them, which is why dogs tend to like munching on carrots as a snack.

Carrots are packed with vitamins C and K, which promote blood clotting, which make it easier for their wounds to heal. On top of that, it’s packed with different B vitamins, which are crucial in promoting good eyesight and overall optical health in dogs and humans alike.

4. Blueberries

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For most humans, blueberries are the ultimate superfood. They taste great, are easy to eat and digest, and are also packed with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that make them very healthy snacks. And on top of that, you can even feed blueberries to dogs and reap the same potential health benefits. For starters, blueberries have vitamins E and C, which are great for dogs and promote good overall health.

But on top of that, blueberries also have manganese, fiber, and potent antioxidants which give them their signature blue color. Since they have a fair amount of sugar, it’s best to feed your dogs blueberries in moderation, sticking to a couple every week. Feeding your dogs too much sugar can lead to some significant issues down the line. So, when it comes to sweet fruits and snacks, make sure not to feed them too much.

5. Anchovies and Sardines

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While most people associate fish snacks with cats, anchovies and sardines are great snacks for dogs! Anchovies and sardines have tons of vitamins in them including B12, D, and E, which offer tons of great health benefits. On top of that, they have omega-3 fatty acids which promote heart, brain, and joint health while also helping the dogs develop a healthy coat and skin.

However, if you’re looking to feed anchovies and sardines to your dogs, there are a couple of things to remember. For one, look for wild-caught sardines as these tend to be healthier than farmed fish. Additionally, you have to make sure to get options that are in water and not oil with no added salt. Salt and oil can be very unhealthy for dogs and could lead to obesity and other problems.

What are Dog Superfoods?

Dog superfoods are just like human ones. These are foods and snacks that are packed with different antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that can promote good health. Usually, these foods are easy to eat and digest and depending on your location, could be readily available at any grocery store.


While all of these foods are good ideas for your dogs, you have to make sure that your dog likes eating them first. So, when introducing the foods to their diet, start slow and observe how they react. And if you’re feeling wary about adding something new to your pet’s diet, we highly recommend consulting your dog’s vet first.

If ever you notice an adverse reaction to these foods, stop feeding it to them immediately, observe your dog, and contact your vet as soon as possible.

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