TikTok and Data Breach – Risks to Your Privacy in 2024

TikTok, in the recent past, has been in the midst of controversy. Several countries have flagged it for the evil collection of data from its users and then relying the data on the Chinese government.  As a popular and frequently used app that gained fame during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has over one billion active users (2021, September), making it a data heaven. Several countries have or are considering banning the app as it puts its citizens and the government at risk of cyber-attacks.

However, if you are a privacy champion, then it is recommended that you delete the app due to its data breach protocol. Deleting the app is the first step to a secure and private online experience. Additionally, it’s recommended that you clear all data from the app, including deleting private messages that might be visible even after parting ways with the app.

Although the app says that it deletes the personal data of subscribers 30 days after they have unsubscribed from the platform, it still raises many questions about whether this is true. Their main reason for holding the data 30 days after the user has unsubscribed is to ensure that clients don’t lose their data if they change their minds and return to the platform within 30 days. This has been highly criticized as it is seen as a move to further hold and use that data for their selfish gains.

Areas Where TikTok Has Been Banned

Both government and private agencies have been at the forefront of advocating for the total ban or strict restriction of TikTok. Leading the pack is India, which banned the app and 58 other Chinese apps due to data breach claims and the reliance of this data on the Chinese government.

The United States has also raised concerns about the app’s operation, and it is actively trying to restrict its download and use by its citizens. Bangladesh and Indonesia have also banned TikTok use, and this is due to the spread of pornographic content.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have restricted the use of the app due to the spreading of information that could lead to conflict. Syria also joins the list, banning the app for promoting human trafficking to Europe through its Turkey border. Vietnam also threatens to ban the use of the app if the does not rectify some of its content.

Is TikTok Spying on You?

Is TikTok Spying on You

Source: youtube.com

Although TikTok is like any other social app where subscribers can upload content and go live, it collects a wealth of data and submits it to the Chinese government. The app is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company that seeks to deepen its cooperation with the Chinese government.

This has led to many security critics worldwide critiquing the move as it violates personal rights and exposes subscribers to cyber-attacks. Further, data from TikTok has been witnessed on various sites like Alibaba, a company known for its close ties with the Chinese government.

Companies in China are by law and virtue expected to aid the Chinese intelligence bureaus, even if it means unorthodoxly reaping client data. The country’s lack of an independent judicial system has downplayed any advances to block this move by the Chinese government.

Should You Delete TikTok?

If you are sensitive about privacy and security, then it is a good move to delete the app to stop any possible surveillance on you by the Chinese government. This will allow you to cut any large data collections from you, crippling any intention by the Chinese authorities.

How to Permanently Delete TikTok?

Before you take this bold move, knowing that this action cannot be undone once it is initiated is important. However, your data will remain with the app for 30 days. Once an account is deleted, there is no coming back; the only option is to create a new one.

  1. Download VPN to access TikTok. We suggest ExtremeVPN create a private and secure online experience
  2. Connect to a server that is outside your country of residence
  3. Access TikTok and go to the Profile tab
  4. Access the 3 horizontal dots leading you to Manage My Account -> Delete Account
  5. Then you are done with deleting your account


In conclusion, the controversies surrounding TikTok, especially regarding data privacy, security, and its alleged cooperation with the Chinese government, have led to increased scrutiny and bans in various countries. These concerns underline the importance of being vigilant about the apps we use and the potential implications for our data.

For those concerned about privacy and security, deleting TikTok and ensuring the removal of all associated data might be a prudent step. This act not only protects one’s data from possible exploitation but also sends a message about the importance of data privacy and security. As we navigate the digital age, it becomes crucial to make informed decisions about the technologies and platforms we engage with, prioritizing our safety in the vast and often vulnerable cyberspace.

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