6 Awesome Tips About Green Vietnam Kratom From Unlikely Sources

Green Vietnam Kratom is widely perceived to be a unique green-veined Kratom strain. The strain grows in areas where conditions are favorable to its growth. Green Vietnam Kratom comes from the An Giang Province in the Southern Vietnam region. Specifically, the plant grows along the mighty Mekong River.

The origin of the strain plays a vital role in determining its overall quality. For instance, the Mekong River’s deep fertile soils determine its uniqueness and potency. These soils are rich in minerals, thus producing high-quality Green Vietnam Kratom.

What Is Green Vietnam Kratom?

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From its name, anyone can tell the origin of this kratom strain. It comes from Vietnam but not widely available as other strains. The reason is, this strain only does well in a small region. It grows in the area around the Mekong River, and this exceptional environment is said to enrich it, giving it more power.

The indigenous population has used Green Vietnam Kratom for centuries. It’s only in the past few decades that the strain has garnered lots of attention in other countries especially, the US. Although it’s a rare strain, the strain is increasingly becoming popular in the US market, making it among the costly kratom strains.

With a huge market demand and short supply, marketers are looking for other ways to meet the demand, including getting it from unlikely sources. That means Green Vietnam Kratom is also available from sources other than the Mekong River or Vietnam.

Are there any differences? You ask. Below are six fantastic tips about Green Vietnam Kratom from unlikely sources.

1. It Has High Alkaloid Ratio

Though original Green Vietnam is unique, it has a low alkaloid ratio compared to other green-veined Kratom strains. Therefore the strain can’t produce a powerful hit like different strains grown in other areas across Southern Asia.

But Green Vietnam Kratom from unlikely sources boasts a high alkaloid ratio. Users get an extraordinary stimulus from the strain. Many users adhere to the strain, noting that it helps them remain focused and alert. This unique Green Vietnam Kratom from konakratom.com can quickly get you and produce multiple health benefits.

2. It Is Readily Available

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The authentic Vietnam-grown Green Vietnam Kratom is overly a rare strain. First, the strain is strictly predominant in Vietnam. Secondly, there is plenty of work involved with cultivating the strain. Plus, shipping the plant from Vietnam to other nations is challenging due to stiff regulations that have resulted in many countries classifying the strain as a narcotic. All this makes the strain rare.

On the contrary, Green Vietnam Kratom from other sources is easy to get. Its seeds can be easily planted anywhere provided the soil conditions are favorable. Consequently, it is readily available to

Kratom connoisseurs can’t get the authentic version of the strain directly from Vietnam.

3. It Is Easy To Blend With Other Kratom Strains For Optimal Benefits

The Vietnam-grown strain isn’t genetically modified. It is harvested in its natural form and then dried before being shipped overseas. But the beauty of Green Vietnam Kratom obtained from unlikely sources is that it is easy to blend with other Vietnamese Kratom strains such as White Vietnam Kratom and Red Vietnam Kratom.

Blending requires techniques such as genetic modification. Here, the parent Green Vietnam Kratom is combined with several strains to create one potent strain. Blending the strain offers multiple advantages. It gives the final strain a high alkaloid profile for maximum benefits to the end-user. Moreover, it incorporates beneficial traits of several strains into the last strain, for more details on the genetic modification process, visits mybiosource.com.

4. It Is a Special

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Green Vietnam Kratom’s uniqueness is just that it is grown in Malaysia. But Green Vietnam derived from other sources could be special due to several factors. This strain, for instance, can be grown in multiple environments, all of which could improve the characteristics of the strain.

Growing in such environments gives the Kratom strand a more balanced alkaloid profile. Green Vietnam, strictly sourced from Vietnam, doesn’t have such a balanced profile. Its alkaloid composition is similar across the board since it comes from one source. In a nutshell, the Vietnam-grown strand is unique, while its counterpart from unusual sources is truly special.

5. Offers More Benefits

Green Vietnam Kratom obtained from sources other than Vietnam offers more benefits due to its high alkaloid profile. It accomplishes more than its Vietnam-grown counterpart can achieve. For instance, it has more powerful sedating and relaxing properties in moderate and large doses.

Due to these properties, the strand can quickly help manage stress, depression, and anxiety. The Vietnam-grown strand can help with the three, but not as effective as Green Vietnam Kratom from other sources.

The latter contains more Mitragynine than the former. The higher Mitragynine content equips the strand with more substantial stimulating effects. It will quickly give you a quick energy boost than the Vietnam-grown strand.

Green Vietnam Kratom varieties from other places besides Vietnam have more vital analgesic properties. The properties make them effective in fighting chronic pain. On the contrary, Vietnam-grown varieties can’t fight chronic pain. Instead, they can only help with relieving mild pain.

6. Great Variation In Potency

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Vietnam-grown strands have a standard potency since they are all grown in the same growing conditions. But strands from unlikely sources vary in strength depending on where they are grown. Such strands are grown in soils with varying PH levels.

Plus, they grow in soils with different compositions in mineral content. Thie differences in mineral composition make them vary in potency from one strain to another. This variation is suitable for different users. Some users, for example, go for powerful strands, while others go for less potent strands, especially newbie Kratom consumers.

Green Vietnam Kratom Dosage

Establishing the right Green Vietnam Kratom dosage takes time. Like with other kratom strains, there’s no right or standard dosage. A dose that works for your friend might not work for you.

That’s because the effects on your system depend on many factors such as your body tolerance, weight, age, fitness, eating habits, and other factors.

To minimize the undesirable side-effects, you should start with a low dose of about 1 gram and increase it gradually. Once you’re an expert, anything between 2 and 3 grams will help you fight pain, anxiety, and other health issues. If you’re after sedation, a 5-gram dosage will do. Anything over 5 grams in one sitting is an overdose and can result in serious side effects.


Authentic Green Vietnam is a rare yet popular strain. Though unique, the strain isn’t as powerful as other strands obtained from unlikely sources. Try such strains if you can’t get the authentic Vietnam-grown strain.