How to Use Delonghi Espresso Maker – 2024 Guide

You need to get going and fix quick caffeine. What do you do? Do you stop at that coffee shop, or maybe make it yourself at home with an espresso machine?
Here we will go to give you some advice on how to use DeLonghi espresso machine. The process will be quick and easy, so don’t worry!

The first step in making coffee with a Delonghi espresso maker is measuring the ground beans into the machine’s filter. You want to fill it about halfway up with beans before pressing down on them slightly with a spoon or spatula if you’re doing one. This helps create extraction flavor from all of those grounds when heated by boiling water inside the machine’s boiler later on in this process.

Fill up the water tank with cold water before turning on the power button. The hot steam created by boiling water will heat your metal parts quickly. This is important as it will affect how long your machine lasts.

Let’s talk about safety features: turn off after every use by pushing down onto the power button for 5 seconds, be careful when handling boiling water (don’t pour into the device), don’t leave this plugged in a while, not in use, and always empty every last drop of water from your boiler by turning the knob counterclockwise when done using it (this prevents calcification).

After everything’s ready to go, turn it on! You can make a single shot, several shots, or even a double shot if you’re very skilled at pouring that water. which will take a short time to start coming out of the steam nozzle once the machine is warmed up enough.

You’ll have hot coffee after about 3 minutes of steaming time. There are two ways to get it out:

  • Tip the entire device onto its edge or
  • use one of those spouts like an espresso cup with your hands wrapped around it. If you go with method

I recommend using tongs to hold onto the basket after pulling it out as it will be boiling.

How to use delonghi espresso maker

Preheat the machine


This device wants to be preheated before you go ahead and brew coffee. Preheat the device by simply loading up the water tank with cold water and turning it on. This will warm up the boiler so that the hot steam you are about to create goes through without any problems later on, causing build-ups or other issues.

Turn off after every use

This is a significant step in making sure your machine does not suffer from build-ups. The last thing you want is a clogged filter, which could cause steam pressure to escape out of there, causing potential fire hazards in your kitchen! So remember: turn it off, and unplug it as well after using it because who knows how long you’ll be gone for!

Don’t leave the water boiler lid open

When you finished using your machine, make sure to turn the knob counterclockwise and let it expel all that used hot water out from inside. This will prevent any build-up or calcification. Keep everything clean as well! Make sure to do this every time you use your machine!

What kind of coffee grounds should I use?


According to Espressotune, when making espresso with a Delonghi espresso maker, what’s most important is having great-tasting coffee grounds, so here is what I recommend:

For each shot of espresso, you will need to use 7g/ 1.5 tbsp ( very finely ground ). There is also something called “tamping” which you should know about.

Tamping is the process where you put the espresso maker that has coffee grounds in it on top of a portafilter handle, and you push down until you hear a “solid” thud indicating that the grounds are just right. This will help with better extraction and less hassle when using your DeLonghi espresso machine reviews.

How to do a double shot
If you’re looking for more flavor than your single shot, try doing a double shot! A lot of people think that this might be difficult, but all it takes is a straightforward change from how we made our single shots:

Double your dose (10g/3 tbsp). You can still use the same amount of water you would for a single shot.

One thing to note is that the second shot will not be as strong because we are using fewer coffee grounds. So if your looking for something more intense, go with no more than 3 tbsp/10g instead.

How to adjust the taste of your espresso (single and double)


After making a few shots try changing how much coffee grounds or hot water you add into the filter basket! You should hear it “knock” when you’ve got it right or count how many knocks until it is perfect! This part is essential, so don’t mess around with this part if you like tasting a good cup of espresso from the DeLonghi espresso machine.

If you need more power and taste in your espresso, try using less water or more coffee grounds ( although I wouldn’t recommend any water at all simply because it’s wasteful ).

On the other hand, if you feel like it has too much body, try using a tad bit more water than usual.

How to Grind your coffee beans

One of the essential things when making espresso is grinding your coffee beans correctly. You want to try and achieve a medium grind with a slight bit more coarse on it.

Using this method will produce about 20% less waste than using acceptable grounds instead! Also, you should note that if you are looking for an extra-strong taste in your espresso, grind them much harder.

Step 1: Pull out the portafilter handle from its spot under the machine as we will be putting our portafilters inside that space. You can do that by using it counterclockwise but make sure not to force anything because everything has its place inside there (trust me).

Step 2: Throw the ground coffee in the portafilter handle. Make sure to pack it well but not too hard otherwise, and you will end up with a mess! Now put your portafilter inside the machine and insert it into its spot. Make sure that you don’t cross-thread or turn it upside down because this can cause damage to your Delonghi espresso machine reviews.

Step 3: Add water filling about 80% of the way. Then start turning your knob clockwise until you hear six knocks (or eight depending on what kind of model you have) which should be around 15 seconds (this is once again depending on what type of machine you got). Make sure when making these shots to keep a tight grip on your filter handle as the portafilter will start to “jump,” this means that you are extracting espresso!

Step 4: Now is when we are going to get our double shot on. After it knocks about two times, rotate the knob counterclockwise to its opposite position and start turning the knob until you hear another six knocks. This should take 15 seconds as well. (I told you that was easy).

Step 5: Enjoy your nice cup of quaint coffee grounds from the Delonghi espresso machine review or whatever more you need to must with it. One last tip is always to be sure to clean out all of your parts after every use, so stop procrastinating and do what needs to be done!

Descaling Your DeLonghi Espresso Machine
If you use your DeLonghi Espresso Machine regularly, it is essential to descale it every once in a while. Ultimately you have to add white vinegar into the tank and run it just like normal, except don’t use coffee grounds. After that process, it will clean out all of the residues inside the machine because I guarantee there will be some left behind!

Final Verdict

To consistently create espresso coffee drinks of high quality, it is essential that you clean and maintain your machine. Not just will it help to ensure the longevity of your appliance, but it also provides an enjoyable coffee experience for years to come. DeLonghi, as a leading company in many categories, including this one, explicitly emphasizes these steps for all their models.

This guide helps you to avoid the pitfalls of making a mediocre espresso drink and takes you through an enjoyable process.

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