Top 10 Weirdest and Strangest Cars Ever Invented – 2024 Guide

Buying a car is never an easy decision, and there are many things you should consider before you make a final decision. Luckily, today the automotive industry has a big offer, and everyone can find a perfect fit. During the pandemic, the safest way to explore is via specialized websites such as You can find much handy information on this site, without leaving your home. And if you are interested in some intriguing and almost bizarre cars that look almost like imagination, here is the list of ten of them:

1. Peel P50

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Peel P50 is still holding a record for the smallest car in the world. It has only three wheels, one headlight, and one door, and it can carry only one person with a small bag. You cannot buy this car easily since there are only 27 of them still existing out of 50 from the original production. It may not be a practical vehicle regarding the fact that it doesn’t have a backward gear, so you need to reverse the car manually, and there is no space for many things, but it is surely different than any others.

2. Messerschmitt KR200

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When the airplane designer decides to design the car, you can be sure that that car will be something different. One of those cars is Messerschmitt KR200. It is a microcar with three wheels and only 500 pounds of weight, but the fascinating thing is the way you drive it. There is no driving wheel in this vehicle, so instead of that, you have a huge bar. It is probably much more complicated to ride since no one is used to it, but it must be a great experience.

3. Stout Scarab

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When another airplane designer designs a car that is not micro, you get the airplane on the road. Inspired by the luxury of traveling by plane, this car has enough space for passengers to have a meal during the ride. It has an aluminum exterior, and at first glance, it looks like a plane without wings. The price was a big problem, and because of that, there are only a few of these cars.

4. Amphicar Model 770

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Imagine having a real transformer in your garage, and you can turn it into a boat whenever you want. Well, this is possible. The Amphicar Model 770 has two mighty reversible propellers, and its weight is about 2.5 tones, so it easily floats on the water. It may look like a car from the future, but the fact is that this car is from the ’50s. The transmission on this car is manual with four speeds.

5. Oeuf electrique

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Speaking about vehicles from the future, we can’t forget Oeuf Electrique. This microcar is from 1942, and the most intriguing thing is that it is not using gasoline, but electric batteries. The other interesting thing is the exterior material. The designers were using aluminum and Plexiglas, which wasn’t that usual at that time. Today electric cars are something natural and typical, but at that time, it was something from the future. Even the bubble look was futuristic.

6. Buick Centurion

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Having a backup camera is something usual today, but in the recent past, it wasn’t. You can think that your grandfather is making things up if he tells you that the backup camera is from 1956, but you should trust him. Buick Centurion was the first car with this gadget, although it was different than those nowadays. The panorama roof is another cool thing about this vehicle since the whole upper part is transparent.

7. General Motors Firebird

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If your biggest wish is to be a pilot, but you are afraid of heights, don’t worry, there is a solution for that. General Motors Firebird looks more like a plane than like a car. The coolest thing is that this vehicle has little wings and bubble canopies, but also the tail fins. Driving this car is also a full experience since there is no driving wheel, and instead of that, you will find a joystick for steering. Firebird has space for two people.

8. Colim Caravan

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Colim Caravan is the perfect solution for people who adore camping but don’t want to drive a big camper all the time. You can disconnect the driving part from the part from leaving, and leave the bigger one on a parking lot while you are driving around and exploring the towns in a much practical way.

9. DMC DeLorean

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You don’t need to be a great car lover, but if you are a movie fan, you will recognize this car. In “Back to the future” movie, this vehicle is a time machine, and it was perfect for the film because of its beautiful design, but mostly the gullwing doors. Those doors may not be practical while you are parking, but they are definitely something that everybody will notice.

10. Sunswift eVe

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If you are a nature lover, and you care a lot about pollution, this may be a perfect fit for you. Sunswift eVe is using solar power instead of electric or gasoline, and the great thing is that you can reach up to 310 miles with one recharge. The design is marvelous, and it looks like a real sports vehicle, and the solar panels are on the roof, which seems nicely fitted. Besides, that car is excellent for the environment, it is also perfect for your budget since the sun is free for everybody.

Many of those machines are very rare and expensive, but it is normal regarding their strangeness. Also, this list is not long enough to mention every bizarre car in this world, but it is enough to make you more interested in it. Since many of them are from the past, but still futuristic at that time, it is intriguing to see what the future is bringing to us. Maybe future vehicles will be even more strange, weird, and bizarre. All we can do is to wait and see.