Tips & Tricks for Stimulating Hair Growth

Being a confident individual implies a few things that are generally understood and unofficially agreed upon. People wish to look a certain way before they have the willpower and confidence to approach somebody, chase their life’s goals, or just be happy and content with who they are. If something makes us feel unsecure and self-conscious, we usually feel bad for ourselves and look for solutions and remedies to fix it. This is in our nature and although a lot can be done with modern medicine and cosmetics, certain conditions will remain difficult to deal with. All one can do in that situation is accept who they are and learn to love themselves anyway.

Rarely does a non-life-threating condition cause so much problems for people like hair loss and baldness. When we think of a human being, we imagine a being with hair. It is pretty normal and it goes without saying. Therefore, when somebody starts to lose their hair or goes completely bold, they feel like they are less human and look for solutions to prevent this condition. The root of hair issues can be genetics, but it can also be due to bad and unhealthy life choices or habits. In any case, you should know that it does not have to be final and that you can prevent it to a certain degree. Even if you lose a lot of your hair, you could grow it back.

This is actually the topic of our article here as we go through the best tips and tricks regarding the stimulation of hair growth. A silver lining here is that hair loss has been a problem for humans for many years, centuries even, so there are many remedies and solutions you can try. Keep on reading to learn more about them. There are many novelty things worth trying out these days even if some of the go-to products do not work for you. According to Kiierr, laser cap systems for stimulating hair growth are the best new thing to try if you are serious about having a full head of hair again.

Cleaning the Scalp


First and foremost, you need to keep good health and hygiene with your scalp. Hair growth starts at the very source like most other things, meaning you need to treat the place where the hairs are supposed to come out. There are many things that can cause an inflamed scalp. Tension, buildup, oxidative stress, and dermatitis can all lead to hair thinning initially, which is usually followed by hair loss. According to studies, it is inflammation that occurs due to pollution and stress that is the usual culprit of complete hair loss in human adults. Buildup of products, dirt, and oil are enough to block the follicle openings and slow down growth. Eventually, the growth stops completely. Gentle washing of your scalp, not just the hair itself, is prevalent for a healthy head of locks. Massage the scalp with the right type of shampoo for your hairs and scalp skin to relieve the stress, increase blood flow, and stimulate hair follicles. This is enough to encourage new hairs to grow.

Supplementation Works


The obvious thing you can try and the solution most people with hair loss issues reach for are hair growth supplements. Two of the most useful ones include biotin and collagen, both of which promote hair health and growth since they give the body the correct nutrients for this function. Keratin is the protein that makes our hairs, and it contains amino acids like glutamic acid, serine, cysteine, proline, and glycine. Since biotin and collagen contain high amounts of these acids, they are the best supplements you can possibly take for the stimulation of new hair growth. Research and studies have actually confirmed this so make sure to give it a try. Biotin is also good for strengthening your already healthy hair and giving it many other benefits. Collagen is good for any skin on our body, including the sensitive scalp. It helps manage its overall health and well-being.

Physical Damage Protection


Another thing you should regularly do is protect your hair and scalp from physical damage when you are out and about. This does not encourage the growth of new hair as much as it protects what is already there. However, it cannot hurt and physical damage is always bad no matter what we talk about. Wear and tear and unhealthy or careless brushing and washing techniques are the leading causes of hair loss due to damage. Tight hairstyles and numerous hair pieces like bands and pins can hurt, which is something not a lot of people realize. Softer hair ties and materials that do not pull and cause friction are much safer and healthier. Do not be too aggressive with combs and brushes. Be gentle and focus on the locks while massaging the scalp with softer and slower motions. The same goes with towels after you have just washed your hair. Tap slowly instead of wildly tubbing and causing friction. Keep blow dryers at a safe distance and be careful with any other heating gadgets like curling irons.

A Round of Quick Tips and Tricks


– Moisturizers and antioxidants are two of your best friends if you want to stimulate hair growth. Hairs are the driest parts of our bodies and they need to be moisturized to remain healthy and strong. Find the right conditioner/moisturizer for your hair type and you will already be doing more than before. Antioxidants are impotent since they help with hair aging, slowing it down and cleansing it from oxidative stress and free radicals.
– Avoid daily heat stylings because they cause too much stress for the hair and the scalp. The heat breaks down the chemical bonds in the hairs and prevents them from becoming strong and growing.
– Regularly trim your hair even if you want it to be longer. Visit your hairdresser, stylist, or barber at least once a month and have them cut just a little bit because it stimulates new hair growth. It seems like it makes no sense, but it is actually good for your hair.
– Protective hairstyles can be of great help and they also help you save time and money with stylizing your locks. These hairstyles prolong the time you need between two restyling sessions and prevent regular wear and tear damage of everyday care.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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