5 Things to Know When Using Acupuncture for Stress Relief – 2024 Guide

Even though humankind has been practicing different techniques to fight stress and stress caused mental and physical difficulties for years, global society had recognized stress as one of the main culprits for more serious health conditions just a few decades ago. Even though there are numerous names for life energy that flows through our bodies, different ancient cultures have been aware of this phenomenon so you are free to draw a parallel between prana, Qi, Ki, Chi, and all the other names one can encounter depending on which part of the world they are. In a nutshell, this is what acupuncture is all about, but there are other things to know when using acupuncture for stress relief, thus, read the lines below and find the answers to your wandering.

1. Body Relaxation

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As we have mentioned earlier, the purpose of acupuncture is to establish the free flow of life energy through a body. Stress is not something immaterial people talk about when they have nothing else to address the problem to, moreover, numerous physical issues are nothing more than the materialization of accumulated stress. Therefore, it is obvious why people resort to acupuncture when standard methods either underdeliver or do not deliver at all. Thus, what you can expect from acupuncture is to reestablish the energy flow in formerly blocked regions of your body, not solely by removing the stress, but also by activating otherwise inactive acupuncture points.

2. Chemical Disbalance

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The catch with acupuncture is not to treat the symptom, but the cause of the unpleasantness you feel. Namely, you should be aware that any particular thing you can feel can be chemically described since your body both excrete and inhibits particular hormones to respond to external stimulations. What acupuncture potentiates is for your body to behave in the way it has been designed to. You see, stress causes confusion, and if an organism is confused, it acts irregularly.

Thus, it might forget to accept the hormones it has released, resulting in atypical behavior and an imbalanced overall state. Particularly for that reason, one shall feel as if they were reset since their body should be brought back to the regular status once they experience an adequate number of treatments. Although the effects of acupuncture sound like magic, there is nothing magical about it. It is an ancient method of alternative medicine, and one should not expect wonders after a single treatment, moreover, the progress depends both on the patient and the expertise of the practitioner.

3. Blood Pressure Levels Stabilization

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When we say someone is under pressure, we rarely think about their blood pressure levels, even though, in most cases, they jump over the line of what is considered to be normal. We also say those people are under stress, so the analogy is simple. Now, acupuncture serves as a valuable tool for reestablishing particular body functions and making them work as they were before something went wrong. Therefore, it is not a miracle that people experience lesser blood pressure irregularities after several acupuncture sessions since that is the initial purpose of the practice.

Also, this particular benefit affects how your heart is impacted, so the more you fix the blood pressure levels, the more burden you will take away from your body’s most important muscle. At Morningside Acupuncture, you will find additional info on how to get rid of the stress most effectively and how to make the most out of your acupuncture sessions in the future.

4. Fewer or No Headaches at All

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Nowadays, migraines and frequently occurring headaches have been troubling so many people that they are considered a necessary evil, especially for the ones who work in so-called stressful environments. Since it is hard to establish the main culprit for every headache out there, we should highlight the most frequent reasons for having this sort of trouble, such as bad posture, lack of exercise, spending too much time in front of the screen, not having enough sleep, etc. The list can go on and on, but the point is not to talk about what causes the headache, but how to treat it right, which brings us to benefits one can experience if one opts for acupuncture.

Namely, treating your head, neck and upper back area enables your body to regain control over its parts and supply them with oxygen-rich blood and other important chemicals that potentiate communication between different body segments. Once that is reestablished, one can not only enjoy a regular working day without a headache but also think more clearly and steadily, just because the energy flow has been restored by activating certain acupuncture spots that were inactive for who knows how long.

5. Weight Loss

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Stressed people tend to gain weight, not solely because they overeat, but also because their bodies release hormones that potentiate the accumulation of various nutrients one consumes during the day, or even night. The catch in acupuncture is not solely that it will enable your body to produce lesser amounts of the hormones that make you gain weight but also to stimulate your body to exploit as much usable energy you consume as possible.

By stimulating acupuncture points in your body, you can both speed up your metabolism, spend the surplus energy, and decrease the side effects of improper diet. Surely, you will have to pay attention to what you consume if you want to lose some weight but carefully applied acupuncture treatment will help you reach your goal more easily and, what is even more important, in a healthier way.

Stress is all around us, so the point is not in pretending we can miraculously avoid it, moreover, we need to find an adequate way to confront it. Fortunately, you can consult the aforementioned pieces of information anytime you want and figure out how acupuncture might help you achieve your goal. Also, do bear in mind that healings from practices such as acupuncture do not come overnight. Stress accumulates long before manifesting itself, so you need to be patient with getting your body back to its original status. Surely, your reward will be greater than the effort you invest, so it will be worth your while.