The Science Behind Nourishmax Vitamin C Serum’s 99% Natural Composition

The virtues of vitamin C for beauty have long been lauded: this super antioxidant can lighten skin, fight free radicals, and remove pigmentation like no other. So it’s reasonable to assume that a lot of us might profit from including one of the top vitamin C serums, creams, or specialized therapies in our daily regimens.

And the hottest phrase in beauty has not gone ignored; a staggering number of new vitamin-powered products are appearing on store shelves. However, taking use of vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) requires more effort than just applying a serum and hoping for your glow to return. Here, we explain how to fully use its tremendous potential as well as the top vitamin C skincare products, from serums to powders, for the task.

How does vitamin C function? What is it?


The main antioxidant in human skin is vitamin C, which is a necessary component for optimal health. It is necessary for a variety of body processes, including the synthesis of collagen, which is an essential part of many of our tissues, including the corneas of our eyes, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, as well as skin. We must receive vitamin C from outside sources since it is water soluble and cannot be retained by the body. Two common ways to do this are via food and topical products.

Additionally, because of its “photoprotective, antioxidative, anti-pigmentary, and general anti-aging actions, vitamin C offers particular advantages for the skin. One of the major advantages of vitamin C supplements is its ability to increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin while also minimizing collagen damage in the dermis of the skin. The outcome? skin that is more robust, firm, and smooth. Another potent anti-pollution substance is vitamin C.

Being a strong antioxidant, it has the ability to counteract free radicals produced by UV radiation, pollution, blue light, and other elements of everyday life. Finally, vitamin C may aid in the fading and prevention of hyperpigmentation, or dark patches. Through its function as a tyrosinase inhibitor, it lowers melanin formation, whitening skin and prevents oxidation of pre-existing pigmentation so it doesn’t get darker.

What kinds of skin should try vitamin C?

The greatest candidates for vitamin C skincare are non-sensitive skin types with a robust skin barrier. In reality, this outstanding component should be used by everyone who wants to lighten skin, avoid wrinkles, or reduce pigmentation. Care should be taken with sensitive skin and skin barriers that are brittle, with problems possibly occurring with eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, and dry skin. If you experience any of these, we always advise doing a patch test. It’s advisable to initially use additional products to fortify your skin barrier. This is because the majority of topical medications have a pH of only two, which is very acidic and may lead to eczema and acne flare-ups.

Is vitamin C a reliable substance?

Because vitamin C is a famously fragile substance, its effectiveness may be readily diminished by heat, light, and air. To be sure you’re receiving a strong mixture with longevity, it pays to look a bit closer at formulations and packaging. The skin doesn’t absorb vitamin C the best of all the ingredients. Since it dissolves in water, our skin’s barrier, which is waterproof, repels it. It only penetrates the skin when the formula’s pH is below four. Thankfully, a variety of firms have developed creative formulas and cutting-edge packaging to overcome vitamin C’s stability and absorption problems. This keeps the active ingredients alive until they contact your skin. We advise searching for items that are airtight, opaque, and contain ascorbic acid, which is the name for the chemically active form of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is sometimes referred to as L-ascorbic acid.

NourishMax Vitamin C Serum’s 99% Natural Composition


Beauty editors have praised NourishMax Vitamin C Serum for its exceptional formulation, which has astounding 99% natural components. Due to its strong combination of essential ingredients that combine harmoniously to provide excellent effects, this water-light solution is well-regarded in the skincare industry. L-ascorbic acid, a pure and stable form of vitamin C recognized for its multiple skin benefits, is the key ingredient in this serum. NourishMax guarantees that the skin receives the ideal dosage of this potent antioxidant thanks to its 15% concentration. Vitamin C is essential for lightening and balancing skin tone as well as scavenging free radicals that cause premature aging. NourishMax includes relaxing vitamin E in its composition to complement the vitamin C concentration. In addition to vitamin C, vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that works to combat damaging free radicals and defend against environmental stresses. Together, these two vitamins support general skin health while offering improved defense against oxidative damage.

Another notable component of NourishMax Vitamin C Serum is ferulic acid. When mixed with antioxidants like vitamins C and E, ferulic acid, which has stabilizing characteristics, helps to increase their potency and prolongs their stability on the skin. This combination develops a strong defensive mechanism against photoaging brought on by exposure to sunlight and other outside aggressors. NourishMax stands out for its outstanding effectiveness in treating pigmentation problems, particularly in darker skin tones. In conjunction with additional components like ferulic acid and vitamin E, this serum’s high concentration of l-ascorbic acid helps lighten hyperpigmentation brought on by things like sun spots or melasma, a disorder that causes dark areas on the skin. Phloretin is added to the mix of NourishMax’s Vitamin C

Serum, taking innovation a step further. Phloretin is a naturally occurring substance obtained from apples that has been shown to protect skin from oxidative stress and delay the appearance of aging. Phloretin and stable vitamin C are combined in NourishMax to give a thorough approach to preventing premature aging.

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