UEFA EURO 2024 Group Stage Draw Summary

The group stage for the upcoming 2024 UEFA European Championship has been set after the draw on December 2. We now have 6 groups of four, all fighting for the top two spots, while some fight to be the best third-placed team. In these 6 groups, we have continental superpowers, dark horses, as well as so many potential fairytales and flops. Let us take a look at these groups and make an early prediction of those who will progress to the round of 16.


Source: fr.uefa.com

The championship will kick off on June 14 in FC Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena in Munich. It will be a contest between the host, Germany, and potential dark horses, Scotland, who have qualified for the Euros back-to-back for the first time since 1996. The group stage will be played for 13 full days until June 26 and conclude with two matches between Portugal and the play-off winner of Path C, as well as Czechia and Turkey.

By then, 36 group-stage matches will have taken place, and most of the 16 progressing teams will have been decided. Still, here is the list of teams eligible to progress to the Round of 16:

  • Six group winners from Groups A, B, C, D, E, and F;
  • Six group runners-up from Groups A, B, C, D, E, and F; and
  • The four best third-placed teams ranked by their performances in their respective groups.

Matches to look forward to

Of course, of the 36 matches in this group stage, there are more than plenty of them to particularly look forward to, including:

  • Spain v. Italy on June 20, 2024: Replay of the 2012 final where Spain battered Italy 4-0 and won their second successive championship.
  • Denmark v. England on June 20, 2024: Replay of the 2020 final where Harry Kane converted a late, controversial penalty to earn England a place in the final.
  • Netherlands v. France on June 21, 2024: A tasty rematch between the winner and runner-up from Group B in Qualifying, where the French overcame the Dutch on both occasions 4-0 and 2-1.
  • Scotland v. Hungary on June 23, 2024: Potentially a match to decide who progresses from the group between two underrated nations.
  • The final two matches in Group E on June 26, 2024: Possibly the toughest and most equal group in terms of chances to progress, with Romania, Slovakia, and the play-off winner from Path B, likely Ukraine, all relatively of the same strength on paper.

Betting odds for the EURO 2024 Group Stage

Source: arabswin.com

According to various betting odds, here are the most likely teams to qualify for the Round of 16 from each of the six groups. If you want to bet on your favorite teams’ chance to progress to the Round of 16, you can do so on We88 to enjoy the best odds and betting features for a better chance of winning!

Group A

Source: marca.com

It is predicted that the host, Germany, will comfortably progress to the Round of 16 and will be joined by their alpine neighbor, Switzerland. Hungary might have a chance at progressing as one of the best third-placed teams if they do not perform too terribly, whereas Scotland is predicted to return home early.

Group B

Two-time European champion, Spain, is predicted to be joined by the defending champion, Italy, in the Round of 16, while the 2018 Runner-up World Champion, Croatia, is likely to progress as the best third-placed team. Albania, who is playing in their only second-ever tournament, will likely be eliminated early.

Group C

England is predicted to easily top Group C and progress to the Round of 16. The Danes will join them, while the Serbs and Slovenia will most likely go home.

Group D

In one of the most predictable groups, France and the Netherlands will most likely go through to the Round of 16. Austria’s chances rely solely upon the identity of the play-off winner from Path A.

Group E

Belgium is expected to stroll to the Round of 16, and the impressive Romanian side should be able to join them at the expense of Slovakia and the play-off winner from Path B.

Group F

Portugal would not want to spoil Cristiano Ronaldo’s last-ever European tournament with an early flight back home, and they most likely will not. The Turkish side will want to perform better than last time when they were deemed the dark horses before crashing out of the first round. The Czechs and the play-off winner from Path C are not expected to progress.

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