This Is Why Indians Love to Play Cricket

The love for the cricket sport by Indians is immeasurable, and every Indian is crazy about this colonial sport that has mapped India on the international platform. Whenever cricket is played in India, you will find people playing on the streets, in schools, and the stadiums in the cities.

You will find everyone claiming to be a cricket expert in the streets of India. That’s why you will find them playing regardless of their age. And since cricket is part of them and flows in their veins when not on the street playing, they will visit this site to bet on their favorite clubs.

You might wonder why not soccer, just like most countries where soccer is the most famous. Stick around and learn why cricket and it will always be cricket for Indians.

The Reasons ‌India Loves Cricket

Cricket was not discovered in India, but it is still the sport that all countrymen cheer and heavily support. It had its dark stages between 1932 and 1952 when it won only 35 over 196 test matches it took part in. That didn’t stop the team from rising in the 1970s with Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, and Viswanath. With time, cricket gained popularity to a point where it is regarded as a religion by Indians.

Here are the reasons ‌you will find anyone playing cricket in India:

India Produces the World’s Best Cricketers


Most people support their own, and it’s hard to resist loving the game your country produces the world’s best players. Historically, India has been known to be home to some of the world’s best cricketers, starting with the 1983 world cup team of Ravi Shastri, Sunil Gavaskar, and Kapil Dev.

The 2011 team did well, comprising Dhoni, Virender, and Sachin. The trophies that the cricketers bring home make Indians love the game more and feel it’s part of them, and all international trophies belong to them. Indians will do anything with such a spirit, including giving their cricketers moral support and sponsorship to make sure they dominate the international tournaments.

Cricket is a Cash Cow in India

Cricket is a lucrative business in India, an essential part of any game. Entrepreneurs have made a great deal of money out of this sport from television money and heavy sponsorship. The sponsors have made sure the sport reaches all parts of India, and everyone has access to watching the tournaments on television.

Other companies are making millions out of betting sites. Apart from being the most loved, it’s also the most betted sport in India, with over 93% of the population betting on the sport on international and local matches. Since Indians are all experts in the game, their predictions sometimes make real money, making the sport most loved.

You Have the Time to Enjoy the Game


Unlike many other sports, you can take almost 8 hours enjoying your favorite team during a cricket match. The joy is short-lived, but for cricket, it takes 7 hours to get glued to your television. The matches are played for five or more days, giving fans ample time to enjoy the sport.

The long duration of the match makes the audience bond to discuss and analyze the game, causing a stronger bond between the audiences. It’s great for bringing people together where they show unity by supporting the sport they refer to as a religion.

Cricket can be Played Anywhere

Compared to a sport like football, where you will need a big pitch, Indians have taken advantage and played it anywhere. You will find rural kids playing gully cricket on roadsides or even in the street. Others have fun playing it on the beach.

Because of cricket flexibility, many Indian kids grow up playing cricket in the streets, and some of the best cricket players emerge from those streets. What wouldn’t make people crazy over it if they could watch it on tv and play it in their backyard? It doesn’t need a lot to play. You need to have a bat and a ball, and you can play with your friends.

 Unpredictability of Cricket


If you are a cricket lover, you have seen how the game takes unpredictable turns, and the winning team finally becomes the loser. Another thing about this sport that makes it thrilling is how cricketers break records regularly. The sport always keeps the audience expecting the next match.

Whether it’s a local or an international tournament, the thrill lasts throughout the season. It’s a sport where your patience will be tested, and suspense lovers should make a date with cricket tournaments.

Cricket Simplicity

Since they play cricket in every corner of India, most Indians find it a simple game to play. Though it is complex in the eyes of a beginner, Indians can play it with ease. Most young people wish to be like renowned cricketers who live lavishly from the cricket money.

The Availability of IPL


With the presence of India premier league (IPL) tournaments, cricket has become livelier and more localized, where Indians can go to stadiums and watch live matches. This has attracted many Indians into loving the sport immeasurably.

The IPL has nurtured many young talents and promotes cricket in India, making many youngsters want to be part of the luxurious sport.

Media Coverage

The presence of sports televisions that cover the sport has made the sport more popular, making fans love it more and follow every tournament. There are more sports televisions in India, and they air the live matches from local to international matches.

Because of its popularity, cricket fans come from all age groups in India, and the tv stations are making a lot of money because of its high viewership. Cricketers are making millions in adverts and product endorsements. The love of cricket has blinded Indians, and the media has taken advantage of this‌, and they do everything to make their business boom through the sport.


Cricket has been more than a game to Indians. But it’s part and parcel of their lifestyles, and whenever there is a big match, you will find the majority of people cancel their plans to watch the game live on TV. Indians’ blind love for cricket is not a pretense but comes from their hearts, making it popular. They passed cricket love from generation to generation, and even if there are other sports in India, no sport will win Indians’ hearts like cricket.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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