5 Best Upcoming P2E Games in 2024

Whenever an individual starts playing a P2E game, he can always earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, there’s always a likelihood of earning many assets that are known for in-game value.

These assets are associated with the characters, plots of land, and clothing. So, in this article, let’s check out new upcoming games that you can play later in 2024.

Metarun Closed Beta:

Launched in 2024, the Closed Beta version of Metarun aims to test the mobile game and the native marketplace. But, when the players want to play the mobile runner game, they will have to purchase a ticket. Depending on the ticket type, the players can later think about playing more battles with the thought of earning more.

The players will be eligible to play Closed Beta only when they get NFT tickets through a giveaway. To know more about the giveaways, the players have to follow a certain link. So, if you want to earn through different ways, you must not forget to play the mobile runner game, metarun game.

Before the players proceed, they first have to download and install the mobile game. Later, they have to select a particular character from the ones which vary depending on their strengths and abilities. They will also have to join the Discord channel to stay updated on how the developers build the game.

Unlike the usual Metarun game, the gaming experience will be extremely exciting with the multiplayer PvP ultimate race. But, as the game progresses, the player has to be swift enough to traverse various static and moving obstacles. He must be quick enough to use his fingertips as the character runs along the track.


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There are numerous reasons why Tamadoge is on top of the list. While this game offers many utilities, it drives the player to earn more. Currently, the game is not yet released, and the developers are considering partnerships to make it a metaverse game.

The developers will also launch Dogecoin on many centralized exchanges. Furthermore, the NFT project will transfer 65% of the coins that were spent in the prize pool. While the players aim to grab a position on top of the leaderboard, they will have to buy NFTs.

These NFTs can enable them to feed the pets and purchase toys. As soon as the players start caring for the pets, they can earn many monthly rewards. But, it will take some time to release Tamadoge because the platform is on the verge of enhancing its overall development.

Battle Infinity:

Among the upcoming games in 2024, Battle Infinity is known to be the best NFT game. Apart from integrating the NFTs to a metaverse, the game will enable people to earn more through the P2E elements. With this in mind, the team of Battle Infinity will structure the essential items as NFTs.

A player can trade these NFTs later using a native token, $IBAT. But, when the players wish to earn more, they can visit the marketplace to mint, sell digital artwork, and trade in-game items. As time passes, the players can think about involving themselves in the ‘IBAT Premier League, enabling them to form their own teams and participate in the league.

However, users who want to participate in the leagues will have to purchase NFT passes. With the project’s potential considered, prospective investors can join the Telegram Group and keep an eye on important announcements.


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Post analyzing many NFT games, Silks is yet another game that will become popular this year. Such a game will mirror thoroughbred horse racing, sales, and purses. As the game is rich in features, it will gain a significant edge in the video gaming market. Additionally, the player can earn many rewards even when the real-world counterpart wins the race or breeds an offspring.

If you don’t possess the skills to tend your counterparts, you can stake them in horse farms. Apart from everything else, the players can also think about building horse farms on the land in exchange for a certain portion of the rewards. But, the players will need initial capital to enter the game.

This fact seems evident because the price of the NFTs is soon going to increase in less time. On the other hand, Silks will introduce Horse Syndication to make the platform accessible to everyone. Once the players gain access, they can join various pools and purchase fractional NFTs.

Lucky Block:

Lucky Block is another P2E game you can play in 2024. As the crypto prize platform is completely decentralized, the game ensures to distribute the rewards transparently and fairly. The players can also earn rewards daily once they install and start using the mobile app.

Through the app, individuals can also buy tickets for the daily prize draws and try their luck with the jackpots. Once the winners are selected randomly, the team will do everything per the Chainlink VRF service. This step will ensure that Lucky Block has adhered to the regulatory requirements.

In addition to daily jackpots, the players can also stand a chance to win two jackpots daily only when they own a Lucky Block NFT. The player can then think about earning around $10,000 through every prize draw. Interestingly, all the NFT holders can participate in a one-off prize draw worth $1 million.

If a person wins this draw, he can win a new luxury car, Lamborghini. But, as the Lucky Block platform proceeds with the jackpots, 10% of the daily jackpots will be considered as a donation for a worthy cause. In that case, the users will have to vote on four causes, and the winner will only get 70% of the jackpot.

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Metarun Closed Beta is one of the best upcoming games in 2024. However, if you want to earn more than you had thought, you can try playing Lucky Block. Battle Infinity is another game that will take the gaming experience to a new level.

Apart from these three games, you can think about playing Tamadoge and Silks. While Tamadoge involves taking care of pets, Silks offers an incredible experience with thoroughbred horse racing. The players can later grab an opportunity to earn fractional NFTs with Horse Syndication.