5 Ways to Tell if a Watch is High Quality – 2024 Guide

For more than a century, watches are one of the most popular accessories people wear. There are a lot of different stories about people who wear certain pieces that have a high sentimental value for them. Without any doubt, you’ve heard a lot of different stories that revolve around these. Sadly, not all of these watches, even though they have a sentimental value, they don’t really represent high-quality watches.

As you know, there are a lot of different watches you can choose from. It can be said that this market has grown to be so big that making the choice about which one will be bought is a pretty hard one. Furthermore, the choice mainly revolves around a couple of brands with a long tradition who truly represent some of the finest pieces you can find on the market.

With all the technological advancements in recent years, we can see that watches are one of the most advanced devices. If you are looking for watches you can buy for your Bitcoins, be sure to take a look at bitluxuria.com. Now that we’ve talked about the market, we would like to provide you with a couple of tips you can recognize a high-quality watch. Let’s get started.

1. Weight

img source: insider.com

The first trait we would like to talk about is weight. Surely, you’ve heard that a high-quality watch feels like a high-quality watch. As you know, every piece is a complex system that takes a lot of time to complete. All the pieces and parts come with their own weight and when you add all of them to the mix, there’s no chance that they feel light. So, when you have one of these in your hand, it shouldn’t feel like a toy.

So, the weight really shows all the hard work it was invested in the creation of a certain piece. Furthermore, all the quality pieces are created from a couple of different materials, like platinum, gold, and steel. If the piece you have in your hand doesn’t have proper weight, you are likely holding a watch that doesn’t have the quality you can find in some other pieces. Meaning that the materials used for their creation are not as good as they are perceived before holding them.

2. Materials

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We’ve mentioned that materials play a pivotal role in determining the quality of certain pieces. Also, we’ve talked about the best materials, like gold, platinum, and steel. The pieces created out of the best materials are often scratch-resistant and there’s almost nothing that can damage them. For example, Rolex usually uses stainless steel and gold brass. All these elements make up for high-quality pieces, whose prices reach a couple of thousands of US dollars.

So, we can see that all the brands who are interested in having high-quality products really look forward to including some of these materials. At the same time, these materials shouldn’t be uncomfortable when people wear them. Meaning that they need to be done in the best possible way and remove all the unpleasantries that can follow in the future.

3. Accuracy

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Accuracy is one of the most important traits that can tell you what’s the quality of your watch. It’s needless to say that this measurement is the one that all brands strive to achieve. When talking about the best indicator of accuracy, we can say that chronometer certification is the best one by far. We are talking about a separate body that tests the watches for their accuracy and provides the much-needed certificate if a product deserves it.

The limit for accuracy is +6/-4 seconds on a daily basis. We are pretty sure that this doesn’t mean much to you. Therefore, we will provide you with an example. Modern Rolex products have accuracy +2/-2. To keep your piece as accurate as you want it can be, you should adjust it regularly. But, when you see a watch, the question of accuracy is probably the most important one that will tell you how quality it is.

4. Branding

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Now, we would like to talk about brands. Without any doubt, there are a couple of them who’ve made a big name for themselves. Whatever the release will have a high price and it will be sold pretty quickly. We are talking about brands like Cartier, Benson, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, etc. Some of these reputable brands are not that popular in the public, but that doesn’t mean that they lack the quality.

So, every person who’s new to this world will have a lot to discover after entering this market. Luxury watches have always been popular, and there are no signs that this will stop anytime soon. If you are interested in buying these watches, you will need to conduct research that will help you to understand what are the ones you can buy and say that they are luxury. Not only that, you might come across some pieces that are not known by a lot of people, but can worth more than the most popular ones.

5. Certification

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All the major brands provide certifications about their products. That way, you can see the authenticity. Most of the time, these are proof that you have a valuable piece on your hand. Plus, they play a pivotal role in increasing the sale value when you decide that you don’t really need it. The reason why certifications are an essential element is that buyers want to have all the assurances that they have something valuable in front of them.

As you probably know, the market is filled with fake watches and people are afraid of losing their money when they invest in some of them. There’s another way you can receive this certification if you don’t have one of these already, is to visit a chronoexpert and bring your piece. Sure, this will provide you with a piece of mind for your future participation in the market. You will receive a document that shows you have something luxurious in your hands.