Twitter Blue Offers Enhanced Features for Users

Subscription offerings include special features reserved for Twitter Premium users, such as, for example, the ability to untweet or customize the Twitter app icon. But the launch of Twitter Blue in the US also brought an important innovation: access to ad-free articles from more than 300 US news sites, such as The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, and Insider. A Twitter spokesperson told CNBC that it does not include access to paywall articles that these news outlets may have.

In addition to the blue badge, the Twitter Blue feature offers subscribers a way to enhance and customize their Twitter experience. These robust controls are designed to help personalize Twitter and include Labs, which provide early access to our latest features before they are available to everyone. Share your feedback on @TwitterBlue.

Twitter blue is the latest addition to the Twitter family


It is an optional paid monthly subscription that adds a blue tick to your account and early access to select new features, such as editing tweets. Subscribe to Twitter Blue now for $7.99/month or upgrade* to Twitter Blue to get the blue tick and other premium features.

Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service that gives users access to a premium version of Twitter. The blue tick currently either indicates that the user is subscribed to Twitter Blue or has been previously verified, which is just one of several features coming with the new version of the service.

This option is available to android users

Twitter Blue for Android is launching today, but the subscription service is limited to iOS and the web. Android users can enjoy many of the same benefits of the Twitter Blue relaunch with a quick workaround. That’s it:

Blue allows iOS and Android users to change the Twitter app icon. The company currently offers eight colorful icons to choose from. Additionally, Twitter sometimes rolls out limited-time icons for specific occasions like Halloween. This feature is for cosmetic purposes only and does not add or improve functionality.


Some of the features available with the Twitter Blue subscription include the ability to:

  • Set a custom color or image as your app icon
  • Bookmark tweets for later reference
  • Discover new topics and trends with custom timelines created by Twitter’s curation team
  • Create a personalized reading list with collections and lists of interests quickly accessible from your profile
  • Turn on dark mode in order to reduce battery usage when using the app
  • Access premium customer support and exclusive offers through Twitter’s dedicated Blue customer care team.

For existing Twitter users, upgrading to Blue is an easy process. To upgrade, simply navigate to Settings & Privacy>Account>Subscriptions & payments or visit in order to learn more about how this service can help enhance your experience on Twitter.

In conclusion, Twitter blue offers enhanced features that make it easier for users to access and manage their accounts. For instance, the “Undo Tweet” feature lets users undo mistakes before they are shared publicly and without alerting followers. Along with advanced access to analytics and data, these features provide an edge over competitors in terms of user engagement. Twitter blue is also a way to thank loyal customers and encourage more people to join the platform by rewarding them for their loyalty. On the whole, Twitter blue offers plenty of excellent features that can benefit both businesses and individual users alike — making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an upgrade on their current social media experience.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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