What Types of Keys Can a Locksmith Replicate?

Locksmiths are skilled professionals specializing in many key and lock-related services. They prioritize home security, protect commercial properties, and enhance vehicle safety. Their services include replacements, repairs, and installations, all crucial for maintaining security.

While we are very familiar with our local emergency locksmith service for car or home lockouts, their work often begins with creating spare keys for homes, cars, or offices,  which they routinely perform on the spot from their well-equipped mobile vans.

Are you curious about the types of keys locksmiths can duplicate? This article will look into key duplication, explaining the types of keys that locksmiths commonly duplicate, ranging from standard residential to high-security keys.

“Do Not Duplicate” Types of Keys

do not duplicate keys

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There is an ongoing debate surrounding keys labeled with “Do Not Duplicate” because people often assume they should not be copied due to the wording on the keys. However, it’s essential to clarify that no specific laws or regulations prohibit locksmiths from duplicating keys marked with the “Do Not Duplicate” inscription.

While most chain hardware stores may decline requests to duplicate such keys, experienced locksmiths typically have no issue providing duplicates. Another common misconception is that these keys offer heightened security compared to standard keys because only locksmiths can replicate them. However, in practice, these keys do not offer any greater security than regular keys.

The Associated Locksmiths of America clarifies that orders for door lock keys stamped with “Do Not Duplicate” should be treated like any other request for an unrestricted key. As a consumer, your primary concern should be to employ a patented key control system that allows you to track everyone who possesses a key to your home. It’s important to note that this doesn’t apply to keys protected by specific laws.

Restricted Keys

Restricted keys differ from those marked “do not duplicate.” Some keys, referred to as “restricted keys” by locksmiths, cannot be duplicated due to the manufacturers’ exclusive duplication rights. These restricted keys are notably challenging to copy because their patented designs necessitate specialized equipment.

All restricted keys are protected by US Patent Laws, leading authorized locksmiths to generally avoid duplicating them due to potential penalties of up to $10,000 that they could face for doing so.

Standard Yale Keys

Yale Keys

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Standard Yale keys are typically used in front doors and often require a specific code for key duplication. However, professional locksmiths can create duplicate keys for these locks even when the original code is unavailable. If you require assistance duplicating a Yale Platinum key with two rows of dimple cuts and a track, you typically require a key card for copying. However, a skilled locksmith can also decode it using one of your existing keys if the card is unavailable.

Large Chubb Keys for High-Security Locks

Large Chubb Keys for High-Security Locks represent a specialized area in locksmith services, particularly notable for their complexity and security features. If you need to duplicate a brass Chubb key, especially one labeled “Design 979582,” you’re dealing with a key part of the 3G135 lock series, a hallmark of the Chubb Fortress series. This series is renowned for its robust security features and is widely employed across various high-security environments.

Initially developed for prison security, these locks have expanded their usage to various settings, including corporate offices, high-value warehouses, and other areas where top-level security is essential. Their adaptability and dependability have favored them in situations demanding uncompromised security.

Replicating these keys involves specific skills, accurate equipment, and a thorough knowledge of the lock’s inner workings. Creating these keys goes beyond mere cutting; it involves meticulous craftsmanship to replicate every detail of the original key. An experienced locksmith with the required expertise and tools is essential for such detailed work. Even with the complexities involved, a skilled locksmith can duplicate these high-security Chubb keys.

Simple and Complex Safe Keys

simple and complex safe keys

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Duplicating safe keys, which range from simple to complex designs, often requires more time and incurs higher costs than regular key duplication. This complexity is due to factors like patents and the intricate mechanisms within safes. Patented designs demand specific duplication methods and tools, while complex mechanisms require detailed knowledge and precision.

Most locksmiths, however, are equipped to handle the majority of safe key duplications. The process is relatively straightforward for standard safe keys and can typically be completed in less than an hour. These keys usually have simpler designs and fewer security features, making duplicates easier.

However,  complex or unique safe keys pose a greater challenge and require additional time and effort. These keys often feature advanced security elements or are part of sophisticated locking systems, requiring specialized equipment and a high degree of skill for accurate replication.

Car Keys

With their varied types and complexities, car keys present different challenges for automotive locksmiths. Some car makes and models have keys that locksmiths can easily duplicate, while others, especially modern ones, require creating entirely new keys through a car key replacement process. This is particularly true for cars with advanced security systems where the keys cannot be duplicated by cutting new ones.

A skilled locksmith can readily assist in creating duplicate keys for older vehicles or those without an onboard ignition disabler. These duplicates can be used for various purposes, including as a spare for emergency situations like a car lockout. In instances of a car lockout, having a duplicate key can be a quick and convenient solution to regain access to the vehicle. For vehicles with an ignition disabler, locksmiths can create duplicate keys that may not function in the ignition switch due to the security system. However, they can still be used effectively to unlock the car doors.

Standard House Keys


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Residential locksmiths can duplicate a wide range of standard house keys thanks to the advanced key-cutting machines they use. These keys include SC1 Weiser, Kwikset, KW1 and KW10 Schlage, Titan, WR3 and WR5 Baldwin, MasterLock M1 padlock keys, and many others. You can confidently contact our skilled home locksmiths for assistance with these key types.

Final Thoughts

Locksmiths play a vital role in safeguarding our everyday security. Their expertise includes a broad spectrum of key duplication, from standard house keys to intricate high-security and car keys. However, it’s important to remember that locksmiths are not just key duplicators but also partners in ensuring our overall security at home or work. Whenever the need arises for key duplication or lock maintenance, rest assured that locksmiths are at your service, ready to offer professional assistance.

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