Things to Know When Dating a Brazilian Woman

Most guys have, at one point or another, thought about how it would feel to date Brazilians. People from this country are the epitome of passion and are considered some of the most beautiful in the world. Brazilian brides can give you the time of your life in bed, yet they are devoted to family and have conservative values.

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Understanding Brazilian Culture

Brazil is a very diverse country in every sense of the word. Not only does it feature people of various ethnicities and genealogy, but you might also notice different customs from region to region. Because of that, many Westerners struggle to adapt to Brazilian women and make dumb mistakes during first dates.

The first thing you need to understand about Brazilian brides is that they’re very festive. These Latino ladies love dancing and singing so don’t be surprised if she takes you to a salsa club on the first date. They’re also very romantic from the get-go, which can be somewhat unusual for guys from the US and the UK.

Many men also struggle with language. Portuguese is dominant, with a small percentage of the population speaking English (although this is changing at a fast pace). So, that will be a hindrance while you’re there.

Although Brazilian women might seem passionate and loose, kissing strangers on the cheek the first time they meet, they aren’t always open. For example, asking girls personal questions is a big no-no, even if you’re interested in each other. That being said, you’ll have to figure out what’s allowed and what’s prohibited.


Tricks for Dating Brazilian Brides

While you might think that American and European cultures have a lot in common with Brazilians, the differences are incredibly vast. Generally speaking, guys who are quick to adapt have the best chance with these ladies. So, to get you on the right foot, we’ve prepared a list of tips and tricks that will help you out while visiting the country:

Expect slow pace

As mentioned, local women don’t open up that easily. Even if they decide to have sex, guys might know very little about their dates during the initial first few days. However, this slow pace pertains to just about everything, not just dating. Like other Latinas, Brazilian women take their time, and you should never rush them.

Bring wallet

Brazil is one of the poorest big countries in the world. Many people live in favelas, barely making ends meet. So, when a guy comes over from the US, the local ladies expect him to pay for everything. If she notices that you’re stingy, she will likely dump you immediately.


Get ready to shake

As Brazilians love music and dancing, you’ll have to get to their level. Learn a few moves for salsa, bachata, and other genres so you can feel at home when clubbing. While not being able to dance isn’t the end of all, and Brazilians don’t expect foreigners to be good dancers, having some rhythm will put you in a great position while dating.

Get ironed out

Brazilian girls don’t expect you to wear designer clothes, although they appreciate great, manly style. They are much more focused on the way you smell and whether you’re clean and tidy. Given the scorching heat and how easy it is to get sweaty, you need to stay fresh at all times so you don’t chase away your date.

Keep clothes minimal

Dressing up too much can be interpreted as a weak move. Girls in Brazil are much more into macho guys and will look at metrosexuals with a level of disdain. Make sure to leave your purple and pink clothes at the hotel, as well as any sweaters you might’ve brought to the country.

Pay attention to her clothes

The way your date dresses tells a lot about her intentions. Although Brazilians don’t like men who go overboard with clothes, they do dress up on the other hand. They will wear a lot of makeup for guys they like so if she doesn’t have any, this is usually a sign she sees you as a friend or doesn’t respect you.


Stay out of religion

Like many Latinas, Brazilian ladies are extremely religious, practicing Catholicism. Many of them are church-goers and can easily get offended if you approach the topic from the wrong angle. To stay on the safe side, we suggest you don’t even mention religion, and in particular, don’t mention if you’re an atheist.

Show various interests

Brazilian women simply love men who have numerous interests. Not only is this exciting and can lead the conversation in all sorts of directions, but it also shows them that you’re an ambitious person. They particularly like it when a guy shows lots of passion for a particular topic or activity.

Use compliments

You need to shower your date with compliments. Brazilian women love it when they get positive feedback from their date, whether it’s about their looks, clothes, or wits. However, you need to make a distinction here. You need to avoid any sexual remarks, as many of them will find them distasteful (especially if you’re cursing).

Talk about family

Given that most Brazilian girls are religious and come from large families, they love talking about their parents, brothers, and sisters. They will also appreciate a man that’s close to their family. Furthermore, talking about kids riles up her reproductive juices and will make you more endearing.

Last Thoughts

In many ways, Brazilian brides want the same thing as many other women all over the world. They need a guy who is stable and able, who wants kids can provide for them, and shows interest in her. Of course, it also would be bad if you watch soccer!

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