5 Things to Look For in a Reliable Vehicle

Buying a car always comes with risk, which escalates when you pay a high price. An estimated 150,000 lemon cars leave manufacturing plants annually, and you risk buying a vehicle that will spend more time in the shop than on the road.

Whether you’re shopping for a new or used car, knowing what to look for is vital to ensure you bring home a reliable vehicle. The wrong purchase could leave you with a hefty monthly car payment for a car you can’t drive.

Luckily, you’ve discovered the perfect guide to learn five tips to help you find a reliable car for your next purchase. Continue reading to make an informed decision today!

1. Look at Reliable Car Brands

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The best way to find a reliable car is to shop with reliable brands. There are several brands notorious for their reliability and longevity. If you’re fixated on a specific model, like the Mazda CX-30 and the CX-5, use consumer reports and customer reviews to find a suitable option.

It’s worth noting that individual models can vary in reliability despite the brand. Quality parts and maintenance are other factors to weigh with the most reliable brands.

2. Consistent Maintenance

If you’re shopping for a used car, ask for the car’s maintenance schedule. It’s a red flag if the previous owner didn’t keep maintenance records. You must determine if the owner maintained the vehicle at the recommended intervals.

Use the maintenance records to compare your options and find the ideal fit. Move on from options without proper maintenance to avoid expensive repairs.

3. Driving Conditions

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Look at where the car has been driven to determine what it’s been through. Cars located in the rust belt are more likely to have issues related to snow and salt on the roads.

The type of driving is also worth noting. A car with exclusive freeway use will be much more reliable, helping you enjoy peace of mind when you buy a Mazda.

4. Technology

An overlooked aspect of finding a reliable car is the technology. It’s tempting to get wooed by the bells and whistles of modern vehicles, but electronics are notoriously tricky to repair if something goes wrong. You could be looking at repair bills in the thousands of dollars.

5. Age and Mileage

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The car’s age and mileage are critical to weigh when preparing to purchase a used vehicle. Older cars with more miles are more likely to require repairs. The exception to that rule is an older car with meticulous maintenance.

Find a Reliable Vehicle for Your Daily Driver

Shopping for a car is exciting, and looking through your options will tempt you to pursue an impulse buy. Look for brands with a reputation for reliability, and ask for a maintenance schedule to learn more about the used car’s past. Use consumer reports and customer reviews when shopping for a new vehicle to find the best option for your transportation needs.

Narrowing your options for cars is stressful, but proper guidance will lead you to the perfect ride. Explore our Automotive guides for tips and tricks to find the best deals on new and used cars today!

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