7 Cool Things to Do if You Are Alone in Mumbai

Who said being alone symbolizes loneliness? Being alone is a luxury that comes with many positive outcomes, especially when you are in Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. The city will keep you busy with several attractions and rich culture that will make your visit worthwhile throughout your stay. You certainly need no company when this magnificent city offers too much.

From the hotels to attraction sites, Mumbai remains one of the favorite destinations for international travelers. Stick around and learn activities that will keep you fully engaged in Mumbai.

Cool things to do in Mumbai

Everyone needs time alone away from friends and colleagues, but there is nothing more satisfying than spending that time refreshing your mind at a destination that will be more than a vacation. Here are some things to do and why Mumbai?

1. Play on online casino sites

India is a home of strict gambling rules; you can choose to check on online-casino.in and play your favorite casino games. Once you register, you don’t need to be a regular on the site to win. You will get bonuses; unlike the land casino, you get excellent treatment once you are a regular customer and have a heavy spending history. Most sites are transparent, and you don’t have to get a lot of money to play. With your little cash, you can log in and amazingly make real money out of playing.

You can play your online casino in your hotel or at the beach; it is very convenient.

2. Deltin Royale casino 

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If you are a nightlife lover, you can visit Deltin Royale, a land-based casino that will make your wagering experience exquisite. Join other travelers playing poker or blackjack in a 5-star rated casino with excellent customer service.

You can either order in-house wine or their mouth-watering cocktail. The casino has all you need to keep your night rolling; you can enjoy sports on television as you play. At Deltin Royale, you might bump with your favorite Bollywood star since they frequent there from time to time.

Don’t worry about the closure; you can visit any time since it’s open 7 days a week for 24 hours.

3. Visit the Revered National Gallery 

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Mumbai is the home of a vast fine art collection, so you shouldn’t miss the revered National Gallery of Modern Art. You will feed your eyes with an art collection and grand exhibitions. All art lovers frequently admire the legendary artists.

You will find the gallery on M.G Road, Fort, and it is open Tuesday to Sunday between 11 am to 6 pm. The charges are pocket-friendly where the locals only pay Rs20 while the visitors have to pay Rs 500.

Enjoy the beauty of art as you get inspired by wonderful work, and you are free to ask a question anytime you visit.

4. Go sailing

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Sailing Strip will be something you should add to your to-do list. The most popular activity that attracts visitors is sailing to Elephanta caves. There are private yachts that will take you down through this thrilling experience. Enjoy the luxurious catamarans where you can get a skill or two on maneuvering a vessel.

The sailing experience is not only fun but budget-friendly, where you will spend about Rs 5000 for a 2-hour trip. You can take an afternoon sailing trip as you enjoy the sun and the beautiful landscape of the surrounding.

5. What about a Bollywood tour?

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For the lovers of musical Bollywood movies, it will be an injustice if you visit India and not take the Bollywood tour. Have first-hand film experience in Bollywood, where you have a panorama view of movie stars’ mansions and great movie shooting locations.

Get to know what takes place behind the scenes and watch the onset of big productions. At Bollywood, it might be your lucky day to meet the biggest Indian actors in action. You will learn the hard process of making a movie in the setting.

The government of Maharashtra organizes tours to many film cities where you can watch television and film shoots

6. Explore the elephant caves

If you want to visit Indian rich history, take a tour into elephanta caves that can be dated back to the 5th century. You can take a stroll or take mini trains to reach the caves. There are seven temples in the caves, where two are Buddhist and five are Hindu.

Although the temples are in ruins, there is still a lot to learn from this tour.

The cave faces the ocean, and it was a Hindu place of worship until the 1500s. The cave is about 5000sq ft and has beautiful sculptures carved with Hindu mythology resembling the Shiva temple. At Ellora caves, you will find a 6 meters sculpture of Lord Shiva.

You can visit between 9 am to 5 pm from Tuesdays to Sundays.

7. Cycling at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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They also named the park the lung of the city. Nothing refreshing will be like cycling in a serene garden that covers 104 sq kilometers of pure wilderness. Pedaling along the asphalt road is an amazing experience where you can tour ancient rock Kanheri Caves.

The thick woods will give you refreshing relief from the buzzing city life. In a 5 km cycle inside the evergreen forest, you will spot different animals like a monkey and spotted deer. You can carry your camera to capture the beauty the park offers.

If you are a nature lover, take time and cycle down the park; you should arrive at the entrance at 7:15 am, meet other cyclists, and mark the end of the tour by noon.


You can have an enjoyable time alone in Mumbai. Visiting museums, going to the beach, or eating at a Hard Rock Cafe, will make your vacation experience memorable. The rich Indian culture will keep you busy and rejuvenated from your daily busy routine.

If you plan to visit Mumbai, shortlist the above places and make sure you visit and explore what this magnificent city offers.

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