Planning Your Visit to Athens ─ Tips For Choosing Accommodation

Athens is famous for its great historic sites and lively local areas. For people traveling to check out this famous city, picking the right place to sleep at the end of the day is an important part of planning a visit.

Planning all the details is the best solution as that will help you to enjoy the whole time spent there. Therefore, research the places where you can enjoy your lunch, such as the foundry restaurant.

Besides that, selecting the right accommodation is even more important. It depends on your needs and budget. If you are looking for luxurious rooms and service, be sure to check out The Foundry Suites Athens.

In this article, we will share more tips on choosing the right accommodation in this city.

Choose Central Locations

Plaka, Syntagma, and Monastiraki offer excellent home bases for exploring Athens thanks to their prime central positions. Staying in any of these neighborhoods provides advantages for seeing the city’s many highlights with minimal effort.

Plaka sits right at the foot of the iconic Acropolis hill. Within a few minutes’ walk are the top attractions there like the Parthenon and other ancient ruins. Its nearby streets also put other classics like the Ancient Agora at your doorstep. The neighborhood has an old-time feel with neoclassical architecture and narrow walking paths between cafes and shops, giving a taste of the past.

Syntagma Square acts as the bustling heart of the capital. Located right in the center, it gives easy access to anything by the metro, bus, or taxi. Major spots like the Acropolis Museum, National Garden, and Stadio OAKA sports arena surround the area. As Greece’s government center, the lively plaza also offers an insight into contemporary Athens amid its outdoor tables and transit links.

Monastiraki maintains a lively energy from its central flea market holding relics of times gone by. The market spills out of the neighborhood into Athens’ old train station area which now adds eateries and nightlife. Within a few blocks are sites like Hadrian’s Library and fragments of the ancient Agora to discover. Alleyways past stores keep history intermixed with modern commerce.

Consider Your Needs and Budget

Athens accommodates all travelers with lodging options for variable budgets. Several key alternatives exist:

  • Luxury ─ For those prioritizing full amenities and scenic views, high-end hotels provide lavish comfort near major attractions. World-class service and opulent rooms allow relaxing in upscale surroundings.
  • Mid-range ─ Comfortable stays with adequate space and updated features come at sensible prices in centrally-located buildings. Amenities meet practical needs while saving on excesses.
  • Economy ─ Affordable guesthouses and hostels furnish clean, compact quarters for budget-focused visitors. Despite modest rates, locations still allow easy access to exploring on foot.

Best Areas Based on What You Want

If history is your thing, Plaka and around the Acropolis give you the greatest immersion in Athens’ ancient roots. Plaka especially feels like walking through time – the whitewashed houses, narrow alleys, and hidden courtyards could be straight from antiquity. You’ll fall asleep with ruins practically outside your door. Waking up means a 5-minute walk puts you at sites that shaped civilization.

Psirri gets wild at night but also offers a fun vibe during the day. Its central location is perfect for hopping between attractions before the parties start. Artisanal shops and graffiti-lined streets give a hip vibe. Once night falls, cocktail bars with live jazz shine, and dance clubs pound until dawn. You’ll make new friends among the lively locals and visitors partying the hours away.

Families with kids should check out Syntagma and Koukaki. Wide avenues in both hoods ease navigating strollers. Parks provide open spaces for letting off steam. Getting to popular kid-friendly destinations like the zoo and children’s museum remains simple via metro from these areas.


Tips for Easy Travels in Athens

Getting around is simple with the metro lines. Stations like Syntagma and Monastiraki give access to many major attractions from your doorstep. The metro also goes to the airport and port for arriving and leaving.

While most locals speak English in tourist areas, learning basic Greek words can help you engage with people and get better service. Having some euros on hand is useful too, especially for small shops and street food vendors that don’t always take cards.

Athens is generally safe to explore, but use normal big-city precautions. Be aware of your belongings in crowded areas like subway stations. The neighborhood around Omonia Square can feel less welcoming at night, so stick to well-lit streets in central districts after dark.

Exploring Beyond the City

Delphi is a must for history buffs. Nestled in the mountains northwest of the city, this ancient site was home to Greece’s most important oracle. Spending the day wandering the ruins reveals fascinating cultural insights. Take a scenic hike along nearby trails stretching across the landscape. With so much to explore in its sprawling archaeological remains and natural beauty, Delphi ensures a full day is well spent.

For stunning coastal views, Cape Sounion on the southern tip of Attica calls. Iconic 5th-century BC temples stand heroically overlooking the Aegean Sea. Watching the sunset color the dramatic cliffs and waters is unforgettable. Linger at this beautiful, serene spot as evening falls to fully soak up the natural magic before returning to the city.

Those looking to add beach time to their trip will appreciate the Athenian Riviera. Coastal suburbs like Alimos and Piraeus offer sandy shores and seaside cafes easily accessible via public transit from downtown. Cool off with a swim, build castles in the sand with the kids, or fuel up with fresh seafood at the beach restaurants. Spending an afternoon sunbathing, playing volleyball or simply relaxing lets you recharge amid scenic shorelines.


Final Thoughts

When picking where to stay in Athens, it’s important to find a place that suits your travel style. The various neighborhoods offer different benefits.

It’s good to consider your budget and what amenities matter most. High-end hotels or basic hostels – both can work depending on your priorities.

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