The Unpredictability of UFC Matches: What Makes Them So Exciting?

When you start wondering about what’s so exciting about UFC, the unpredictability is definitely a factor number one. It is achieved thanks to martial arts that come to the fore, such as boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, Thai boxing, and judo.

Let’s take a look at why these matches are so unpredictable…


To understand the unpredictability one should get familiar with the basics, first. The fights last three rounds of five minutes each, and those for the championship title last five rounds. Stoppages can occur by knockout, technical knockout, submission due to leverage or choke, as well as disqualification. If there is no winner after the completed rounds, the three judges decide who will be victorious, by unanimous or split decision.

If you want to bet on the UFC, you must definitely be familiar with the MMA rules and ufc picks, as well as the fighting style of each of the fighters involved. It is advisable to follow those involved in the fight from the days before they were part of the Championship because each fighter must first prove himself through smaller organizations, in order to get the chance to sign a contract.

Before placing a bet, it is important to consider who is better at fighting on the feet, who is better on the ground, and who is better at defending against different types of attacks. The situation with injuries is also important, which are very common in this sport and can completely change careers. Besides these, motivation is also important, which is always higher in young up-and-coming fighters.

Once you’ve analyzed all that and mastered the laws that can happen in the Octagon, it remains for you to choose the best bet, the one that has the highest odds of bringing you the winnings you deserve…

Popular types of bets


Predicting the winner of the match – as in other combat sports, most bettors prefer to bet on who will win and who will lose. You usually have a dozen fights to choose from each weekend, and it’s up to you to choose the fighters you believe to have a tactical and physical advantage over the opponent. You can play individually, but also in combination, and the most important thing is that the coefficient on the ticket is high.

Betting on the future champion – there are also long-term bets, related to the holder of the champion’s belt in a particular category. Some online bookmakers allow you to predict who will end the calendar year as the ruler of a certain weight category, and you can also bet on specially selected fighters whether they will ever find themselves in the position of world champion. It is a type of betting that requires a lot of patience because you have to wait for months to find out the outcome, but the odds can be interesting, so experienced players play these bets as well while trying to make a profit.

Bets on specific aspects of the fight – every fight is a tactical battle with a handful of small details that can decide the winner. That’s why sometimes it’s better to bet on specific aspects of the fight, such as how the match will end and the round in which the decision could take place, rather than predicting who will ultimately triumph.

“Over/under” number of rounds – a classic bet typical of combat sports, which is certainly easier to guess in MMA matches than in boxing. As was mentioned earlier, duels have three to five rounds, and it is up to you to predict whether the fighters will do more or less than the level set by the bookmaker, with coefficients around 1.85 on both options. Of course, it is crucial to take into account the fighting style of each fighter, as well as their defensive abilities, before deciding whether the match will have more or fewer rounds than the set limit.

Knockout or Referee’s Decision – Instead of guessing how many rounds will go, sometimes it’s easier to bet on whether the match will be decided before the end or if the judges will have to decide the winner. Here you take into account first of all the tactical abilities of the opponent and their way of fighting, because some will rush from the first second in the desire to knock out the opponent, and others will calmly wait for their opportunity and try to secure the favor of the judges by dominating.

The way the fight ends – the match can go to the referee’s decision, but it can also be stopped in different ways. Knockouts and technical knockouts are what punchers strive for, and leverage or choke submissions are the specialties of grounder masters. The match can also end in disqualification or even be declared “No contest” if an injury occurs due to an unintentional hit in an inconvenient place. All these options are offered for betting, sometimes in combination with a round in which the break could happen, so if you guess the way the fight ends, you can catch a really huge coefficient.

Live betting requires a quick reaction


The biggest and most important fights of the Championship can be offered for live betting at the leading online bookmakers, and you can always play them on the odds exchange against other bettors.

If you want to be successful with live betting, the most important thing is to react quickly, the moment it becomes obvious which direction a fight is going.

Whether you’ve decided that the judges will ultimately decide the winner or you’re betting on a knockout directed by one of the fighters, it’s up to you to try to catch a promising quote while it’s at its peak to maximize your earnings and give yourself a chance at long-term profits.

However, keep in mind that this is the combat sport whose outcome is the most difficult to predict, even if you are watching the match live because one precise strike can change everything. Therefore, never play excessively small odds, even if an outcome seems certain to you because a crazy twist is always possible, so it is worth playing only odds with a value of at least 1.50 or higher if you want to be successful…

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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