7 Things That Everybody Should Know Before Traveling To London – 2024 Guide

London is known for its sophisticated charm. People flock to this place every year to witness the photogenic and attractive areas of Central London, the banks of the River Thames, the Tower of London and so much more.

Before visiting a new city, people should know some important details about it. Fortunately, we are living in the 21st century where online technology is improving daily. There are many tools that Chad Kimball and other Google experts offer that can help people research London before ever buying a plane ticket. The same holds true for your trip to London. Naturally, the travel industry is hibernating now. However, it is expected to resume services in 2024 and the traveling experience will surely be quite different.

Let us discuss a few points that tourists need to keep in mind so that the trip to London remains hassle-free.

1. Carry Credit Cards

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Almost every shop and tourist destination in London accepts credit cards. It is preferable to use credit cards over cash since most people don’t really use cash anymore. AMEX is not a popular card in Europe.

Alternatively, Mastercard and VISA are commonly used across Europe. Many other major cards are accepted in stores across the town. You will need a credit card that has a 4-digit pin and comes with a chip.

Tourists get the option to choose the currency while they pay for purchases. They get the following two options:

  • Local currency (also known as UK pound sterling)
  • The native currency

It is better to choose the option of local currency while making payment. Then, the bank will do the currency transaction. As we previously mentioned, credit cards are the most common form of payment so, it is a good idea to choose a credit card that doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fees.

2. Public Transport is Hassle-free

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Tourists need to opt for the Oyster card or the contactless credit card while they use the public transport of London. An Oyster Card is a kind of electronic ticket. All forms of public transport in London accept payment through the Oyster card. Payment through an Oyster card is much cheaper than the charge of single-ride tickets.

The contactless credit card is a great alternative to cash payments. It can be used several times while a tourist avails public transport. The maximum expenditure is capped at a daily ticket rate.

Tourists need to scan it while entering the metro and then rescan it while they leave the metro so, find out how to get an Oyster card or contactless credit card before reaching London.

3. Carry Comfortable Walking Shoes

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London has several nooks and crannies that tourists find difficult to explore on foot. Public transport will help them explore the major tourist attractions. The alleys, bylanes and corners hold a different, yet rustic appeal.

However, public transport does not go enter the lanes and alleys. For that, you will need to discover the city’s charm on foot. So, you must carry comfortable walking shoes. A pair of comfortable walking shoes is a practical necessity when you’re exploring a city.

4. Carry an Umbrella

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All the Dickensian novels have painted a bleak picture of a rainy, romantic London day. A steady drizzle throughout the day is a common feature in the city. So, you need to invest in a good quality umbrella before you travel to London.

A raincoat is a good alternative to an umbrella. London also has windy weather. Make sure to carry a windcheater as well.

5. Carry Masks And Other Protection

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The year 2024 marks a new beginning but it doesn’t ensure that the pandemic will be over. You still need to take extra precautions while traveling. At most, the strict rules that have made it mandatory to wear masks at all public places will probably be removed. Yet, it is a good idea to carry masks just to be on the safe side.

Also, make sure to carry the basic amenities like a sanitizer, the PPE kit, etc. By 2024, a fresh volley of restrictions and rules may be released. You will need to cope up with them.

Also, make sure to download an updated map of London to know which areas of the city are open to travelers. Using a map is a good idea because it is quite easy to get lost in the mazes of London.

6. Study The City Well

img source: coronerscourtssupportservice.org.uk

The UK government doesn’t take the breach of any of its rules lightly. Tourists, as well as citizens, need to strictly abide by the rules. Hence, a thorough knowledge of some of the common rules of the city will surely help.

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Also, make sure to do thorough market research before buying anything from the hawkers. They may tend to dupe you considering you are not aware of the prices here.

7. Have Papers In Order

Visa stamping. Passport or visa application. Travel immigration stamp, vector illustration

You need to have your passports, visa and other required documents in place before you travel abroad. Also, carry them to every tourist place you visit.

The government employees are authorized to ask for your important papers at any point in time. So, it is a good idea to have them handy during the stay.


The country of London has a blend of modern and Victorian architecture. The sprawling gardens stand in stark contrast with the box-like alleys and cramped lanes. This city attracts a lot of tourists all around the year.

Knowing what you want to see and do in this city will surely help you during your stay here. If you have planned your tour haphazardly, you will face a lot of difficulties. Hence, make sure to have a basic knowledge of the things London has to offer.

London is a law-abiding and peaceful city. The citizens are proud of their heritage and will not tolerate any insult to it. Hence, it is absolutely mandatory to understand their culture and norms before taking a tour of the city.